November 2017: Adventures and Updates

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Um…it’s been a while?


Man oh man, it’s been a minute since I did a monthly review. I dropped them when I started the podcast, mostly because I needed to make decisions about how much work I could handle while I was traveling so much (I was basically on the road constantly from the end of June through the beginning of November). But something happened in November, a story I really want to share with you all, and I realized that these monthly reviews were so important to me because they let me tell you a little bit about my day-to-day life that doesn’t fit into larger articles. So I’m bringing the monthly reviews back. TBD on when I’ll be able to fill in July-October, but I will try to get those done, too.





November:  What I Got Up To


November started with the last five days of my big Romanian adventure. I have more to say about it later in this post (Romania is the reason I need to bring these reviews back). Then I spent the rest of the month in Sofia, Bulgaria, getting some much-needed work time, puppy time, boyfriend time, recording time, and catching up on Vikings time.  Two bouts of flu, two rounds of massages, a complete re-watch of the last two seasons of the Tudors, and one shopping trip to H&M later, and I’m feeling like my pre-Romania self again. (Almost…).





Pic of the Month


Not even close, this is my highest performing picture on Instagram in the two years I’ve been posting travel photography.





On Facebook my most popular pic was this one of a painted house in the Romanian village of Ciocanesti:




Places Visited:


  • Sibiu, Poiana Brasov, Brasov, Potcoava-Fălcoen, & Bucharest, Romania
  • Sofia, Bulgaria





  • Poiana Brasov – a ski resort town outside of Brasov in Transylvania. I’d never heard of it before we stayed there, but I had the best pizza and spa day with some amazing friends. Hot tubbing in the snow is pretty spectacular.
  • Riding horses and watching a horse show at Potcoava, a horse ranch outside of Bucharest. It was my second to last day in Romania, and it was awesome to ride a horse for the first time in ten years. I definitely want to do more of it next year.
  • Watching Harold and Kumar on a bus headed towards Sofia, hightailing it out of Romania and canceling a trip to London in the process. It’s a great feeling when you’re stressed and in a bad spot, and then you make a move to fix it.
  • Going to the opening night of the Christmas Market in Sofia







  • Getting the flu…twice
  • Being in a very bad situation in Romania that nearly caused me to break. I can’t say too much, but there was inappropriate behavior from someone on the trip that would get you sent to the Senate Ethics Committee if you were a US Senator. It didn’t happen to me, I just know about it. Last year I mentioned how a small act of sexual harassment happened to me on the streets of Athens, and I broke down. Even though I wasn’t the victim, this trip put me in that same headspace, except I had to travel with it for two weeks. Watching men behaving badly is so 2016, and not being able to say anything about it broke my brain and my heart. I can’t fix it. I can’t even get the person in trouble/fired/outed. I can only say that I was disgusted, and I won’t be working with that person again (obviously). I’ve written some pretty explicit rage posts detailing what happened, but lawyers have advised me against posting them. It’s also affecting my work from the trip. I’m posting articles about places I genuinely loved, but there are places I missed because I was so ill with the flu and so disgusted with this person, that I needed to be away. It has affected my view of the country (unfortunately), which I really loved before. I firmly believe people should travel Romania, but I am not fully over how upset this trip made me.





Podcast Episodes








Travels with Lucy


I spent most of this month hanging out with my dog. After being away so much, I pretty much took her with me wherever I went. It was dog heaven.



November by the Numbers

  • Home Cooked Meals: 43
  • Days hanging out with my dog: 25
  • Sick Days: 9
  • Seasons of TV Binged: 7
  • Beds:6
  • Balkan Bus Rides: 3
  • Countries: 2
  • Spa Days: 2
  • Christmas Markets: 1
  • Continents: 1
  • Members of the Patriarchy left unthwarted: all of them
  • Mexican Restaurants: 0 =(





Current Obsessions


  • Rewatching old tv and movies about the Tudor dynasty
  • Podcasts about Carthage
  • The sparkly dress I bought at H&M
  • Dua Lipa





My Favorite Pic



My favorite pic was this one of the ski resort town of Poiana Brasov. The pic is okay, but the memories of that day were some of the best I had in Romania.



What’s Next?


I went to Bansko, Bulgaria for the past two days, breaking my month-long travel break. Today I head to Tunisia, to see all eight of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then I’ll ring in the holidays back in Sofia.




Want More?


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