November 2016 Review: Adventures & Expenses

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What I Got Up To

I started the month in Athens, wrapping up some last photo shoots & taco stops. I will forever be the only person who associates Athens, Greece with TexMex, but I’m cool with that.

Then I headed to Sofia, Bulgaria, where I spent the rest of the month. I didn’t really know what to expect before I got here, but Sofia has felt like a second home. I’ve made some really good friends that I’m sad to leave.

It’s so strange, I’ve been to twenty-five countries, and I’ve never been this sad to leave a place. That’s why travel is so good for me; I am constantly being surprised and delighted by the world.

Pic of the Month

My most popular pic on Instagram was this view of the Parthenon at night:


On Facebook, my most popular pic was this one of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:

Places Visited

Greece: Athens

Bulgaria: Sofia & Rila

Dusk at the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia
Dusk at the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia


  • Visiting Rila Monastery: I’m going to put up a full post in the next few weeks, since it’s a UNESCO site. Here’s my snapchat video from my day in the meantime:

Visiting Rila Monastery in Bulgaria from Stephanie Craig on Vimeo.

  • Trying Banitsa for the first time: Banitsa is cheese in filo dough. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  • Holly, Jolly Christmas: Going to my first Christmas Market!
  • The Free Sofia Tour: I went twice and also did their (paid) Communism tour. I am so impressed at the tours this group put together, especially since they run the free tour twice a day every day of the year.


  • Due to me running late and grabbing a 50 euro note instead of Bulgarian leva, I ended up having to pay 50 euros for a 10 leva ($6 USD) taxi ride. Yuck.
  • Election night. And like the next four days. Ugh.


My most popular post in November was actually posted the last day of October. Ten Books that Made My Life Better Written in the last Decade went a little viral thanks to some of the authors posting the article on their own accounts.

Other November Posts:

Travels with Lucy

Lucy had a pretty chill month. She has started this new things where she likes to be on furniture that’s not meant for sitting:


Lucy Gets Stuck from Stephanie Craig on Vimeo.

November By the Numbers

  • Walking Hours: 52.57
  • Full-Size Bags of Paprika Flavored Potato Chips: 7
  • Articles of Clothing Tailored: 7
  • Pieces of Banista: 5
  • Houses of Worship Visited: 4
  • Walking Tours: 4
  • Times Attempted to Get Perfect Photo of the St. Sofia Statue but Failed: 4
  • Nelly Songs Played in Nightclubs like it’s 2002: 4
  • Nights Survived Sleeping on a Futon as a Grown Woman: 3
  • Visits to the Sofia Christmas Market: 3
  • Pairs of Boots Purchased: 3
  • Visits to a Mall: 3
  • Drake Songs Played Back to Back at a Nightclub: 2
  • Times a Taxi Ripped Me Off: 2
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 2
  • Airports: 2
  • Countries: 2
  • Beds: 2
  • Mexican Restaurants: 2
  • Snow Days: 2
  • Continents: 1
  • Amazingly Schlocky American Films with Bulgarian Subtitles: 1
The small graveyard at Boyana in the fog
The small graveyard at Boyana in the fog

Current Obsessions

  • The #AskGaryVee Show
  • The St. Sofia Statue in downtown Sofia
  • Getting better at Snapchat (I’m @gothreetwenty4)
  • Planning my travel for the first half of next year
  • Milka Chocolate Bars



I spent $2525.95. In Sofia, this felt like living like a queen.

Car Insurance $90.83 4%
Cell Phone $120.53 5%
Entertainment $274.54 11%
Food $501.99 20%
Ground Transportation $276.66 11%
Health $119.63 5%
Travel Insurance $80.50 3%
Lodging $466.00 18%
Personal $386.49 15%
Pets $121.28 5%
Transportation $87.50 3%
Total $2,525.95

My Favorite Pic

I spent a lot of November practicing my street photography skills. This pic is my favorite from those sessions.

What’s Next?

Wrapping up Sofia, then twelve days in Austria exploring the Christmas Markets and drinking all the hot chocolate, before heading back to Oklahoma for Christmas with my family.

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You can check out earlier month’s adventure and expenses here

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November 2016 Review: Adventures and Expenses
November 2016 Review: Adventures and Expenses


  1. Great article as always. Amazing photos especially your favorite one.

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