5 Places to Visit for Shakespeare Lovers

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Last Updated on: 13th January 2023, 02:26 pm

Who does not love traveling and exploring cities around the world?

Especially when you know those cities from books, but you have never visited them before.

These kinds of places have a kind of a mystique aura and the power to instantly transport you back in time when the action from the book or play had happened.

London Globe Theater

This is something many students want to do, especially those who love Shakespeare. Being one of the most influential English writers, Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into many languages and are still popular nowadays.

The action took place in many cities around the world and discovering them live can turn out to be an impressive and incredible experience. Some of these historic cities were filmed too, so they have quite a rich history to learn about. If you are a student willing to discover some Shakespearean attractions and historic cities, below you will find a list of the best ones.

Hamlet – Elsinore Castle, Denmark

Hamlet is the longest play written by Willian Shakespeare and it has the name of the main character Hamlet – The Prince of Denmark. The action takes place at Kronborg, named Elsinore Castle in the play.

This castle is one of the most impressive ones and it was one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. The castle has quite a rich history. It was built somewhere in the 15th century, was damaged and ruined, and then rebuilt. Many exhibitions introduce you to the rich history of the castle, but also the incredible universe of Hamlet.

Exploring the world of William Shakespeare in Hamlet is a common task for students, so if you are looking for free Hamlet essays for academic purposes, you can find many samples online. Reading and discovering more about this great writer and the universe he has created by visiting a UNESCO world heritage site is one of the best experiences.

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Macbeth – Scotland

Macbeth is another popular play by William Shakespeare that takes place in Scotland, in various locations. Scotland is a country full of castles and dramatic landscapes, so you have a lot to discover here. Castles from Cawdor, Inverness, and Dunsinane but also the Glamis Castle are the castles where the action from Macbeth takes place.

View of Glamis Castle in Scotland, United Kingdom. Glamis Castle is situated beside the village of Glamis in Angus. It is the home of the Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and is open to public.

They are located in different parts of the country, but you can start a tour to discover them and their rich history. Wondering where to find information about these trips? Online you can find many castle tours you can embark on.

The Taming of the Shrew – Padua, Italy

Padua (Italian: Padova) is one of the medieval cities of Italy that instantly transports you back in time. Here you can discover medieval markets and buildings, but also amazing gastronomy.

The Taming of the Shrew is one of the comedies of William Shakespeare that take place in Italy during the Renaissance period. So, if you are looking to explore a Shakespearean attraction, then this incredible city in Italy should be on your destination list.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream – Athens, Greece

A Midsummer’s Night Dream is another comedy by William Shakespeare that takes place, this time in a different place, in Athens, Greece. Greece is a country full of history, myths, and legends and one of the best countries you could visit as a student.

Athens Greece

Here you will discover and find not only elements from Shakespeare’s comedy but also from the ancient history of Greece. Athens was the heart of the Greek empire, one of the most powerful ones and it offers so many things to see and visit. Dive in to discover more about the rich history of Greece’s capital, but also spot the similarities between how it is today and how it is portrayed in A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Henry VIII – London, UK

Henry VIII was not written only by William Shakespeare as many would think, but it was a collaborative work between the great English playwright and John Fletcher. This historic play was written based on the life of Henry VIII, one of the most popular monarchs in the UK’s history. So, why not visit the mesmerizing city where everything happened?

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United Kingdom - London

London can be rainy and gloomy, but it still has a lot of things to offer. If you are looking to discover and explore a Shakespearean attraction, then London is the place to go. Some places in London were the muse and served as inspiration for many of William Shakespeare’s plays, so why not learn more about their history?


William Shakespeare has written more than 38 plays and 150 short and long poems and he is considered one of the greatest English writers. And if you are a fan, why not see in real life the cities where the action takes place?

If you have imagined these places only by reading Shakespeare’s plays, you will be amazed when you will see them in real life. So, choose to visit these historic cities that have a lot of attractions to offer you. Unveil their secrets and soak in all their beauty.

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