27 Beautiful Quotes About Barcelona & Instagram Caption Ideas

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Looking for beautiful quotes about Barcelona, Spain? This gorgeous city inspires thousands of tourists every year (honestly, probably a few too many tourists), not to mention novelists, historians, and travel writers over the past centuries. Whether you’re looking for Barcelona travel inspiration or Barcelona Instagram captions, here are my favorite Barcelona quotes. 


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Barcelona Quotes and Barcelona Instagram Captions



Quotes about Barcelona & Barcelona Travel Quotes


Even the moon was embarrassed by the beauty of Barcelona. -Andrew Barger


Barcelona is a very old city in which you can feel the weight of history; it is haunted by history. You cannot walk around it without perceiving it. -Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Barcelona, archives of courtesy, shelter of the foreigners, hospital of the poor, father-land of  the brave , vengeance of the offended and pleasant correspondence of firm friendship, and in site, and in beauty, unique. -Miguel de Cervantes


Above all, I want to be happy, and at Barcelona, I’m happy. -Neymar


Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


The haunting of history is ever present in Barcelona. I see cities as organisms, as living creatures. To me, Madrid is a man and Barcelona is a woman. And it’s a woman who’s extremely vain. -Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Allow me to state here how much I love Barcelona, an admirable city, a city full of life, intense, a port open to the past and future. -Le Corbusier


Here in Barcelona, it’s the architects who built the buildings that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration – not a bunch of half-witted monarchs. -Julie Burchill


Italy has great food and Barcelona has great energy. -Stefon Harris


Barcelona is my life, and I do not plan to leave. -Gerard Pique



I’d love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job. -Bobby Heenan

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Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world. I love it there. -Meghan Markle


The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is like the greatest, most fantastic library you could ever imagine. It’s a labyrinth of books with tunnels, bridges, arches, secret sections – and it’s hidden inside an old palace in the old city of Barcelona. -Carlos Ruiz Zafon


I stopped because I went to Barcelona, where life was too exciting to write. -Colm Tóibín


Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


Marseilles, Barcelona, Trieste, Istanbul – each romances the Mediterranean in its own fashion, mostly by embracing the sea in sweeping C-shaped bays that date back to antiquity. -Andre Aciman


Barcelona is Gaudí’s –Kamand Kojouri


Silence—people are afraid of it—they feel the need to make small talk, anything, just to break the stillness. I don’t feel any such need. To me, silence brings about peace and certitude. -Henry Martin


For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him.


Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


Let him be struck with palsy, and all his members blasted…Let him languish in pain, crying aloud for mercy, and let there be no surcease to this agony till he sings in dissolution…Let bookworms gnaw his entrails in token of the worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his last punishment, let the flames of hell consume him for ever. –Curse on book thieves, from the monastery of San Pedro, Barcelona, Spain 


And Barcelona. You should see Barcelona…It is all still comic opera. First it was the paradise of the crackpots and the romantic revolutionists. Now it is the paradise of the fake soldier. The soldiers who like to wear uniforms, who like to strut and swagger and wear red-and-black scarves. Who like everything about war except to fight. Valencia makes you sick and Barcelona makes you laugh. -Ernest Hemingway

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Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


We crossed spacious streets, with building resembling palaces, in La Rambla promenade ; the shops were well illuminated and there was movement and life… I did not decide to go to sleep, even though I wished to, so I could rise early and contemplate, in daylight, this city, unknown to me: Barcelona, capital of Catalonia. -Hans Christian Andersen


The first time I saw her, fires were alight. It was a spicy night in Barcelona. The air was fragrant and free. -Roman Payne


It appeared that even in Barcelona there were hardly any bullfights nowadays; for some reason all the best matadors were Fascists. –George Orwell


Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


I don’t understand people who travel purely gastronomically, who book a Michelin-starred restaurant three months in advance and suddenly find themselves in Copenhagen or Barcelona with a zeitgeist plate of snail porridge. -Sue Perkins


After a while dawn tinged the sky with amber, and Barcelona woke up. We heard the distant bells from the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, just emerging from the mist on the other side of the harbour. -Carlos Ruiz Zafón



Quotes About Not Liking Barcelona

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a Barcelona quote about someone not liking the city, or finding a particular aspect of it tiring. Here are a few examples of these kinds of quotes. While I don’t endorse the sentiments, I thought they were important to share.


I went to have a look at the cathedral, a modern cathedral, and one of the most hideous buildings in the world. -George Orwell


Spain - Barcelona - Pixabay


When I arrived at Barcelona, I was following a dream, but I now realize sometimes it’s better to be content with what you have rather than follow a dream which nearly k**ls you. -Zlatan Ibrahimovic


There is life beyond Barcelona. -Gerard Deulofeu


I do not envisage going to Barcelona. -Toni Kroos


Did I miss any of your favorite Barcelona quotes? If so, leave it in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list!

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5 Things to Pack for Your Trip to Spain


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The Lonely Planet Spain guidebook or the Rick Steves Spain guidebook for your trip. It can be kind of a pain to find the major guidebooks once you arrive in Spain, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to pick mine up ahead of time.


An Unlocked Cell Phone so that you can use a Spanish sim card while here to help navigate the trains.


Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS system, and general travel genie.


A Camera since Spain is super photogenic. I use a mix of my Nikon D810 and my  Samsung8 smartphone these days.


A Great Day Bag so you can carry what you need with you (like your camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, cash, etc). My current favorite is the Pacsafe Citysafe, which is especially great for Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid because it has many anti-theft features.



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