30 Beautiful Quotes About Castles & Castle Instagram Caption Inspiration

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Looking for beautiful quotes about castles? These magnificent buildings are full of history, both dark and intriguing. So whether you’re looking for travel inspiration or castle Instagram captions, here are my favorite castle quotes. 

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Quotes about Castles for Castle Instagram Captions


Here are my favorite quotes about castles, including inspiration from poetry, literature, pop culture, and quotes by famous authors!




You make kingdoms and castles on your own. -Stephen Jenkins


Our castle would crumble before us but that doesn’t mean it can’t be rebuilt, rebuilt for real, this time without the errors and a little more caution. -Chirag Tulsiani


Ireland - Selective focus on old ruined 19th century Duckett Grove castle with blurry tree roots in front. Stormy sky at blue hour, Keenstown, Ireland


Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self. -Franz Kafka


And the castle in which she dwelt was a prison to her; and sometimes sudden fits of gusty passion would overtake her, for weariness grew to hate, and hate to wrath -Lady Dilke


The castle in the heights I thought I could not aspire to could so easily be mine now that I don’t need it, I’ve already got my own paradise. -Jay Woodman


Building air castles is a harmless business as long as you don’t attempt to live in them.  -Josh Billings


There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds. -Gilbert K. Chesterton


UK - Northern Ireland - Ruined medieval Dunluce Castle on the cliff at amazing sunset, Wild Atlantic Way, Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Filming location of popular TV show, Game of Thrones, Castle Greyjoy


Every great building once begun as a building plan. That means, sitting in that building plan on the table is a mighty structure not yet seen. It is the same with dreams.-Israelmore Ayivor


If you see a castle under fog, you must walk there to meet the extraordinary dreams! -Mehmet Murat ildan


People either build a castle or a dungeon. The former by their virtues pull people into positive edifices with gainful impression. The later by their vices, push people into negative huts with painful oppression. -Israelmore Ayivor


Use the arrows thrown at you, to build a castle. -Gift Gugu Mona


A castle can never be a home because home is born out of love not of fear! -Mehmet Murat ildan



A man’s house is his castle. -James Otis


I am going to build a fortress of books.


Will you come inside and live with me? -Kamand Kojouri


My home is my castle. Knowing it will be safe when I walk out of my door is key. -Virginia Alison


Every big castle was once started with a single block; despise no small beginnings. A little step taken every day builds up the hope of greater accomplishments. Do something every day! -Israelmore Ayivor


UK - Scotland - Edinburgh Castle during summer, Scotland.


Man is but lost in wishes, Of wealth, fame and riches, This airy castle he stitches, With logic that are his ditches. -Munindra Misra


I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions. -Saint Teresa of Avila


Madam President, speaking here in Dublin Castle it is impossible to ignore the weight of history, as it was yesterday when you and I laid wreaths at the Garden of Remembrance. -Queen Elizabeth II


Simply by not owning three medium-sized castles in Tuscany, I have saved enough money in the last forty years on insurance premiums alone to buy a medium-sized castle in Tuscany. -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


UK - England - Windsor - Windsor Royal Castle - Windsor UK


Before I left the castle I so fixed its entrances that never more can the Count enter there Undead. -Bram Stoker


You don’t build a great castle just all at once. -Baker Mayfield


I was shortly again at the castle, and the Princess gave me her hand to kiss and then brought her children, the young princes and princesses, and we played together as if we had known each other for years. -Max Muller


A man’s home is his wife’s castle. -Alexander Chase



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Quotes about Castles for Castle Instagram Captions

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