101 Quotes about France to Inspire Your Travels & Your France Instagram Captions

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Looking for beautiful quotes about France? This gorgeous country inspires thousands of tourists every year, not to mention novelists, historians, and travel writers over the past centuries.

Whether you’re looking for France travel inspiration or France Instagram captions, here are my favorite France quotes. 

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Quotes about France and France Instagram captions

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Quotes about France & French Travel Quotes

Every man has two countries: his own and France.-John F. Kennedy

They had spent a year in France for no particular reason and then drifted here and there unrestfully wherever people played polo and were rich together. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is an admirable fact about the psychology of France: she knows no half measures, loathsome or sublime, she forges the thought and the beauty of a world or of a dung heap; her destiny is never to be mediocre. –Josephin Peladan

We had seen France in flames. We had seen the sun shining on the sea. We had grown old in the upper altitudes. –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older – intelligence and good manners. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

If debates about beauty in nineteenth-century France were fierce, that was because beauty was seen to matter.

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This was a world of political revolutions, of social reformism, of belief in progress and human perfectibility. Why was it that beauty mattered so much in such a world?. –Elizabeth Prettejohn

It was then I thought of Corsica, the place we had discovered together. I craved the wind, the sun and salt, the simplicity of the island. –Lucy Foley

I had come to the conclusion that I must really be French, only no one had ever informed me of this fact.

I loved the people, the food, the lay of the land, the civilized atmosphere, and the generous pace of life. –Julia Child

Here is everything I know about France: Madeline and Amélie and Moulin Rouge. –Stephanie Perkins

The Seine. I have painted it all my life, at all hours of the day, at all times of the year, from Paris to the sea…Argenteuil, Poissy, Vétheuil, Giverny, Rouen, Le Havre. –Claude Monet

France is the only country where the money falls apart and you can’t tear the toilet paper. -Billy Wilder

France - Paris at Night - Canva

But of Paris it can be said that the right bank of the Seine belongs to the world, and the left bank to France. –Mary Butts

France is like a maddening, moody lover who inspires emotional highs and lows. One minute it fills you with a rush of passion, the next you’re full of fury, itching to smack the mouth of some sneering shopkeeper or smug civil servant.

Yes, it’s a love-hate relationship. –Sarah Turnbull

We love the carnal sway of the Eiffel Tower and the stories of France’s great queens and mistresses told in the châteaux of Versailles and Chenonceau.

Of course, we love the perfume, to scan the market for the best deal on fresh figs, the hollow clack of cobblestones under our heels, the citrusy scent of gorse blowing across a field in Normandy.

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We love the safety and ease of the Paris Métro and marvel at the sweep of almond blossoms in Haute-Provence.

We gasp at the beauty of the bridges over the Seine and always feel at home when we stop in the middle of one to gaze down at the cottony wake of the Bateaux Mouches.

We love the mountain air that refreshes us in the Alps, and the nighttime clouds that eat the stars over the Breton coast.

We love to slow down, and France requires us to do so. In France, we find what we are missing. –Marcia DeSanctis

France - Paris - Cafe

France is beautiful. I stood at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower today and looked up at it. There are very few times in my life I’ve felt so small. –Leisa Rayven

You can’t escape the past in Paris, and yet what’s so wonderful about it is that the past and present intermingle so intangibly that it doesn’t seem to burden.  -Allen Ginsberg

America is my country and Paris is my hometown. -Gertrude Stein

France is to me the heroine in the romance of all the nations of all time. –William Arthur Sirmo

The spectacle of this lovely nation, with its great agricultural wealth and its cultural riches, continually stepping on its own toes, made me wonder if France suffered a kind of national neurosis. –Julia Child

France - Paris - Canva

There’s nowhere that life feels more eternal, your dimwit youth more important, than Paris. –Charles Finch

It was all there, in short – it was what he wanted: it was Tremont Street, it was France, it was Lambinet. Moreover, he was freely walking about in it. –Henry James

France has more need of me than I have need of France. -Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s a great city, Paris, a beautiful city––and––it was very good for me. –James Baldwin

Paris is always a good idea. -Audrey Hepburn

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France - Annecy - Houses on the River

France is the most civilized country in the world and doesn’t care who knows it. -John Gunther

It was like the first time I visited Versailles. There was an eerieness like I’d been there before. I don’t know if I was Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette or a lowly groundskeeper, but I lived there. –Maurice Minnifield

He wanted to tell the baby that Paris was like a poem in stone. –Simon Van Booy

Who ought to be the King of France-the person who has the title or the man who has the power? –Pepin the Short

France - Provence

Sea and land may lie between us, but my heart is always there with you. –Nancy B. Brewer

It is not what France gave you but what it did not take from you that was important. -Gertrude Stein

Quotes About French People

I like France, where everybody thinks he’s Napoleon. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

They have a very low rate for attempted murder and a high rate for successfully concluded murder. It seems that when a French person sets out to k**l someone, they make a good job of it. –Nick Yapp

France may be the only country in the world where the rich are sometimes brilliant. –Lillian Hellman

France - Paris - Canva

The French believe that kids feel confident when they’re able to do things for themselves, and do those things well.

After children have learned to talk, adults don’t praise them for saying just anything.

They praise them for saying interesting things, and for speaking well. –Pamela Druckerman

The French have a penchant for absolutism, for thinking that things are all one way or all another, which is why their politics are marked by a general inability to compromise and why they tend to hold their personal opinions until the bitter end, even after they have clearly lost an argument. –Mark Zero

France has a clear and defined policy… The French know what they want. -Anton Chekov

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English fondness for France is normally a sort of neutron love: take away the people and leave the buildings standing. –Anthony Lane

France - Paris - Canva

I like Frenchmen very much, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely.  -Josephine Baker

Far be it from a French man to interfere with love. –E.A. Bucchianeri

Everyone remembers their first taste of Paris. This will be his. –Kristin Hannah

True democracy, the French were teaching me, involves swallowing loads of s*** to arrive at a consensual second choice we can now all critique. –John von Sothen

It is true that in France, women put on less things. If they have a necklace, they don’t put on earrings; if they have nail polish, they don’t put on all their rings and all their bracelets. -Ines de La Fressange

France - Paris - Canva

Maybe it can’t be proven statistically, but it’s a safe bet that any given American on his or her first trip to France will at some point remark with indignation that he or she had thought the French were supposed to be so polite. –Jack Iams

The Frenchman is first and foremost a man. He is likable often just because of his weaknesses, which are always thoroughly human, even if despicable. -Henry Miller

In French culture, the best way of buying time or getting off the hook entirely in a thorny personal situation is to claim that it’s complicated.

The French did not invent love, but they did invent romance, so they’ve had more time than any other culture on earth to refine the nuances of its language. –Mark Zero

He was a Parisian,’ he said. ‘You can never be sure what Parisians believe in – beyond Paris of course. –Ben Aaronovitch

It’s true that the French have a certain obsession with s**, but it’s a particularly adult obsession. France is the thriftiest of all nations; to a Frenchman s** provides the most economical way to have fun. -Anita Loos

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France - Paris - Canva

The tastes of France are changing and we are the last of the banquet. –Jonathan Grimwood

We are all very much alike in France in this respect; we still remain knights, knights of love and fortune, since God has been abolished whose bodyguard we really were.

But nobody can ever get woman out of our hearts; there she is, and there she will remain, and we love her, and shall continue to love her, and go on committing all kinds of follies on her account as long as there is a France on the map of Europe; and even if France were to be wiped off the map, there would always be Frenchmen left. –Guy de Maupassant

I cannot prevent the French from being French. -Charles de Gaulle 

Quotes about France at Night 

France - Paris - Canva

To a common man, the opulence of the day makes no sense but to a philosopher, it is as clear as a night in the southern France. –Indiana Lang

Near the kiosk the old lady who sold refreshments seemed slowly to be gathering all the shadows of evening about her skirts. –Louis-Ferdinand Céline

French Food Quotes

How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese? –Charles de Gaulle

I hate France. It’s like the whole country’s on a diet. –Gordon Korman

Cook with butter in the North, olive oil in the South. –Alain Bremond-Torrent

France - Paris - Canva

Nothing is more disgusting than a glass of milk, especially French milk, which comes in a box and can sit unrefrigerated for five months, at which point it simply turns into cheese and is moved to a different section of the grocery store. –David Sedaris

Now nothing is real except French wine. -Conrad Kent Rivers

I’d love to be a tabletop in Paris, where food is art and life combined in one, where people gather and talk for hours.

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I want lovers to meet over me.

I’d want to be covered in drops of candle wax and breadcrumbs and rings from the bottom of wine glasses.

I would never be lonely, and I would always serve a good purpose. –Maureen Johnson

The flavors melted in my mouth- warm chocolate and melted butter and the flaky sweet crust.

This was what I loved about France. A keen appreciation for the simplicity and sweetness of life.

The French seemed to savor their minutes along with their food. –Melanie Dobson


When I got to France I realized I didn’t know very much about food at all. -Julia Child

I’ll pretty much try any cheese, but I have found that I prefer young goats and old cows. I don’t like gray areas. –Nichole Robertson

Other countries drink to get drunk, and this is accepted by everyone; in France, drunkenness is a consequence, never an intention.

A drink is felt as the spinning out of a pleasure, not as the necessary cause of an effect which is sought: wine is not only a philtre, it is also the leisurely act of drinking. -Roland Barthes

Everything ends this way in France – everything. Weddings, christenings, duels, burials, swindlings, diplomatic affairs – everything is a pretext for a good dinner. -Jean Anouilh

France - Paris - Canva

It is at a time like this, when crisis threatens the stomach, that the French display the most sympathetic side of their nature.

Tell them stories of physical injury or financial ruin and they will either laugh or commiserate politely.

But tell them you are facing gastronomic hardship, and they will move heaven and earth and even restaurant tables to help you. –Peter Mayle

In France, Paul explained, good cooking was regarded as a combination of national sport and high art, and wine was always served with lunch and dinner. –Julia Child

The French have the right respect for dogs–in France we chiens get to go to lunch and dinner anytime, anywhere. –Sheron Long

God, it’s good to be eating in France again. –Jack Iams

France - Paris - Canva

Years later, when Julia was famous she would often receive letters from people who asked not simply how they might learn to cook.

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They already knew the answer: The owned her cookbooks, but they were yearning to know how they might become passionate about it. She always answered the same thing:

Go to France and eat. –Karen Karbo

France Weather Quotes

France - Paris - Cafe

The French air cleans up the brain and does good – a world of good. -Vincent Van Gogh

One mustn’t ask apple trees for oranges, France for sun, women for love, life for happiness. -Gustave Flaubert

Quotes about the French Language

France - Bordeaux Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux in France is one of the most famous wine regions in the world!

No matter how well I could pronounce words or expressions, there was no terroir in my vocabulary.

Words all meant the same to me—almost like those black and white letter magnets you stick to a refrigerator.

Table, Chaise, Connard, Pute, Vélo, Merde were all interchangeable and non-denominational, standing next to each other in my brain like a bad haiku. –John von Sothen

Learn French because there’s small chance that French will learn any other language. -Unknown

Boy, those French. They have a different word for everything. -Steve Martin

The French: a people who have used their sophisticated culture and beautiful language to bequeath to the world the sliced potato. –Bauvard

Occasionally, merely for the pleasure of being cruel, we put unoffending Frenchmen on the rack with questions framed in the incomprehensible jargon of their native language, and while they writhed, we impaled them, we peppered them, we scarified them, with their own vile verbs and participles. –Mark Twain

If the French were really intelligent, they’d speak English. -Wilfrid Sheed

France - Normandy - Mont St. Michel - Canva

For example, in Paris, if one desires to buy something, you enter the store and say “Good morning, sir” or “madam,” depending on what is appropriate, you wait until you are greeted, you make polite chitchat about the weather or some such, and when the salesperson asks what they can do for you, then and only then do you bring up the vulgar business of the transaction you require. –Craig Ferguson

I am just like 99% of my friends in France, who say on their resume they can speak fluent English. In reality, they can’t even count up to three. -Greg Ackelrod

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Quotes about the French Riviera

Front view of the Mediterranean sea, bay of Angels, Nice, France

Yes, sir, there are things to see and do on the French Riviera without spending money. –Robert A. Heinlein

The French Riviera: A sunny place for shady people. -Somerset Maugham

On the pleasant shore of the French Riviera, about had way between Marseilles and the Italian border, stands a large, proud, rose-colored hotel. -F. Scott. Fitzgerald

You were never told that Saint-Tropez is paradise? -Karl Lagerfeld

So, where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year? -Christina Aguilera

Collioure harbour, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, french catalan coast

If you could have walked on the planet before humans lived here, maybe the Ivory Coast would have seemed more beautiful than La Côte d’Azur. -Dejan Stojanovic

The Mediterranean is in my DNA. I’m fine inland for about a week, but then I yearn for a limitless view of the sea, for the colours and smells of the Italian and French Riviera. -Alain Ducasse

Most of my holidays are with wonderfully generous friends with houses in the country or the South of France. -Patrick Cox

The easy glamour of the French Riviera in the 1960s – inspired by Rome Schneider’s character in La Piscine  – mixed with garden elements.

Blueprint, botanical, lattice, Queen Anne’s lace and folly prints are paired with cleaner silhouettes and proportions in a fresh palette of green, white, and coral. -Tony Burch

Every year there’s a jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Getting on the jury is very competitive in France. Not because the French love cinema, but because they love to judge. -Craig Ferguson

Quotes About Not Liking France

France - Saint-Emilion

What’s the big deal with France? How come everyone wants to go there? Let me tell you about France. Their music sucks.

Their movies suck. Their berets suck. Their croissants are pretty good, but the place overall still sucks. –David Levithan

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5 Things to Pack for Your Trip to France

Greece - Crete - Stephanie Luggage

The Lonely Planet France guidebook or the Rick Steves Paris guidebook for your trip. It can be kind of a pain to find the major guidebooks once you arrive in France, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to pick mine up ahead of time.

An Unlocked Cell Phone so that you can use a French sim card while here to help navigate the trains.

Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS system, and general travel genie.

A Camera since France is super photogenic. I use a mix of my Nikon D810 and my  Samsung8 smartphone these days.

A Great Day Bag so you can carry what you need with you (like your camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, cash, etc). My current favorite is the Pacsafe Citysafe, which is especially great for Paris and Bordeaux because it has many anti-theft features.

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Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Before you leave for France make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because accidents happen on the road. I pay for World Nomads, and I happily recommend them. It’s especially important to get travel insurance if you’ll be hanging out in cities (like Paris…ahem) where tourists can be the victims of pickpockets. 

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