50 Inspirational Kansas Quotes for Kansas Instagram Captions & Statuses

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As a proud Jayhawk, I always love coming across a beautiful or inspirational quote about Kansas. Here are my favorite Kansas quotes that I’ve found so far.

You can use them on social media and for Kansas Instagram captions, or you can just enjoy these beautiful words about this beautiful state!

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Quotes about Kansas

The Best Quotes about Kansas

My favorite Kansas quotes, in no particular order…

Tornado or no tornado, a girl from Kansas doesn’t let much get to her. -Danielle Paig

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. -L. Frank Baum

Books -where if people suffered, they suffered in beautiful language, not in monosyllables, as we did in Kansas. -Langston Hughes

When anything is going to happen in this country, it happens first in Kansas. -William Allen White

She had the personality of a ZIP code in Kansas. –Bowfinger

USA - Kansas - The copper dome shines in the urban area at the capitol building of Topeka Kansas

Kansas afternoons in late summer are peculiar and wondrous things. Often they are pregnant, if not over-ripe, with pensive and latent energy that is utterly incapable of ever finding an adequate release for itself. This results in a palpable, almost frenetic tension that hangs in the air just below the clouds. By dusk, spread thin across the quilt-work farmlands by disparate prairie winds, this formless energy creates an abscess in the fabric of space and time that most individuals rarely take notice of. But in the soulish chambers of particularly sensitive observers, it elicits a familiar recognition—a vague remembrance—of something both dark and beautiful. Some understand it simply as an undefined tranquility tinged with despair over the loss of something now forgotten. For others, it signifies something far more sinister and is, therefore, something to be feared. -P.S. Baber

USA - Kansas - Old one room schoolhouse on a beautiful day in Kansas

Kansas was all golden and smelled like sunshine. –The Outlaw Josey Whales

It’s always Kansas, that’s where I always break down -Fred Eaglesmith

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The Wizard of Oz is my favorite. It explains what life on this planet is about. Although Dorothy reaches Oz, she finds she had what she needed to go back to Kansas all along, but the Good Witch tells her that she had to learn it for herself. All of the answers to the meaning of life are there. -RuPaul

Europe? *The* Europe? God, this is my first time out of Kansas! -Nurse Betty

A few hours’ ride brought us to the banks of the river Kansas. -Francis Parkman

USA - Kansas - Abandoned farm-house in Kansas, USA.

Kansas had better stop raising corn and begin raising hell. -Mary Elizabeth Lease

I really like Amelia Earhart. She’s from Kansas. She disappeared, so I have to take her place. I want to be Dorothy. I want to be Amelia Earhart… I want to do it all. -Lindsey Wixson

Kansas is all right for men and dogs, but it’s pretty hard on women and horses. –Santa Fe Trail

I’m going to Wichita
Far from this opera forevermore
I’m gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
Right before the Lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will sing no more -Jack WhiteWell dog, I know we’re not in Kansas, the sky’s all colored wrong, I know we’re not in Kansas, the days are all too long, I sure don’t understand this, that’s what you’re howling for, I know we’re not in Kansas, Kansas anymore -Big Country

USA - Kansas - Keeper of the Plains and City Skyline at Sunrise

Kansas?…Big state in the middle of the country. Fulla corn, Republicans, and Bible salesmen, and not much else. -Libba Bray

Was there a twister in Kansas? ‘Cause, there’s a house in my driveway. -Phil on Modern Family

Had I been able to formulate my first impressions of the United States, I might have said that there was a place in America called Kansas, where people could find a magic land at the heart of a cyclone. -Azar Nasifi

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Nothing is eternally stable, and even Kansas isn’t really in Kansas anymore. The earth is in a constant state of flux. -Simon Winchester

When I write, I aim in my mind not toward New York but toward a vague spot a little to the east of Kansas. -John Updike

USA - Kansas - Stull

When you take over at Kansas, they’ve always won, so you’re expected to win. -Jim Boeheim

In Kansas, people are reserved, quiet, taciturn. -Everett McGill

Kansas is very religious, very Republican, and very straight-laced. I needed to get away from that. -Colton Haynes

Oh, I’ve assisted in many deliveries, ma’am. In fact, one just took a blue ribbon at the Kansas State Fair. -Dr. Hauck on Frasier

Yeah, well, I always heard there were three kinds of suns in Kansas: sunshine, sunflowers, and sons-of-b*tches. –The Outlaw Josey Whales

USA - Kansas - Lawrence

I’m a kid from Kansas, so J.C. Penney was where I got all my clothes from kindergarten to around 7th grade. -Nick Wooster

You know what? I’ve also been ejected. Flume ride, Topeka, Kansas. -Scully in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I come from Kansas; we’re steak-and-potato boys. I grew up on meat. -Gary Woodland

As a young girl, I saw commitment in my grandmother, who helped Grandpa homestead our farm on the Kansas prairie. Somehow they outlasted the Dust Bowl, the Depression, and the tornadoes that terrorize the Great Plains. -Sheri L. Dew

I’ve never been west of the Kansas state line. -Connie Conway

USA - Kansas - USA - Kansas - Keeper of the Plains and City Skyline at Sunrise

She called me Kansas, she said that I reminded her of home. -Aaron Lines

Who could imagine that they would freak out somewhere in Kansas. -Frank Zappa

You can never really escape. It goes with you, wherever you go. Somehow, the prairie dust gets in your blood, and it flows through your veins until it becomes a part of you. The vast stretches of empty fields, the flat horizons of treeless plains. The simplicity of the people—good, earnest people. The way they talk and the way they live. The lack of occurrence, lack of attention, lack of everything. All that—it’s etched into your soul and it colors the way you see everything and it becomes a part of you. -P.S. Baber

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USA - Kansas - Hot Air Balloon festival. Taken just after sunset. Topeka, Kansas

There’s a reason why my mom chose to stay and raise my brothers and me in Kansas – it’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family. -Sharice Davids

This is just good, old-fashioned Kansas cornbread. -Jess in New Girl

I was born and raised in Kansas. The worst things are the locusts, mosquitos, the flatness, the humidity. The greatest things are the simplicity of life, watching the thunderheads building on the horizon, and running through cornfields. -Erin Brockovich

I grew up in conservative rural Kansas in the 1950s when it was expected that girls would not have a life outside the home, so educating them was a waste of time. -Sarah Paretsky

Well, I have a nervous grandmother back home in Topeka, Kansas. I’m afraid I’ve inherited some of her genes. –The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

USA - Kansas - Incredible Kansas tornado in open field

Kansas. Who the hell do I know in Kansas? -Sebastian in Cruel Intentions

I didn’t know any poets growing up in Kansas. -Kevin Young

D*mn, Kansas, you scared me. -The Lone Ranger

I would like Kansas be a place that future generations feel comfortable staying here. -Laura Kelly

It means fasten your seat belt Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye. –The Matrix

USA - Kansas - Aerial view over downtown city center of Atchison Kansas in mid morning light

This is Lawrence. This is Lawrence, Kansas. Is anybody there? Anybody at all? –The Day After

When you leave, everything you experience outside of Kansas will be measured against all you know here. And none of it will make any sense. -P.S. Baber

Andy, after we broke up, he told me he was going to Kansas to climb mountains. So, I don’t really know where he is. -Ann on Parks and Recreation

USA - Kansas - Ducks swim on the lake at dawn

We’ve been run out of Kansas, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico, and Arizona. What do we do when we run out of places. -Black Bart

When you fly across the country in an airplane the country seems vast; but it isn’t vast. It’s all connected by roads one can ride a bike down. If you watch the news and there’s a tragedy at a house in Kansas, that guy’s driveway connects with yours, and you’d be surprised by how few roads it takes to get there.  -Donald Miller

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He’s a full-fledged housewife from Kansas with all the prejudices. -Gore Vidal

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Quotes about Kansas

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