Rick Steves Over Brunch: Barcelona and Catalunya

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In this episode, we chat about the classic Rick Steves’s Europe episode “Barcelona and Cataluna.” Chris Mitchell from travelingmitch and I are excited to launch our new podcast, a show that is half Rick Steves fan club and half travel talk. Of course, when considering which episode to start with, we had to go to an old throwback, “Barcelona and Catalunya,” which highlights both the beauty of the region but also has some of Rick’s best stunt work (he pops out of an egg FFS. What can’t that man do?) Ricks Steves’ Barcelona is one of beautiful parks, delicious drinks, and so many toothpicks. Plus we throw in our own Barcelona travel tips and break down the current Barcelona tourism situation (hint: it’s crowded).



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Stephanie’s Barcelona Travel Tips


Go offseason!

Barcelona is ridiculously hot in the summer and full of sweaty tourists. In February, the streets were still full of tourists, but there were far fewer of them (and they weren’t sweaty because it was cold). Pack your most stylish winter wardrobe and head to Barcelona as a sexy winter city break to get the best deals and not die in a crowd of tourist when trying to get to Sagrada Familia.


Set Aside Time for Culture

Barcelona has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and both of them are beautiful. The most famous is the Works of Antoni Gaudí, but equally beautiful is the UNESCO site that combines the Palau de la Música Catalana and Hospital de Sant Paul.

Skip the Bird Market

The politics of animal travel have changed significantly since this episode first aired. I personally wouldn’t go to any attraction or market based on seeing animals unless I had time to do a thorough check of the conditions the animals are kept in and why the attraction is there. When tourists demand to see animals, that changes the incentives locals have to keep and show off animals to tourists. This place might be 100% fine, but double (or even triple) check before you put your tourism dollars, time, and influence into going to an animal attraction.


What do you want to know about traveling in Barcelona? What are your best Barcelona Travel Tips? Share below!




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