Rick Steves Over Brunch: Copenhagen

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In this episode, Chris Mitchell (travelingmitch) and I  chat about the 2008 Rick Steves’ Europe episode “Copenhagen.”  We’ll talk about how Rick throws shade on the Swedes, whether or not drinking Aqua vitae qualifies as an action shot, and why neither Stephanie nor Chris longs for Danish food. Rick Steves’ Copenhagen is a city which has made progress as well as compromises, and he shows more than just the glossy images from postcards.



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Stephanie’s Copenhagen Tips


Take a Canal Cruise!

Even the most anti-touristy tourists shouldn’t skip a canal cruise. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to see the city, and you simply can’t take in these views from the land.


Head to Hotel Ibsen for a Delicious (But Pricey) Brunch

The most delicious brunch I’ve ever had was at Hotel Ibsen. Delightful, if a bit pricey, I highly recommend those with a bit of room in their budget check it out. If you find the hotel too pricey, check your options for places to stay in Copenhagen.


If You’re a Country Counter, Tack on a Trip to Malmo

A day trip to Malmo, Sweden adds a whole different country to your itinerary in a region of Sweden that can easily be enjoyed in a day.


Don’t Be Afraid to Visit in Winter

There’s enough to do in Copenhagen in winter to still enjoy a trip! So don’t skip it just because you think it’s too off-season!



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What do you want to know about traveling to Copenhagen and Denmark? What are your best Copenhagen Travel Tips? Share below!

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