Rick Steves Over Brunch

Rick Steves Over Brunch is a podcast where Chris Mitchell (from travelingmitch) and I break down episodes of the classic travel tv show, Rick Steve’s Europe. The show launched on April 30, 2018, and new episodes drop every three or four weeks.



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Episode List:

In order from newest to oldest.


Episode 37: Covid Conversations



Release Date: 5/28/20



Episode 36: Stockholm



Release Date: 4/5/20



Episode 35: Lisbon and the Algarve



Release Date: 3/6/20



Episode 34: European Christmas




Release Date: 12/22/19



Episode 33: Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes




Release Date: 12/3/19



Episode 32: London: Mod and Trad




Release Date: 11/4/19



Episode 31: European Travel Skills: Part II




Release Date: 10/8/19



Episode 30: Prague




Release Date: 9/22/19



Episode 29: Paris: Regal and Intimate




Release Date: 8/25/19



Episode 28: Portugal’s Heartland



Release Date: 8/6/19



Episode 27: An Interview with Rick Steves




Release Date: 7/9/19

Full Episode Transcript: An Interview with Rick Steves!



Episode 26: Rome: Back-Street Riches *With Rick Steves!*



Release Date: 6/23/19



Episode 25: Dublin and Mystical Side-Trips



Release Date: 6/9/19



Episode 24: European Festivals I



Release Date: 5/29/19



Episode 23: Rome: Baroque Brilliance




Release Date: 5/20/19



Episode 22: Salzburg and Surroundings




Release Date: 5/13/19



Episode 21: Chris Met Rick at the “Travel as a Political Act” Talk in Toronto!




Release Date: 3/17/19



Episode 20: Amsterdam




Release Date: 3/03/19



Episode 19: The Best of Israel




Release Date: 2/17/19



Episode 18: Budapest: The Best of Hungary



Release Date: 1/13/19



Episode 17: European Travel Skills: Part I




Release Date: 12/30/18



Episode 16: Berlin



Release Date: 12/16/18



Episode 15: London: Royal and Rambunctious




Release Date: 12/2/18



Episode 14: The Best of West Ireland: Dingle, Galway, and the Aran Islands




Release Date: 11/18/18



Episode 13: Rome: Ancient Glory



Release Date: 11/4/18



Episode 12: The Best of Slovenia




Release Date: 10/21/18



Episode 11: Bulgaria




Release Date: 9/30/18



Episode 10: Highlights of Paris, Eiffel and Monet to Crème Brûlée




Release Date: 9/16/18



Episode 9: Venice: City of Dreams




Release Date: 9/16/18



Episode 8: Romania



Release Date: 8/19/18



Episode 7: Poland Rediscovered: Kraków, Auschwitz, and Warsaw




Release Date: 8/4/18



Bonus! Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar




Release Date: 7/22/18



Episode 6: Istanbul




Release Date: 7/8/18



Episode 5: Copenhagen




Release Date: 6/24/18



Episode 4: Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland




Release Date: 6/10/18



Episode 3: Vienna




Release Date: 5/27/18



Episode 2: Athens and Side-Trips




Release Date: 5/13/18



Episode 1: Barcelona and Catalunya




Release Date: 4/29/18



Episode 0: Start Here!




Release Date: 4/29/18