Rick Steves Over Brunch: Poland Rediscovered: Kraków, Auschwitz, and Warsaw

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In this episode, we chat about the 2004 Rick Steves’ Europe episode “Poland Rediscovered: Krakow, Auschwitz, and Warsaw.” We’ll talk about Stephanie’s love of Salt Mines, Chris’s love of Polish vodka, and whether or not Krakow is the best surviving medieval city in Europe today. Plus we’ll talk about the importance for travelers to come here to learn about the legacy of the Holocaust while acknowledging that this is an emotional and personal journey that takes time to process and contextualize.


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Stephanie’s Poland Travel Tips


Don’t Skip the Salt Mine!

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen! Don’t skip the opportunity to see this amazing underground world that also has fantastic health benefits.


Explore Oskar Schindler’s Former Factory

Opened since Rick filmed his episode, the Oskar Schindler Musuem is one of the most moving places to learn about the legacy of the Holocaust in Poland outside of visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau.


Pierogies and Vodka – A Match Made in Heaven!

When in Rome, err Poland, don’t skip the vodka, which goes great with almost anything you can order in a Polish restaurant which serve food that’s nourishing and hearty.



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