Rick Steves Over Brunch: Vienna

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For this episode of Rick Steves Over Brunch, Chris Mitchell (travelingmitch) and I chat about the 2006 Rick Steve’s Europe episode “Vienna.” We see Rick Steves’ Vienna – one of sauerkraut, sachertorte, and apple tart – but he leaves a bit of room for the sites. We’re not loving the cold open on this one, but what did you think?


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Stephanie’s Vienna Travel Tips


It’s a Great Place to Go in Winter!

While this episode shows off Vienna in summer, Vienna in winter is fabulous. The whole city basically turns into a giant Christmas market, and it’s a delicious way to explore the city.


When in Vienna, You have to Go to the Opera

You can get a last minute standing ticket for cheap like Chris, or do what I did and get a box seat. Either way, come prepared to wach the people as much as the performance.


For the Best Meals, Plan Ahead

Have an idea of where you want to go before your meal, and you’ll end up finding better deals and bettter stay away from tourist traps.


More about Traveling in Austria



What do you want to know about traveling in Vienna? What are your best Vienna Travel Tips? Share below!


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