10 Romantic Souvenirs for Couples Looking for Fabulous Romantic Travel Gifts

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Last Updated on: 19th June 2023, 06:42 pm

When you’re dating someone and you go on a trip, it’s natural to want to bring that person a special token or gift from your trip.

One object of gift-giving is often to show someone that you understand enough about them to provide them with an object that they enjoy.

Bringing back a romantic souvenir for your loved one will also let them know you were thinking about them while you were away!

Another reason you might be looking for a romantic travel gift is if you’re on a trip with your partner.

You might look for something together, a token to remember your trip by or something that you two can enjoy together back at home.

Or you might look for a romantic gift to give them on the trip or once your back home to show how much you appreciate being with them and exploring the world together.

There are tons of creative ideas for what makes a good romantic souvenir! I share ten of my favorites below. Whether it’s getting a set of hot sauces for your partner or a certain gemstone, there are numerous ways that people can provide gifts to their partner.

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10 Romantic Souvenirs for Couples Looking for Fabulous Romantic Travel Gifts

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How Serious Does Your Relationship Need to Be for You to Buy A Gift for Your Partner?

United Kingdom - London - Couple in front of Tower Bridge

If you are on a trip with that person, a gift is a great idea! A married couple might spend a bit more on a gift that they can enjoy together over the decades like a piece of art, while a couple that is still dating might want to pick out something that is more short term like a bottle of wine to drink on a date back home.

If you go on a trip and leave your partner behind, a gift is always appreciated. Just tailor the budget for the situation. A piece of jewelry might be appropriate for a serious relationship, while a book or trinket might be more appropriate for someone you’ve only seen a few times. 

Now, there is a misconception that you should never get a gift for someone if you have only met the person online and not in real life yet. However, there are circumstances like long-distance relationships where a gift would still be a good idea. Just keep the cost low so that it doesn’t give the wrong impression.

While some people may be uncomfortable at the prospect, many people appreciate getting these sorts of trinkets. Just communicate with the person you’re online dating as to whether it’s a good idea or not, and only get something if you think they are serious about you. Quickflirt.com users say that gifts that were made while dating online did not scare them away, but rather was a pleasant glimpse into the personality of their potential partner.

That’s why it is important to get to know your partner. That way, you can give them some kind of gift or trinket without having to overstep your bounds with them. Some people date online to be more private and may not want gifts, but the vast majority of people will be appreciative. Also, you’ll certainly know what kind of partner you have long before you think about sending them anything for a gift. Just be courteous and the act of sending a gift will further your relationship!

The Best Romantic Souvenirs 

Here are some great options for romantic travel gifts, both for solo travelers with partners back home as well as couples traveling together.

Chocolate and Other Local Sweets

Switzerland - Chocolate in Swiss Flag

Men and women both love sweet things, so chocolate or other kind of confection is always a good idea. This is an especially good idea when you go on a chocolate factory tour or visit a confectioner’s shop during your trip. Can you think of a better day than going on a chocolate activity together and then surprising your partner with a box of surprise chocolates picked out just for them once you’re back at your hotel?

If you are picking out something for a loved one back home, chocolate is the perfect romantic travel gift. However, too many people see the gift boxes of mass-produced candy and want to send that to someone. While that’s not inherently bad, you could go the extra step and go to a local candy shop to provide your partner with something local and special that they can taste and enjoy!

Not only does that help you show them a bit about the area that you live in, but it lets them know you missed them tremendously while you were away.

Wine & Cheese Lover’s Gift Set

A bottle of wine makes a great romantic souvenir or romantic travel gift

There is nothing better than a good wine and cheese pairing. For people that are unfamiliar with the wines and cheeses that go well together, you could always get them a wine and cheese lover’s gift set. These premade gifts are designed to be given to people that are new or experienced with enjoying wine and cheese.

Instead of having you put everything together, cut the cheese, package it, and then deliver it, the wine set can be brought to the destination of your choice. It’s a gift that is perfect because it is meant to be shared by the person that is receiving it. That way, you and your date can indulge in the gift together! You could even plan a romantic picnic around the gift!

Looking for great Instagram captions for your romantic gift? Check out these funny wine puns and cheese puns.

Coffee Mugs

Germany - Berlin Souvenirs

Paired cups are another great romantic gift idea. This is because they’re used every day. People make their coffee in a cup, they use it for a cool drink, and sometimes they even have their soup out of it. This multifunctional dishware will be useful every time that it’s pulled out of the cupboard.

However, another thing is that cups are highly customizable. That means you could find something that you and your partner have in common and then have them made to suit you. In that sense, it’s the perfect gift for your date since you could put your favorite quote, movie, or song on it!

What makes mugs an even better romantic souvenir is that for couples who live together, these can become a part of your morning routine and enhance the intimate time you share before you both have to go out into the world. This is one reason that our collection of coffee mugs is more sentimental to me than the rest of our dishes, and I love to bring back coffee mugs as a souvenir.

Something to Decorate Your Home

Bulgaria - Nessebar - Bulgarian Souvenir for Couples

If you live together, picking out a beautiful piece of artwork or furniture to display back at home can be a fabulous way to keep the memories of your romantic trip alive when you’re back home. Having a peek into happy times and romantic memories can make sure your home is a calm and relaxing place full of love.

I like to look for vintage decor that works well with the other pieces in our home, like these vintage prints we bought in Nessebar last summer.

An Umbrella for Two

Romantic Travel Gifts - A Two Person Umbrella makes a perfect couple's souvenir

A two-person umbrella is quite simple to envision. It’s an umbrella that is big enough for both of you! These are both symbolic as well as functional. If you’re using one of them with your partner, then both of you can comfortably walk in the rain together. Can you think of anything more romantic than walking together in the rain in Paris or Rome?

That will ensure that you’re both better off staying dry together than apart. It also keeps one of you dry instead of having to walk out in the weather! Any time that you see it in the corner of your entryway, you’ll remember that the two of you can weather any storm together.

Scented Candles

A scented candle makes the perfect romantic souvenir for her!

Knowing the kind of scents that a person shows that you’re paying attention to them and you care about what makes them happy. You have to get to know a person pretty intimately to figure out their favorite smells!

If you are on a trip and you come across a scented candle that you know they would love or one that reminds you of them, get it for them! These will freshen up their entire house with an aroma that you picked just for them.

Sometimes that could be something simple like the smell of a flower or it might be a more complicated smell that you had to search for high and low. Either way, they’ll think about you every time they light the candle. 

A Day at the Spa

Azerbaijan - Nakhchivan - Turkish Bath at the Hotel Tabriz

Nobody knows the troubles that you go through daily like your partner. That’s why it’s a good idea to help treat them to a day at the spa, from home. If you’ll be on a trip and they’ll be back home lonely without you, why not surprise them with a spa day so they can have some fun while they wait for you to come back?

Alternatively, you could pick up a spa set on your trip and bring it back for them. A mini spa set will give them bathing materials that will leave their skin soft, a pumice stone, more candles, and anything else they might need to take care of themselves. It’s a great way to let your partner know that you care about their wellbeing. Feel free to offer to be the masseuse as well!

Matching Shirts

Couple holding hands wearing matching outfit jeans and blue shirt

Another gift idea that could be either a romantic or funny couples’ souvenir is a set of matching shirts. You can get one while you’re on your trip, or you can buy them ahead of time to wear at the destination (or even on the plane).

You can pick out topical ones, like quotes from a favorite show or movie, funny souvenir t-shirts that just happen to match, or specific shirts made for coupes.  Not only will that reinforce your connection as a couple, but it will also help you match if you’re going out to enjoy something that shares the theme of that shirt.

It’s also a way of giving a gift to someone that doesn’t have to feel so awkward or invasive; it’s just a nice (or hilarious) shirt that you think they would like!

Local Artwork

Artwork from past trips displayed in my old apartment

Wherever you travel, you can find local artists and makers creating fantastic gifts. When you’re on your trip,  you could find some time to go shopping for an original piece. There are tons of websites and even local yard sales where you could find fresh artwork or knick-knacks that will impress your partner.

I love going to inexpensive galleries that support new artists. You can usually find these online ahead of your trip. 

A Nice Piece of Jewelry

Germany - Berlin Souvenirs

Of course, jewelry is always appreciated. I’ve listed this last because it’s not a new idea or something you haven’t thought of before. However, when you pick out a piece of jewelry to give as a romantic travel gift, keep a few things in mind.

If it’s a romantic souvenir for her, try to pick something out that goes with her normal style. If you want something that she can wear all the time, make sure it will fit in with the jewelry she already wears.

Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are great for girlfriends. Don’t give a ring as a gift unless you plan on proposing with it or if you are already married. If you want to give a ring and you’re already married, make sure it’s something that will go with her engagement and wedding ring, since she probably doesn’t take those off.

If you want a romantic souvenir for him, I’ve found leather cuffs to be a great present for a man back home. If he likes jewelry already, you probably have a good feel for the style and kinds of pieces he prefers to wear and you can pick something that will go well with what he already likes. 

Try to find something made locally rather than something you can buy just anywhere.

More Souvenir Resources

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stephanie
We always pick out a magnet for our fridge on the trips we take together!

I have a few souvenir guides all ready to help you with more ideas! First, check out this guide to picking out the perfect souvenir for you.

Next, check out my posts on specific souvenirs ideas for New York City, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Iceland, Vietnam, Myanmar, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

5 Things to Pack for Your Trip

Greece - Crete - Stephanie Luggage
Staying in hostels? Make sure your bags will fit into their lockers.

A Lonely Planet guidebook. It can be kind of a pain to find the major guidebooks once you land, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to pick mine up ahead of time.

Full-Sized Travel Towel This is the best travel towel in the world. It’s pretty enough for the beach, large enough that you forget it’s a microfibre towel, and quick-drying, which is crucial if you’ll be headed to the beach or staying in a hostel.


A Go Pro for underwater and action photography. These are great because you can get photos and videos of yourself in the shots. Also great because they’re so lightweight. 

A Camera since you want to remember your trip! I use a mix of my Nikon D810 and my Samsung8 smartphone these days.

Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS, and general travel genie.


Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!


Before you leave for your trip make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because accidents happen on the road. I pay for World Nomads, and I happily recommend them. It’s especially important to get travel insurance when traveling abroad so loved ones back home can assist if you end up needing help. Make sure someone back home has your policy information!


I have been a paying customer of World Nomads for travel insurance for three years, and I happily recommend them.  If you get sick, injured, or have your stuff stolen, you’ll be happy to have the ability to pay for your medical bills or replace what’s stolen or broken.

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10 Romantic Souvenirs for Couples Looking for Fabulous Romantic Travel Gifts

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