15 Inspiring Route 66 Quotes & Instagram Captions

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Growing up just a few minutes from Route 66, I took it forgranted how iconic the route is. However, it’s inspired some seriously beautiful words from famous authors and travel writers alike. Here are my favorite Route 66 quotes. Feel free to use them as inspiration for your Route 66 Instagram captions.

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Route 66 Quotes for Route 66 Instagram Captions

The Best Route 66 Quotes

Here are my favorite quotes about Route 66, in no particular order:

Sometimes there’s a tackiness about Route 66 that out-tacks any tackiness I’ve ever seen anywhere else. And the Meramec Caverns are the pinnacle of that tack. -Billy Connolly

The spirit of Route 66 is in the details: every scratch on a fender, every curl of paint on a weathered billboard, every blade of grass growing up through a cracked street. -John Lasseter

Get your licks on route 66. -Thighbrush

Sometimes, it’s only in walking the path that we discover why we are walking at all. -Richard Paul Evans

USA - Oklahoma - USA, Oklahoma, Chandler. Springtime at the Route 66 Interpretive Center.

If you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway that is best. Get your kicks, on Route Sixty-six. -Nat King Cole

Oh, I can picture myself rattling along Route 66 on that thing, headphones on, singing along to ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ or the opening line from ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf – ‘Get your motor running…’ The trike brings out that in all of us, which is no bad thing. Forget Viagra, get yourself a trike! -Billy Connolly

Highway 66 is the main migrant road. … 66 is the path of a people in flight. … 66 is the mother road, the road of flight. -John Steinbeck

The most famous highway in the world. -Unknown

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - US Route 66 over Lake Overholser in Oklahoma City.

The sad truth is, John and I and the kids only took Route 66 once on our trips to Disneyland. Our family, like the rest of America, succumbed to the lure of faster highways, more direct routes, higher speed limits. We forgot about taking the slow way. It makes you wonder if something inside us knows that our lives are going to pass faster than we could ever realize. So we run around like chickens about to lose our heads. Which makes our little two- or three-week vacations with our families more important than ever… As for the time that elapsed between those vacations, that’s another thing altogether. It seems to have all passed breathlessly, like some extended whisper of days, months, years, decades. -Michael Zadoorian

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So we helped save the town and a little bit of America Route 66. -Angel Delgadio

Route 66, the mother road, right through the center of town. -Jeanne Menesse

USA - Oklahoma - Route 66: William H. Murray Bridge, a.k.a. Pony Truss Bridge, over the S. Canadian River, near Geary-Hinton, Oklahoma.

Route 66 was as Steinbeck immortalized the route of flint and all the hardship during that time, of people trying to go somewhere for a better life. This was the path they took. -Paul Snyder

This highway, if you just think about it, is peppered with hope; it is peppered with tears. -Angel Delgadio

We can’t prove Elvis ever came by here but we say he did. -Cheryl Mince

USA - Oklahoma - Tulsa - The famous Route 66 Gate in Tulsa Oklahoma

Route 66 is the essence of Americana: The Mother Road as America’s Main Street, embodies the core small-town values of America, with its Mom-and-Pop stores, its vintage service stations, motels, and diners. It is also a representation of freedom, a roaming, mobile, and automobile-oriented society, where new horizons for personal growth and experiences can always be found. -Austin Whithal

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Route 66 Quotes for Route 66 Instagram Captions

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