Armenia Packing List: Everything You Need to Pack for Armenia for Women and Men

Armenia - Yerevan - Mount Ararat

Many people who travel to the Caucasus are wondering what to pack for Armenia since most people’s travel itinerary here will include stops at many ancient monasteries and important churches. When visiting holy pilgrimage sites like Geghard Monastery, you want to know that you’re wearing culturally appropriate clothes. As anyone who’s fond of visiting Orthodox Monasteries … Read more

How to Visit Geghard Monastery: A Day Trip that turned into a Spiritual Odyssey

Armenia - Geghard Monastery

A day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Geghard is one of the most popular trips from Yerevan. Here’s everything you need to plan your own trip to this monastery. More of a Spiritual Oddesey than a Day Trip Since I find myself visiting Orthodox monasteries and churches often, I know what the … Read more