40 Magical Things to Do in Vienna in Winter & The Best Winter Day Trips

Palace Belvedere with Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

There really is nowhere like Vienna in winter. Between the Christmas markets, great (indoor) art scene, and festive atmosphere, Vienna might as well be the European capital of Christmas. Yet even if you come to Vienna in January or February you will find there are still so many great things to do in Vienna in … Read more

Vienna or Bratislava? Which Danube City is Right for You?

Bratislava and Vienna have more in common for travelers than many might think, but they still are very different cities. While they both are traditionally seen as geographically “Central European,” Vienna is as east as the west gets, while Bratislava is culturally Slavic and Eastern European. So if you’re wondering whether you should plan a … Read more

The 50 Most Beautiful Castles in the World and the Pictures to Prove It

Chateau de Chambord, royal medieval french castle and reflection. Loire Valley, France, Europe. Unesco heritage site. Long exposure.

As a history and travel lover, there’s no kind of building in the world that piques my interest more than a beautiful castle. Whether it’s learning about the history of Windsor Castle, comparing the summer and winter palaces of the Shaki Khans while traveling Azerbaijan, or sleeping in a castle in Ireland, visiting castles always … Read more

50 Awesome Austria Puns for Austria Instagram Captions & Statuses

Jokes about Austria Puns for Austria Instagram Captions and Austria WhatsApp Status

Looking for funny Austria puns to share with friends and family? Or perhaps you want a few clever puns to use as Austria captions or an Austria status on Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp? Here are my favorite Austria jokes and puns to brighten your day! Read Next: the Ultimate Austria Packing List for All Seasons Can’t … Read more

Visiting Hallstatt-Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape

UNESCO World Heritage Site #40: Hallstatt-Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape (Austria)

Never heard of the Hallstatt-Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape? How about the much friendlier and more marketable Austrian Lake District? Still no? Don’t worry-I hadn’t either. My Visit I spent the first half of December ping-ponging between two equally powerful childhood fantasies: pretending to be an Austrian princess and pretending to be an Austrian nun. If the … Read more

5 Romantic Travel Vacation Ideas For Senior Couples

USA - Arizona - Grand Canyon - Happy, Hugging Senior Couple Posing on the Edge of The Grand Canyon.

Are you looking to get out and enjoy the vacation of your dreams with your special someone? You can visit one of the US most beautiful cities, explore Canada’s rocky sides, or get lost in South America’s southern charm! There’s no need to worry about being stuck in party cities and youth hostels. But that … Read more

101 Magical Places to Visit in Europe: A European Bucket List for Travel Addicts

Italy - Rome

I love traveling in Europe, and, even after living there for four years, I had to admit how many of the best places to visit in Europe are still languishing on my European bucket list. So to that end, I thought it was time that I share my bucket list for traveling Europe to help … Read more

10 Stunning UNESCO World Heritage Cities For Your Bucket List

Japan - Kyoto - Byodoin Temple

We all travel for different reasons. Whether it is to see cool sights, eat new foods, make new friends, or be transformed by the journey itself. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in traveling to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I know my UNESCO World Heritage Bucket List is quite long! These … Read more

Schoenbrunn Palace Tour in Winter, Vienna’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Schoenbrunn at Dusk

My Visit I’ve only ever imagined visiting Schoenbrunn in summer. I pictured walking dreamily through the gardens, touching the flowers wistfully with the tips of my fingers, while pretending I’m the empress and I was about to commission a really awesome portrait of myself before going horseback riding and then flirting with an archduke. #goals … Read more

What to Pack for Austria: the Ultimate Austria Packing List for All Seasons

Austria - Hallstatt - Pixabay or Canva

Are you planning a trip to Central Europe and wondering what to wear in Austria? A trip to Austria can encapsulate a lot of different kinds of travel in a short time span. While many will focus on the cities like Vienna and Salzburg, others will choose to explore nature in the Tyrol. Here’s everything … Read more