Azerbaijan Packing List: What to Pack for Azerbaijan for Women and Men

Azerbaijan - Ordubad - Mosque

Planning a trip to Azerbaijan? You might be wondering what to pack to visit this relatively little-traveled country. For many, questions about appropriate dress pop up whenever visiting a majority-Muslim nation. While Azerbaijan is a secular country, there are a few times during your trip when you’ll need to be cognizant of how Islamic customs … Read more

13 Instagrammable Places in Azerbaijan: Photo Spots You Can’t Miss

Azerbaijan - Gobustan - Mud Volcanoes - Canva

Azerbaijan is a stunning country. From Baku’s funky modern architecture to the pristine mountains of Nakhchivan, here are the best Azerbaijan photography locations and the thirteen spots that get my vote for the most Instagrammable places in Azerbaijan.   The Most Instagrammable Places in Azerbaijan & Best Azerbaijan Photography Spots In no particular order…   … Read more

How to Get from Sheki to Tbilisi and Vice Versa: Well that was Terrifying

Looking to get from Sheki, Azerbaijan to Tbilisi, Georgia? The options are limited, and all are a little bit unpleasant. However, my adventure ended up being absolutely terrifying! Here’s what you need to know to make the from Sheki to Tbilisi without running into the same problems that I had!   Note that I am a … Read more

How to Get from Ganja to Sheki and Vice Versa: Well that was Unpleasant

Azerbaijan - Sheki - Palace of the Shaki Khans

I’m obsessed with traveling Azerbaijan, and I completely believe that you should be, too. However, the most unpleasant experience we had during our two weeks in the country was getting from Ganja to Sheki by marshrutka.   Even though I’m a huge fan of traveling in these kinds of minibusses all over the world (Tunisia’s … Read more