The 50 Most Beautiful Mosques in the World & the Pictures to Prove It

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Morning sun on Nerteva River and Old City of Mostar, with Ottoman Mosque

Anyone who’s had the privilege of traveling in a Muslim-majority country like Azerbaijan, Turkey, or Tunisia can tell you about how stunning Islamic architecture around the world can be. Whether you’re exploring the famed Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the much less visited Blue Mosque in Yerevan, stepping into a mosque for a non-Muslim is both … Read more

10 Gorgeous Orthodox Monasteries You Need to See to Believe

Greece - Meteora - Varlaam Monastery

Traveling to Orthodox Monasteries … My New Obsession I had no idea when I picked Cyrpus as my first place to travel after quitting my job that it would be the beginnings of an obsession. After seeing the gorgeous Painted Churches in the Troodos in Cyprus, then seeing Meteora in Greece and Rila in Bulgaria, I … Read more

How to Visit the Painted Churches in the Troodos Region, Cyprus’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Driving through the Triodes Mountains

My Visit A winding mountain road trip. Being entrusted with the keys to a 13th-century chapel. Pulling over for cookies and ending up with dried apricots. My day hunting churches in the Troodos Mountains was one of my favorite days during my month in Cyprus. The churches are not on any typical bus routes from … Read more