What to Pack for Georgia: The Ultimate Georgia Packing List for Women and Men

Georgia - Shopping - Tibilisi

Wondering what to pack for Georgia and the Caucasus? Trips to this part of the world often include time spent exploring the chich capital of Tbilisi, hikes in some of the country’s lush mountains, visits to sleepy monasteries, and nights spent transiting between cities. Your bags will be potentially shoved into the backs of marshrutkas, … Read more

The Dry Bridge Market: the Funky Tbilisi Flea Market with History on Display

Georgia - Tbilisi - Dry Bridge Market

Whenever western visitors step behind the remnants of the Iron Curtain, it’s natural to be curious about what life was like there once upon a time. We hear stories, read history books, listen to interviews, and watch films, but if you’re really curious about life in the USSR or another satellite country, it really helps to … Read more

How to Get from Sheki to Tbilisi and Vice Versa: Well that was Terrifying

Looking to get from Sheki, Azerbaijan to Tbilisi, Georgia? The options are limited, and all are a little bit unpleasant. However, my adventure ended up being absolutely terrifying! Here’s what you need to know to make the from Sheki to Tbilisi without running into the same problems that I had! Note that I am a huge … Read more