10 Reasons You Must Travel to Germany in Autumn (Besides Oktoberfest)

Germany - Goda - Church

I’ve traveled to Germany twice. The first trip was during May, typically considered a fantastic time to visit Germany. The weather was warm but not hot, and tourist attractions were busy but not overwhelmed. For this trip, I’m spending November here, dividing my time between Dresden and Berlin. And I have to admit, I’m completely … Read more

27 of the Best Opera Houses in Europe for a Perfect Night Out

Germany - Dresden - DRESDEN, GERMANY - June 15, 2019: The famous opera house Semperoper in Dresden after a concert after sunset

Whenever I travel, I always look for a fun or elegant performance that I can add to my itinerary. In London, this was seeing a Shakespeare production in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. In NYC, this meant seeing Hamilton during a fantastic New York weekend. And in Vienna, this, of course, meant going to the Vienna … Read more