The 50 Most Stunning Waterfalls in the US for an Epic Outdoor Getaway

USA - Wailua Falls (Hawaii)

Looking to get outside and spend some time appreciating the great outdoors? You can go on a scenic drive, visit a beautiful lighthouse, or hit the road and see some of the best waterfalls in the US! Here are fifty great American waterfalls to choose from.  Can’t read now? Pin for later! The Best Waterfalls in … Read more

The Lost City of Cahokia

Monk's Mound in Cahokia

Listen to the Episode “The Lost City of Cahokia” Listen & Subscribe in iTunes Other Listening Options If you ask most Americans about the history of their country, they’ll start somewhere around 1492, or maybe even 1776. But before the pilgrims and before John Hancock, of course there were large, thriving civilizations of Native Americans. … Read more

30 Historic Cities in the US to Explore on Your Next US Getaway

USA - Massachusets - Cobblestone street in Boston. Historic Acorn Street in Beacon Hill, called the most picturesque street in America, with a row of vintage red brick buildings.

Looking to explore a new corner of the US this summer? If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to make sure to add a few of these to your USA bucket list. Here are thirty of the best historic cities in the US to visit on your next trip! Note that you don’t have to … Read more

27 of the Best Art Museums in the US for Your Next Cultural Escape

Best Art Museums in the US

Looking to plan a cultural weekend or day trip and hoping to visit a great American art museum? These are some of the best art museums in the US to help you decide where to go. Add these to your American art bucket list.  Read Next: 10 Best Living History Museums in America & Tips for … Read more

National Parks in Illinois

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail The Lewis & Park historic trail begins from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and extends to the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. It is a 4,900-mile-long trail that cuts across 16 states in the United States of America. The states are Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, Kansas, … Read more

25 Hilarious Chicago Puns & Inspiration for Chicago Instagram Captions


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30 Beautiful Chicago Quotes & Chicago Instagram Caption Inspiration


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