17 Hidden Gems in Milan

Church Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in the center of Milan

San Bernardino alle Ossa This Milanese church in Rococo style is a gem you must take the time to visit when exploring Milan. San Bernardino alle Ossa is known for hosting a small chapel decorated with human skulls and bones that come directly from the adjacent cemetery after it ra out of burial space back … Read more

50 Eternally Beautiful Rome Quotes from Literature, History, & Travel

Italy - Rome

Looking for beautiful quotes about Rome, Italy? The Eternal City has inspired novelists, historians, and travel writers for centuries. From its beautiful ruins to its sumptuous cuisine, the city never ceases to delight. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration or Rome Instagram captions, here are my favorite Rome quotes.  Read next: 50 Hilarious Rome Puns & … Read more