Discovering The Lost City of Petra

The Treasury at Night

Listen to the Episode “Discovering the Lost City of Petra” Listen and subscribe on iTunes Other Ways to Listen and Subscribe  The story of the Lost City of Petra begins with the story of the Nabataeans, nomadic traders who eventually settled in Edomite territory around 2 B.C. The Nabataeans had traveled everywhere and picked up … Read more

How to Visit Quseir Amra in Jordan from Amman

UNESCO World Heritage Site #47: Quseir Amra (Jordan)

Traveling to Quseir Amra Part I: The Getaway We made our getaway from the desert castle of Quseir Amra walking double speed. Me, talking under my break, trying to explain to my driver Sultan what the issue was without saying it loud enough for the tour guide Mubarak to hear. We were at hour six of … Read more