How to Get to Big Almaty Lake by Taxi

How to Visit Big Almaty Lake by Taxi

For anyone who’s ever glimpsed a picture of Big Almaty Lake on Instagram or the pages of Nat Geo, it’s nearly impossible to get the vibrant blue color out of your head. While most visitors to Almaty will have a day trip out to the lake on their itinerary, getting there and back isn’t quite as … Read more

10 Mind-blowing Facts About Kazakhstan to Inspire Your Next Adventure

The Ak Orda Presidential Palace in Astana, home to President Nursultan Nazarbayev

After spending a week in the country, I learned so many interesting facts about Kazakhstan that I had no idea about before setting foot there. For such a large country, its history is obscured by that of the Soviet Union and the general romanticization of the steppe. But Kazakhstan is a fascinating country with its … Read more

Visiting Nomad’s Land: The Abandoned Movie Set in the Kazakhstan Steppe

Nomad's Land in Kazakhstan

During my week in Almaty, I took two-day trips. One to Big Almaty Lake and one to Tamgaly Tas, the Buddhist petroglyphs, which included a stop at the super cool abandoned film set called Nomad’s Land. Like most of the activities, I did while in Kazakhstan, I didn’t really know what to expect before I … Read more

Tamgaly Tas: How to Visit Kazakhstan’s Enchanting Buddhist Rock Art Sanctuary

How to Visit the Tamgaly Petroglyphs and Gorge in Kazakhstan

During my time in Almaty, Kazakhstan, I relished the opportunity to get some fresh air outside of the city. Besides visiting Big Almaty Lake, an absolute must while in Almaty, I also went on a day trip to Tamgaly to see the Buddhist petroglyphs known as Tamgaly Tas. While getting to Tamgaly is a bit … Read more

Big Almaty Lake: 15 Pictures of Kazakhstan’s Stunning Turquoise Jewel

Pictures of Big Almaty Lake in Kazakhstan

The drive up to Big Almaty Lake was breathtaking. The trees wrapped in autumn foliage, boasting bright yellow amid the hunter greens of the pine trees. As our taxi climbed up the mountains, I didn’t know what was awaiting me. Pictures of Big Almaty Lake don’t do it justice (though obviously the point of this … Read more