25 Most Underrated Cities in Europe for a Fabulous Vacation without the Crowds

Art Pavilion Building Zagreb Croatia

If you want to explore Europe but you want to avoid throngs of tourists, then pick one of these underrated cities in Europe to enjoy some of Europe off-the-beaten-path.  Can’t read now? Pin for later! The Most Underrated Cities in Europe Here are my favorite European underrated cities. For an in-depth overview of what makes … Read more

27 Stunning Places to Visit in September in Europe for a Late Summer Getaway

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How to Enjoy the Perfect Day Trip to The Blue Lagoon in Malta

Malta - Blue Lagoon - Dock

Every day, tour boats drop off hundreds of sunbathers onto the little island of Comino in Malta. Home to only four permanent residents and a small hotel, the beach fills up quickly with tourists lounging under umbrellas and swimming in the shockingly clear water. No matter how many times I go to Malta, I just … Read more

13 Marvelous Malta Quotes for Malta Instagram Captions & Statuses

Jokes about Malta Puns for Malta Instagram Captions and Malta WhatsApp Status

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Maltese Balconies: 10 Amazing Facts about these Architectural Gems

Malta - Maltese Balconies - Shutterstock

Every time I go to Malta, I get captivated by the beautiful Maltese balconies that dot the cities and villages of the country. But I didn’t know that much about them until I started digging into their history. Now I’m more obsessed than ever! Here are ten amazing facts you should know about Malta’s balconies … Read more

The 50 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Mediterranean for a Spectacular Mediterranean Vacation

Best beaches of Cyprus - Petra tou Romiou, famous as a birthplace of Aphrodite

I just adore a great Mediterranean vacation. Whether it’s basking on the shores of Cyprus, Tunisia, Malta, or Greece, I never say no when someone suggests we head to one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean! So if you’re dreaming about a beach getaway, here are fifty(!) fabulous Mediterranean beaches for you to choose from.  … Read more

25 Amusing Malta Puns for Malta Instagram Captions & Statuses

Jokes about Malta Puns for Malta Instagram Captions and Malta WhatsApp Status

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If you love Italy, consider a trip to Malta

I don’t know what I expected when I booked my trip to Malta for last October.  I pick countries based on the most random inspiration–an episode of Vikings, chocolate, a single photograph.  This trip had been inspired by the ending of Stieg Larson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, when Lizbeth Salander is walking stealthily down a … Read more

8 Things to Do on Gozo

Gozo is the smaller of the two main islands of Malta and is home to less than forty thousand people.  Here are eight things to do if you decide to stay on this lovely little country island. Venture to Dwerja Bay to see Fungus Rock Since my first visit to Gozo, the Azure Window is now gone, … Read more