30 Pictures of Tiraspol, Transnistria’s Soviet-Loving Capital

Moldova - Transnistria - Tiraspol

Before getting to travel to Transnistria, I was completely obsessed with this breakaway republic. Basically, if there’s an unrecognized country, I HAVE to see it. Here are my Tiraspol pictures from my visit, to show what life is like behind this self-imposed Iron Curtain. My Favorite Tiraspol Pictures from My Visit Is this the most Instagrammable … Read more

5 Inspired Day Trips from Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova - Rudi - Rudi Monastery

Chisinau is a wonderful capital city with lots of cool history to explore, but if you find yourself with a few extra days on your hands, there are lots of things you can do to go out and explore the rest of Moldova. Here are my favorite day trips from Chisinau so you can see … Read more

How to Visit Rudi Monastery from Chisinau

Rudi Monastery

An Accidental Visit to Rudi Monastery I mentioned in my post about my trip to the Struve Geodetic Arc in Rudi that my driver took me to the Rudi monastery by mistake.   The problem stemmed from a combination of language barrier and the fact that my driver had never heard of the Struve Geodetic Arc. … Read more

How to Visit the Struve Geodetic Arc in Rudi, Moldova

Moldova - Rudi - Struve Geodetic Arc in Rudy, Moldova

Traveling to the Struve Geodetic Arc in Moldova The Struve Geodetic Arc is one of the most intriguing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spanning ten countries, it looks like it should be easy to check off the list. However, it ended up being one of my weirdest and most difficult-to-reach sites to date. Seven hours after … Read more