Best Quotes about New England

Portland Head Light at sunrise in Maine, New England.

Here in New England, the character is strong and unshakable.–Norman Rockwell One of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it.–Mark Twain June in New England is like a lover’s dream made tangible.–Gladys Taber Everywhere throughout New England you find old, tumbledown field walls, often in the middle of … Read more

The 27 Most Beautiful East Coast Lighthouses & How to Visit Them!

Portland, Maine, USA at Portland Head Light.

From Nova Scotia, all the way to Florida, the eastern seaboard of North America is home to some of the most important port cities on the continent. As such, they needed to make sure the ships crossing the Atlantic would make it to the harbor, so they constructed lighthouses to make the way safer. But … Read more