The 7 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand for Your New Zealand Bucket List

Moeraki Boulders on the Koekohe beach, Eastern coast of New Zealand. Sunset and long exposure

New Zealand is a dream destination for many travelers around the world. Once you set foot here, you will never forget the adventures you have here. Whether you’re planning to visit again and again or this is your first trip to the country, these are the best places to visit in New Zealand that you … Read more

27 of the Best Wine Countries in the World for Your Bucket List!

Purple grapes hang from vines in Napa Valley, California in fall. Fallen leaves on the ground and trellising of grapevines.

Looking for the best wine countries in the world? There’s no need to rush out to your local sommelier because this article has got you covered, from old world staples to new world gems! So many countries around the world have their own wine. They vary in acidity, sweetness, flavor, and even alcohol percentage.  If you … Read more

21 Fabulous New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts to Bring Back from Kiwi Land

Jade Koru necklace over oak barrel

New Zealand is a land of excitement and adventure. Once you’ve caught a taste of New Zealand, you’ll want to bring back home some memories. There’s no better way to do this than to bring back a fabulous New Zealand souvenir for you, plus you’ll want to pick up a few New Zealand gifts for … Read more

The 11 Stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites in New Zealand for Your New Zealand Bucket List

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

UNESCO currently has more than one thousand World Heritage Sites on their list from around the world. These sites are chosen because of their significance, either culturally or naturally. What this means is that these sites are essential, and their safety and preservation ensure continuity for future generations.  There’s a reason why Aotearoa (the Maori … Read more