Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Taking in the Sunset at the Capital of the Sun

Between the rainforest and the sea sits Luquillo, “La Capital del Sol,” or the Capital of the Sun.  The lagoon is carved into the island, has soft red sand, an unobstructed view of the horizon, and a coconut grove.  The waves are more gentle than on other parts of Puerto Rico’s northern Atlantic coast, due to the … Read more

Visiting Puerto Rico’s UNESCO Site: La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site

The Atlantic ocean curls around the shore of Old San Juan, waves slapping the beach.  Kites fill the sky, while children scoot and run around.  The sunset fades to purple.  That’s how I experienced EL Morro and La Fortaleza in Puerto Rico.  It was magical. From UNESCO’s description: The main elements of the massive fortification … Read more