50 Terrific Songs about Texas & Free Texas Playlist

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17 Stunning Texas Scenic Drives to Escape the Crowds

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The 42 Best Waterfalls in Texas

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The 16 National Parks in Texas: Why & How to Visit Each One!

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Best Small Towns in Texas

Dublin Dublin was founded in 1854 and located in Central Texas. This charming little town is famous for being the home to the oldest Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant. One of the most delightful things to do here is to tour Dublin Bottling Works, taste their original soda and even bottle your own soda.  While you’re … Read more

50 Quotes about Texas that Can’t Be Messed With


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Space Tourism in Houston, Texas

While the History Fangirl Podcast has typically gone around the world to find the most fascinating stories, today we’re taking our eyes off the Earth and casting our gaze starward. Today’s guest is Valerie Stimac, an accomplished travel writer in her own right, who has started a unique site at spacetravelguide.com. While she isn’t quite … Read more