Rick Steves Interview on Why We Travel

Rick Steves Interview

If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know I co-host the podcast Rick Steves Over Brunch, which has given me a few amazing opportunities, including getting to interview Rick Steves twice for the pod. Below you’ll find the full transcript of our Rick Steves interview where we discuss his 2020 travel special “Why … Read more

7 Travel Safety Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

7 Travel Safety Tips for a Stress-Free Trip by Stephanie Craig

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Although traveling can be incredibly rewarding, you must stay mindful of safety while abroad. To ensure your vacation remains stress-free and enjoyable, I have compiled some of the best travel safety tips that have helped me while traveling to over fifty countries. Not only will they … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Study Abroad Financial Aid

Plovdiv Bulgaria - Stephanie Craig

So, you decided that studying abroad is the right choice for you. That’s great! Just like you, thousands of students make the same life-changing decision and go overseas to study. Choosing to study abroad is not only exciting but can also open the door to new job opportunities. Venturing abroad can also be expensive, especially … Read more

3 Reasons to Use a VPN when Traveling Abroad

Young woman using laptop computer on a beach. Girl freelancer working by a sea. Freelance work, travel, vacations, stay connected, communication, studying online, e-learning concept

Living in the digital era, we have surpassed the times when traveling the globe meant disconnecting with the outside world. Now, the internet has become accessible widely throughout the globe, meaning that you can stay connected with family, friends, and work while you are on the go! However, it’s not as easy as you might … Read more

5 Essential Road Trip Tips for Taking a Road Trip

Railroad crossing sign at Desmet, South Dakota during sunrise

Boy, hasn’t road tripping taken on a whole new meaning lately? If you had asked someone whether a quarantine getaway would become a thing even just a few months ago, they would have probably laughed in your face. How things have changed! Of course, we still want to travel if it’s safe to do so. Here are … Read more