How Next Vacay Can Help You Plan Your Next Historical Trip

Vietnam - Ha Long Bay

Taking a trip to see a new location can provide you with insights into the history and culture of that place. Where you travel ultimately depends on what you’re most interested in learning more about and what areas of the world you want to see. When you’re planning your next historical trip, be sure to … Read more

The Six Kinds of Trips Everyone Should Experience

Different people are drawn to different kinds of travel.  Some like the carefree Caribbean weekend, lapping up sunshine and playing in the waves with their significant other.  Some prefer the cozy snowy cottage surrounded by family.  Still others like to go off and explore a new place on their own.  While everyone has their personal … Read more

Why You Should ALWAYS Pack Vaseline in Your Carryon


I’m a huge fan of the blog Unclutterer, a cleaning and organization blog, and I’ve always especially loved their ongoing series Unitasker Wednesday, where they lambaste a product that is designed to do only one (and usually a pretty unnessecary) thing. For example: an electric mac and cheese maker, a watermelon corer, and a clip-on … Read more

These 5 Psychology Tips will Make You a Better Traveler (Infographic)

5 Psychology Tips to Make You a Better Traveler

Whether your travel goal is to relax, recuperate, explore, reconnect, etc., the ultimate priority of most trips is to have a good time. But beyond picking a fabulous location and booking transportation, what can we do to make sure we get the most from our travels? Psychology sheds some light on what we can do … Read more