13 Instagrammable Places in Tunisia: Photo Spots You Can’t Miss

The Great Mosque in Kairouan, the fourth holiest city in Islam

I spent two weeks backpacking around Tunisia, and I absolutely fell in love. From the stunning Mediterranean views to the historic sites in Carthage to the ancient Roman amphitheater, this is a country that photographers (both amateur and professional) will love.   The best part? It’s far under-touristed, so you can see many of these … Read more

40 Stunning Photos of Tunisia Historical Sites

Traveling Tunisia's Historic Sites in PhotographsTraveling Tunisia's Historic Sites in Photographs

Tunisian history is long. The Greeks claim the country was founded by the mythical Dido-that’s how old the country is. For a history chaser, you get to explore the ruins of Carthage, see amazing Roman temples, Islamic palaces and mosques, and Ottoman fortresses. I had a fabulous time traveling around seeing Tunisia’s historical sites.   … Read more