10 Dreamy Tunisia Beaches for Your Mediterranean Escape

Tunisia - Djerba - Plage - Beach

Thinking about taking a trip to one of the gorgeous Tunisia beaches lining the Mediterranean? Here are the ten best beaches in Tunisia, so you can decide which beach is right for you, plus Tunisia travel tips to help you plan your travels.  The 10 Best Beaches in Tunisia In no particular order… Hammamet Hammamet … Read more

40 Stunning Photos of Tunisia Historical Sites

Traveling Tunisia's Historic Sites in PhotographsTraveling Tunisia's Historic Sites in Photographs

Tunisian history is long. The Greeks claim the country was founded by the mythical Dido-that’s how old the country is. For a history chaser, you get to explore the ruins of Carthage, see amazing Roman temples, Islamic palaces and mosques, and Ottoman fortresses. I had a fabulous time traveling around seeing Tunisia’s historical sites. Photos … Read more

The Best Things to Do in Tunisia

The luxury restaurant on the mountain top offers not only the best dishes, but also the best view on the picturesque coast of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

I am Obsessed with Tunisia When I bought my ticket to Tunisia, it was right after spending three weeks in Romania and six months exploring Europe. I needed something different, to see a place I’d never been before and whose history I could dive into.   My obsession with ancient Roman history has lead me to … Read more