5 Things to Do in Turkey that You Shouldn’t Miss!

Travel Writer Stephanie Craig in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest-growing countries and a popular tourist destination. Turkey has a rich culture, a fantastic year-round climate, and a fascinating history. It is a land where the East meets the West and where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern living. The people are quite friendly, and it is an all-family tourism … Read more

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

Listen to the Episode “Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar” Subscribe in iTunes Other ways to subscribe Traveling throughout Europe, you can find the legacy of the Ottoman Empire just about everywhere. But if you want to experience a place that has lived through the ebbs and flows of the empire, and connects us through more than 500 … Read more

The Walls of Constantinople

Up on the Theodoisan Walls

Listen to the Episode “The Walls of Constantinople” Listen and Subscribe on iTunes Other Ways to Listen and Subscribe   Patrick Wyman is a historian and podcaster I hold in great regard and I’ve invited him on the show today to discuss the history and prominence of the great Walls of Constantinople and the role … Read more