51 Fabulous Things to Do in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus - Pixabay

My month in Cyprus was incredible. I saw gorgeous Orthodox churches, sumptuous Mosques, traversed Venetian walls, crossed a UN border into an unrecognized country, took in Roman ruins, napped next to clear blue Mediterranean waters, drove on winding mountain roads, and didn’t see another American for my first twenty-six days. And since it’s a country … Read more

27 Pieces of Awesome Street Art from Nicosia, Cyprus (Photo Essay)

The hardest to get-it's behind a tree by where teens sneak cigarettes and there's a too friendly dog. But it was worth it.

Street Art, a Love Story One of my favorite posts I’ve done was this one on the street art of Montevideo, Uruguay. I focus mainly on urban travel (with a slice of beach), but not every city has such fantastic pieces everywhere you look. Since I spent the last ten years living in Philadelphia, a city … Read more