The Best Quotes about Japan

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Yesterday, December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan… We will gain the inevitable triumph so help us God.  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

When you look at Japanese traditional architecture, you have to look at Japanese culture and its relationship with nature. You can actually live in a harmonious, close contact with nature  – this very unique to Japan.  -Tadao Ando

The method (of learning Japanese) recommended by experts is to be born as a Japanese baby and raised by a Japanese family, in Japan. And even then it’s not easy.  -Dave Barry

I speak of the old Japan, because out of the ashes of the old Japan there has risen a new Japan.  -Shigeru Yoshida

We pray that henceforth not only Japan but all mankind may know the blessings of harmony and progress.  -Shigeru Yoshida

Japan is quite weird because they wait for you to say something before they respond. You can literally hear a pin drop, they don’t make a sound until you say something to the crowd.  -Kelly Jones

Japan is not a Western democracy. The Japanese have kept their traditions, culture and heritage, but they have joined the community of free nations.  -Natan Sharansky

Nevertheless, China was unfortunately unable to understand Japan’s real position, and it is greatly to be regretted that the Sino -Japanese War became one of long duration  -Hideki Tojo

Japan is dealing us a dead hand. For two years we have watched the Japanese drag their feet and we can’t let them continue to slam the door in our faces.  -Craig L. Thomas

The use of [the atomic bombs] at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons… The lethal possibilities of atomic warfare in the future are frightening. My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children.  -William D. Leahy

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I believe that this is not only the view of the people on both sides of the Strait. It is also the common expectation of the US, Japan and the international community.  -Chen Shui -bian

Every once in a while I run the Olympic downhill in Japan in my head. I think of how the energy is going to flow and then I make it all work for myself.  -Picabo Street

I miss riding those fast trains in Japan… ’cause I’d never seen a train that fast in my life.  -Ike Turner

Almost a century has passed since Japan first entered the world community by concluding a treaty of amity with the United States of America in 1854.  -Shigeru Yoshida

Japan’s inexplicable lack of response to even consider a move to re -open their market to U.S. beef will sorely tempt economic trade action against Japan.  -Saxby Chambliss

Japan is a great nation. It should begin to act like one.  -John C. Danforth

There are some ghost stories in Japan where  – when you are sitting in the bathroom in the traditional style of the Japanese toilet  – a hand is actually starting to grab you from beneath. It’s a very scary story.  -Shigeru Miyamoto

Japan and China are isolated and without intercourse with other countries; hence the President directed me to attend to or watch the state of affairs in China also.  -Townsend Harris

Japan has a low crime rate, unless you count the fact that approximately every fifteen minutes the entire Cabinet gets indicted for taking bribes.  -Dave Barry

On the other hand, the vast majority of all westernized countries, including every single European country along with Israel and Japan, do not offer birthright citizenship.  -Nathan Deal

The new architecture of transparency and lightness comes from Japan and Europe.  -Arthur Erickson

But, I’ve made films in Japan, in Yugoslavia, all over Europe, all over the United States, Mexico, but not Hollywood.  -Sydney Pollack

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I really didn’t intend to be a musician when I left Japan.  -Ikue Mori

The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan.  -Henry A. Wallace

They were ridiculous times. After I won my World Championship in 1976, I went to Japan.  -Barry Sheene

I had been conscious a feeling of depression and so I voiced to [Secretary Of War Stimson] my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at this very moment, seeking a way to surrender with a minimum loss of ‘face.’  -Dwight D. Eisenhower

The E.U. imports more agricultural goods from developing countries around the world than does the U.S., Canada and Japan, combined.  -John Bruton

Paradoxically, the people and state of Japan living on such moral props were not innocent but had been stained by their own past history of invading other Asian countries.  -Kenzaburo Oe

The U.S. along with China, Japan, South Korea and Russia has an important role to play in containing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and exerting all the influence we can possibly exert.  -Zach Wamp

In Japan, you get on the bullet train or the airplane, and I loved the little speeches the stewardesses would do. They even do little speeches before you play gigs.  -Beck

Japan, not only a mega -busy city that thrives on electronics and efficiency, actually has an almost sacred appreciation of nature. One must travel outside of Tokyo to truly experience the ‘old Japan’ and more importantly feel these aspects of Japanese culture.  -Apolo Ohno

Americans are somehow obsessed with her, and something about me hit a spot with people in Japan.  -Utada Hikaru

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If America would withdraw from South Korea, there could be a power struggle between such as China and Japan.  -Kim Dae -jung

The thing I can say about Japan is they were progressive for a country that is very male dominant.  -Brandi Chastain

The more that Japanese players go to the big leagues to play and succeed, the more that will serve to inspire young kids in Japan to want to become baseball players when they grow up.  -Ichiro Suzuki

The Japanese eat, sleep, and breathe golf; the only thing they don’t do is actually play it, because to get on a course, you have to make a reservation roughly 137 years in advance, which means that by the time you actually get to the first tee you are deceased. Of course, in golf this is not really a handicap.  -Dave Barry

In Japan, they have TV sets in cars right now, where you can punch up traffic routes, weather, everything! You can get Internet access already in cars in Japan, so within the next 2 to 3 years it’s gonna be so crazy!  -Glenn Danzig

If your computer speaks English, it was probably made in Japan.  -Alan Perlis

One night in Tokyo we watched two Japanese businessmen saying good -night to each other after what had clearly been a long night of drinking, a major participant sport in Japan. These men were totally snockered, having reached the stage of inebriation wherein every air molecule that struck caused them to wobble slightly, but they still managed to behave more formally than Americans do at funerals.  -Dave Barry

I got nominated for my second film as best young director in the Aikido Film Festival in Japan.  -Donnie Yen

The Japanese tend to be far more co -operative and docile and group -oriented. It would be easier to get the entire population of Tokyo to wear matching outfits than to get any two randomly selected Americans to agree on pizza toppings.  -Dave Barry

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My clothes are very popular in Japan. -Vivienne Westwood

I can’t tell you how important it was for us to be successful in japan.  -Trip Hawkins

My observation is that after one hundred and twenty years of modernisation since the opening of the country, present -day Japan is split between two opposite poles of ambiguity.  -Kenzaburo Oe

Flying from the United States to Tokyo takes approximately as long as law school.  -Dave Barry

Tokyo is huge. Something like 15 million people live there, and my estimate is that at any given moment, 14.7 million of them are lost.  -Dave Barry

If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters  – 204 if you’re in Japan.  -Claire Cook

In Japan, mothers insist on achievement and accomplishment as a sign of love and respect. Thus to fail places children in a highly shamed situation.  -Michael Lewis

I went to the Tokyo Film Festival in Japan because I love Japanese cinema.  -Leslie Caron

I have read that, on the average, the Japanese are getting taller, but at the moment they seem to be about the same height as American junior -high -school students, only with fewer guns.  -Dave Barry

I love Mount Fuji and I think it is my love of the mountains in Japan that led me to seek other mountains around the world.  -Tamae Watanabe

One of the things I discovered in Japan was from watching sumo wrestling. At the end you can never tell who has won the fight, and who has lost, because they do not show their emotion because it could embarrass the loser. It is unbelievable. That is why I try to teach my team politeness. It is only here in England that everybody pokes their tongue out when they win.  -Arsene Wenger

In Japan, artists and fans are rather far apart from each other.  -Tite Kubo

In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a stranger.  -Kobayashi Issa

Take Germany and Japan, both defeated in the Second World War. Germany has acknowledged its monstrous crimes to a certain extent, has paid reparations and so on. Japan, in contrast, apologizes for nothing and has paid no reparations, with one exception: It pays reparations to the United States, but not to Asia.  -Noam Chomsky

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My aesthetic sense was formed at a young age by what surrounded me: the narrow residential spaces of Japan and the mental escapes from those spaces that took the forms of manga and anime.  -Takashi Murakami

I made efforts to swallow tears and to protect the species of the Japanese nation.  -Hirohito

Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death.  -Uesugi Kenshin

Art is all about doing what you shouldn’t.  -Nobuyoshi Araki

Being natural is the ultimate secret of our art.  -Toshitsugu Takamatsu

Japan should not intervene in other countries’ conflicts by using military power. And I don’t think Japan is capable of doing such things. For starters, I don’t believe our country has sufficient human resources to make that type of international contribution.  -Sadako Ogata

The neck is kind of what’s sexy in Japan, so you have to have the kimono a little bit back. It was just a whole different way of appealing to what was sexy.  -Lucy Liu

It would be really nice to have a venue stop in Japan someday. Japan would be perfect for it.  -Travis Rice

One must learn, if one is to see the beauty in Japan, to like an extraordinarily restrained and delicate loveliness  -Miriam

There’s an ancient saying in Japan, that life is like walking from one side of infinite darkness to another, on a bridge of dreams. They say that we’re all crossing the bridge of dreams together. That there’s nothing more than that. Just us, on the bridge of dreams.  -Matthew Tobin Anderson

There’s nothing in Chinese culture that is an equivalent of the geisha. It’s so different, so special to Japan.  -Zhang Ziyi

I often look ridiculous in Japan. There’s really no way to eat in Japan, particularly kaiseki in a traditional ryokan, without offending the Japanese horribly. Every gesture, every movement is just so atrociously wrong, and the more I try, the more hilarious it is.  -Anthony Bourdain

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He’d once heard a story about a monastery on the top of some mountain in Japan or somewhere. After a long trek in the cold to get there, the monks would offer to sell you a cup of coffee. You had a choice: There was a two -dollar cup  – or a two -hundred – dollar cup. When pressed to explain the difference, the monks were reported to say, ‘A hundred and ninety -eight dollars.’  -Steve Perry

But anything that you hear about Japan is nothing like what you see when you actually go over there and see it, you know, in a real situation.  -Billy Higgins

A very enjoyable meditation on the curious thing called ‘Zen’  -not the Japanese religious tradition but rather the Western clich of Zen that is embraced in advertising, self -help books, and much more. . . . Yamada, who is both a scholar of Buddhism and a student of archery, offers refreshing insight into Western stereotypes of Japan and Japanese culture, and how these are received in Japan.  -Alexander Gardner

Japan, for me, will always be my inspiration source.  -Nicola Formichetti

I actually enjoyed getting lost in Japan’s backroads, finding myself in a wasabi farm.  -Travis Rice

The method of producing comics in Japan is very hectic, but it’s also rewarding because it’s possible to do both the story and art all by yourself. In this way, it’s possibly to bring out one’s individuality. If this idea appeals to you, I call on you to try drawing your own manga.  -Akira Toriyama

One thing living in Japan did for me was to make me feel that what is left out of a work of art is as important as, if not more important than, what is put in.  -Katherine Paterson

Half of Japan still couldn’t tell the difference between crime and politics.  -Jon Courtenay Grimwood

The Japanese Prime Minister has apologized for Japan’s part in World War II. However, he still hasn’t mentioned anything about karaoke.  -David Letterman

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Some people did not like this ceremonious style. But after all when you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.  -Winston Churchill

Japan had a more radical experience of future shock than any other nation in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. They were this feudal place, locked in the past, but then they bought the whole Industrial Revolution kit from England, blew their cultural brains out with it, became the first industrialized Asian nation, tried to take over their side of the world, got nuked by the United States for their trouble, and discovered Steve McQueen! Their take on iconic menswear emerges from that matrix.  -William Gibson

The cold war is over; Japan won.  -Paul Tsongas

President Obama went to India, South Korea, then Japan. He’s going to keep travelling until he finds his birth certificate.  -David Letterman

There is no madder nation than Japan. … And that nation has the highest rate of suicide, has the highest rate of thick -lens glasses and did the most suicidal trick a few years ago. It’s the doggonedest country.  -L. Ron Hubbard

Norway, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom are among the least religious societies on earth. According to the United Nations’ Human Development Report (2005), they are also the healthiest, as indicated by life expectancy, adult literacy, per capita income, educational attainment, gender equality, homicide rate, and infant mortality. . . . Conversely, the fifty nations now ranked lowest in terms of the United Nations’ human development index are unwaveringly religious.  -Sam Harris

Japan is our rival, not our enemy. Japan is a competitor… Bashing a Toyota won’t make a better car.  -Ross Perot

For me, creation can only come out of a certain kind of unhappiness. They say in Japan, this thing like the hungry spirit  – the hungry mind  – is what gets you going forward.  -Rei Kawakubo

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I love going somewhere like Japan where you can’t understand a word of the advertising  – you just see it for its aesthetic beauty, without feeling that you’re being sold something.  -Stanley Donwood

‘Tampopo’ is a deeply odd film about Japan, ramen noodles, love and sex. It made me very hungry and desperate to travel to Japan. It started my love affair with this amazing country, its culture, its food, its cinema and made me buy my first ticket to the land of the rising sun.  -Jamie Cullum

The only reason there is a crisis about Social Security in the US and pensions in Europe and Japan is that you cannot maintain a “Ponzi” scheme indefinitely. We have collected from today’s young to pay today’s old and counted on tomorrow’s young to keep doing so. That was a fine scheme as long as the number of young people was rising faster than old people. When that ratio comes to an end, such a system also has to end.  -Milton Friedman

While our responses to the problems facing us immediately are also important, we cannot forget to carve out the future of Japan ten or one hundred years into the future. In doing so, we must not resort to superficial measures. Instead, it is imperative to engage in true reforms that ascertain the state of society we seek to achieve.  -Shinzo Abe

My favourite two festivals have always been the Big Day Out and Summersonic in Japan. The Big Day Out is a little more fun because it lasts longer. It’s like an abbreviated version of the Warped tour because you get to play with the same people every day, which is really fun.  -Gerard Way

We can’t defend Japan, a behemoth, selling us cars by the million.  -Donald Trump

Every time I go to Japan and meet Capcom it is like going to see the Umbrella Corporation. You ask them things and they won’t give you a straight answer about anything.  -Paul W. S. Anderson

Japan is the perfect example of make plans, and watch God laugh.  -Christopher Titus

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If you go to Japan for instance, you should know that they have a different way of playing Beethoven or Brahms. But if you play with them Mozart, Debussy, Mendelssohn, they have a wonderful light feeling for that.  -Kurt Masur

In Japan they prefer the realistic style. They like answers and conclusions, but my stories have none. I want to leave them wide open to every possibility. I think my readers understand that openness.  -Haruki Murakami

In Japan we have the phrase, “Shoshin,” which means “beginner’s mind.” Our “original mind” includes everything within itself. It is always rich and sufficient within itself. This does not mean a closed mind, but actually an empty mind and a ready mind. If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything. It is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.  -Shunryu Suzuki

To make the quickest progress, you don’t have to take huge leaps. You just have to take baby steps -and keep on taking them. In Japan, they call this approach kaizen, which literally translates as ‘continual improvement.’ Using kaizen, great and lasting success is achieved through small, consistent steps. It turns out that slow and steady is the best way to overcome your resistance to change.  -Marci Shimoff

Everything in Japan is hidden. Real life has an unlisted phone number. -Fran Lebowitz

The US bombed them back to traditional values – feminism does not exist in Japan. While I don’t like judging an entire culture…that does not excuse them.  -Anita Sarkeesian

It is important to remember that some of the most serious thinkers once thought that democracy was not compatible with the cultures of Germany, Italy, Japan, Latin America and Russia.  -Natan Sharansky

When I go to Japan and do shows I play for 1,000 to 1,500 people. I like a lot about Japan. Their popular culture and mass commercialization appeals to me.  -Matthew Sweet

Of all the creatures that creep, swim, or fly, Peopling the earth, the waters, and the sky, From Rome to Iceland, Paris to Japan, I really think the greatest fool is man.  -Nicolas Boileau -Despreaux

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Japan can’t get anything on the market very cheaply because it has a large, relatively highly paid workforce which you can’t fire.  -Howard Stringer

Let them bomb Japan with that nasty missile. Their missile cannot load a nuclear warhead.  -Shintaro Ishihara

I’m not a big star in Japan. I’m an actor. I have a very normal life. Four days a week, I cook at home. A star doesn’t do that.  -Ken Watanabe

Everything can draw inspiration: a vintage cloth, a book, a street -when I was in Japan, I was deeply inspired by Japanese pharmacies.  -Renzo Rosso

The greatest problem all around the world today, whether in America, Japan, China, Russia, India or anywhere else in the world, is that people are not in peace. People want peace.  -Prem Rawat

However in countries outside of Japan I think game music is still a potential growth market that has not yet developed to the extent that we are seeing in Japan.  -Nobuo Uematsu

They [ Germany, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia] will fully understand. They’re economic behemoths. They’re tremendously successful countries, but we’re subsidizing them for billions and billions of dollars.  -Donald Trump

Japan is the only country in the world to have suffered the ravages of atomic bombing. That experience left an indelible mark on the hearts of our people, making them passionately determined to renounce all wars.  -Eisaku Sato

I have a lot of bitter memories from Beijing. Hopefully, we can erase those memories and bring the gold back to Japan.  -Kohei Uchimura

The defensive perimeter [of the United States in East Asia] runs along the Aleutians to Japan and then goes to the Ryukyus.  -Dean Acheson

Our military thought that they couldn’t get to Pearl Harbor, that it was too long a journey from Japan to get there, and they proved us wrong.  -Jerry Bruckheimer

The role of Italy and of Austria has diminished as has that of France and Britain; Germany and Japan have suffered catastrophically.  -Emily Greene Balch

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I think the biggest difficulty is that when I’m here in America, there’s a necessity of using English, so I really have a great sense of really wanting to learn, but unfortunately when I head back to Japan, the necessity vanishes and so does my enthusiasm about learning.  -Chiaki Kuriyama

I guess they needed a maze in Japan, where everything’s neat and tidy. In America everybody’s already wandering around lost.  -Jonathan Lethem

Japanese is sort of a hobby of mine, and I can get around Japan with ease.  -Dick Cavett

I saw the various museum displays including scenes of torture while feeling heartfelt remorse and sorrow over the great pain and suffering inflicted on South Koreans by Japan’s colonial rule.  -Junichiro Koizumi

I used to have a silk dressing gown an uncle bought in Japan and when I came downstairs in it, my dad used to call me Davinia. There was never embarrassment about that kind of thing. My sister used to dress me up a lot. She thought I was a little doll.  -David Walliams

Although North Korea’s position differs (from Tokyo’s), Japan’s basic stance remains unchanged ? to seek sincere responses from the North Korean side to resolve the abduction and nuclear issues.  -Junichiro Koizumi

This quake, tsunami and the nuclear accident are the biggest crises for Japan [in decades] … We will continue to handle it in a state of maximum alert.  -Naoto Kan

When you mail Ichiro something from the States, you only have to use that name on the address and he gets it (in Japan). He’s that big.  -Ichiro Suzuki

I love baseball, but being here (in the United States), I’ve been able to play golf every day. I can’t play in Japan because every course has caddies, and the caddies all want autographs and don’t want to let me golf.  -Ichiro Suzuki

So such an American troops presence in Korea in the South and Japan, total some 100,000 should stay there forever, even after unification of Korean peninsula.  -Kim Dae -jung

Human reactions to robots varies by culture and changes over time. In the United States we are terrified by killer robots. In Japan people want to snuggle with killer robots.  -Daniel H. Wilson

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The only thing that can change Japan is a change in government.  -Katsuya Okada

If the European discovery had been delayed for a century or two, it is possible that the Aztec in Mexico or the Iroquois in North America would have established strong native states capable of adopting European war tactics and maintaining their independence to this day, as Japan kept her independence from China.  -Samuel Eliot Morison

A movie of mine is going to be released in Japan next year. I play a waitress who’s a really regular girl in this movie. The English title isn’t decided yet, but in Japanese it’s I’ll Get on the A Train Sometime.  -Chiaki Kuriyama

Japan is very much a TV -centered entertainment industry. So, when you talk about big stars in Japan, generally they are people who are on television. I work mostly in movies.  -Chiaki Kuriyama

Amsterdam must have more than a million people. But the only area where jazz is really profitable and successful in an economic sense is in Japan. That’s because they haven’t been exposed enough.  -Norman Granz

Geisha because when I was living in Japan, I met a fellow whose mother was a geisha, and I thought that was kind of fascinating and ended up reading about the subject just about the same time I was getting interested in writing fiction.  -Arthur Golden

China should bury head to work diligently for 10 years and then raise head to face Japan.  -Yuan Shikai

If we could muster the same determination and sense of responsibility that saves a country like Japan  – or a company like Xerox  – then investing to save women and children who are dying in the developing world would be very good business.  -Anne M. Mulcahy

The main American naval forces were shifted to the Pacific region and an American admiral made a strong declaration to the effect that if war were to break out between Japan and the United States, the Japanese navy could be sunk in a matter of weeks.  -Hideki Tojo

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Much attention has been focused on the MMR shot itself, whereas in all probability it is a combination of the three factors listed above: the increasing number of vaccines, the large amount of mercury, and the inherent danger of the triple vaccine…..The MMR vaccine is also especially suspect because laboratories in England, Ireland, and Japan have found evidence of MMR vaccine viruses in the intestinal tracts of autistic children, but not in control group, non -autistic children.  -Bernard Rimland

The Japan -U.S. alliance is an irreplaceable alliance. And I would like to further consolidate and broaden that alliance.  -Shinzo Abe

Did you know that the word ‘tsunami,’ which is now being used worldwide, is a Japanese word? This is indicative of the extent to which Japan has been subject to frequent tsunami disasters in the past.  -Junichiro Koizumi

When I race in Australia or Korea or Japan I know it will be a big change for me because Ferrari fans are worldwide.  -Fernando Alonso

It is possible for Japan to become the model of a society that does not rely on nuclear power.  -Naoto Kan

They have some pretty tough gun laws in Japan, as they do in any other civilized country in the world, and they’re not killing each other off with firearms. You have very violent films in Europe, yet it’s not causing the mayhem we see in our streets routinely here.  -Michael D. Barnes

One of the real challenges, since we’re working in so many places  – Mexico, Japan, Brazil  – is understanding variations, both in terms of culture and context.  -Richard Meier

I just think that’s the most amazing thing to be able to go to places like Japan and surf all day and then that night, play music. It’s never been one of those things that’s disrupted the flow of one and other, they’ve just enhanced one and other. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful that I found these two things that help each other out.  -Donavon Frankenreiter

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So, Japan as a country has lost its vigor, it feels very much closed in for various reasons.  -Naoto Kan

Shin [Biyajima] rides down with this big ol’ Japanese grin and giggle and I’m like what? Two years later, when I started planning the trip, I knew Shin was from the Hakuba area, and I didn’t want to come film in Japan without a Japanese rider. Shin had the time and availability, and it worked out perfect.  -Travis Rice

After the Second World War, people in Japan no longer died for their country, and even that expression was no longer used.  -Naoto Kan

Whenever I sat down to write something it was never anything I took lightly. It was something that I’d want you, somebody in Japan, and somebody [over there to hear it].  -Rakim

In fact, the Senkaku Islands are… inherent territory of Japan that is recognized in our history and also by international law.  -Naoto Kan

The direct investment of Japanese businesses to East Asian economies accelerates the reallocation of their production bases. Consequently, between Japan and the other East Asian countries, both exports and imports are growing substantially.  -Toshihiko Fukui

I think actually what I’m going to do when I’m done and take my next vacation, is I’m going to go over and start unions in Japan. I’m going to unionize Japan. Because the way they work those crews is so criminal. There’s no overtime, so they can just keep going.  -Sarah Michelle Gellar

I never had any financial support or sponsors, and so I always had to, at every level, prove myself the hard way. I was five years in Japan before I got my debut at Le Mans. And I think this is a humble way to get through as a racing driver.  -Tom Kristensen

My goal with the Canadian border is the same goal I have for Japan and Korea.  -Mike Johanns

Here’s an uplifting story. Congratulations to the Little League team from Huntington Beach, California. Yeah, they beat Japan to win the Little League World Series. That’s pretty good. See, that proves that when math and science aren’t involved, our kids can beat anybody.  -Jay Leno

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I heard the Bloc Party record Japan before it came out in the UK as they are on the V2 record label. I think it has a great vibe and has great songs. I also think the Kings of Leon are right up my street.  -Kelly Jones

In Japan, people don’t really sing about sexual content.  -Utada Hikaru

In the past, Japan through its colonial rule and aggression caused tremendous damage and suffering for the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations.  -Junichiro Koizumi

When the ambassadors of other foreign countries come to Japan to make treaties, they can be told that such and such a treaty has been made with the ambassador of the United States, and they will rest satisfied with this.  -Townsend Harris

China has become a major presence for most countries around the world but notably for its neighboring countries in Asia. So I think it is a common position for Japan and its Asian neighbors that we certainly would strive to maintain as much as possible friendly relations with China. -Naoto Kan

Right now, a majority of the debt is owed to foreign interests, Japan being the largest purchaser of government debt today, soon to be surpassed by China as the number one purchaser of our debt in this Nation.  -Ron Kind

The birds sang, the proles sang. the Party did not sing. All round the world, in London and New York, in Africa and Brazil, and in the mysterious, forbidden lands beyond the frontiers, in the streets of Paris and Berlin, in the villages of the endless Russian plain, in the bazaars of China and Japan — everywhere stood the same solid unconquerable figure, made monstrous by work and childbearing, toiling from birth to death and still singing.  -George Orwell

It was good to launch the economy in the ’50s. Japan did this; China did this; even South Korea did this. All the East Asians did this  – import substitution. I think all countries followed import substitution in the ’50s and in the ’60s, but I think by the ’70s, countries were getting out of that first phase of the strategy.  -Jairam Ramesh

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

The Daily Telegraph reported on April 9, 1937: ‘Since M. Litvinoff ousted Chicherin, no Russian has ever held a high post in the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs.’ It seems that the Daily Telegraph was unaware that Chicherin’s mother was a Jewess. The Russian Molotov, who became Foreign Minister later, has a Jewish wife, and one of his two assistants is the Jew, Lozovsky. It was the last -named who renewed the treaty with Japan in 1942, by which the Kamchatka fisheries provided the Japanese with an essential part of their food supplies.  -Arnold Leese

It seems the best approach for any venture is a combo platter  – Japan’s quality -consciousness paired with America’s willingness to experiment and (sometimes) fail. -Daniel H. Pink

I’ve been to Japan, I’ve been to China, I’ve been to Africa, I’ve been to the Middle East, I’ve been to Europe a little bit. I’ve never been to South America.  -Colin Quinn

I am busy touring all over Europe, Japan, and Australia.  -Suzi Quatro

Yeah, I’d be happy to go back to Mexico or Japan to make another film.  -Alex Cox

Japan never considers time together as time wasted. Rather, it is time invested.  -Donald Richie

Japan suffered terribly from the atomic bomb but never adopted a pose of moral superiority, implying: ‘We would never have done it!’ The Japanese know perfectly well they would have used it had they had it. They accept the idea that war is war; they give no quarter and accept none. Total war, they recognize, knows no Queensberry Rules. If you develop a devastating new weapon during a total war, you use it; you do not put it into the War Museum.  -George Mikes

The way Japan had tried to build up a modern state modelled on the West was cataclysmic.  -Kenzaburo Oe

The ambiguous orientation of Japan drove the country into the position of an invader in Asia.  -Kenzaburo Oe

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

On behalf of my native Japan, I am grateful to the culinary community and hospitality industry for working together to raise much -needed funds to aid the tsunami and earthquake victims.  -Masaharu Morimoto

During the lifetime of Japan I became very neurotic, very paranoid.  -David Sylvian

The service at the Imperial (Tokyo) is the finest I’ve encountered anywhere. There was a button next to my bed marked ROOM SERVICE  – and a maid to press it for me.  -Bob Hope

From another point of view, a new situation now seems to be arising in which Japan’s prosperity is going to be incorporated into the expanding potential power of both production and consumption in Asia at large.  -Kenzaburo Oe

Clearly, Japan is a most important market for digital consumer products.  -David Milne

We can take our Japanese clients around the world. We can take them to Brazil, Europe, anywhere. And we also take companies from around the world into Japan.  -Jamie Dimon

After the tsunami in Japan, we were open for business. In fact, I flew there 10 days after the tsunami to show our support for the Japanese people.  -Jamie Dimon

Going there [Japan] in the early 80s was quite a culture shock. I think the bombardment of Shinjuku and all that would have filtered through, which certainly informed things we later filmed.  -Stephen Mallinder

The other me, who did not mean to drown herself, went under the sea and remained there for a long time. Eventually she surfaced near Japan and people gave her gifts but she had been so long under the sea she did not recognize what they were. She is a sly one. Mostly at night we commune. Night. Harbinger of dream and nightmare and bearer of omens which defy the music of words. In the morning the fear of her going is very real and very alarming. It can make one tremble. Not that she cares. She is the muse. I am the messenger.  -Edna O’Brien

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

You don’t implement change easily in Japan unless you explain very clearly why you need to do this change, how you’re going to do this change and what’s going to be the outcome of this change. If you offset or you forget to explain one of these three steps you’re not going to do it.  -Carlos Ghosn

In Japan, the writers have made up a literary community, a circle, a society. I think 90 percent of Japan’s writers live in Tokyo. Naturally, they make a community. There are groups and customs, and so they are tied up in a way.  -Haruki Murakami

Jesus must have been a really great artist in creating enemies because he was only thirty -three when he was crucified, and there were only three years of work because he appeared at the age of thirty. Up to that time he was with the mystery schools, going around the world to Egypt, to India, and the possibility is even to Tibet and to Japan.  -Rajneesh

On December 7, 1941, an event took place that had nothing to do with me or my family and yet which had devastating consequences for all of us  – Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in a surprise attack. With that event began one of the shoddiest chapters in the tortuous history of democracy in North America.  -David Suzuki

No compromise is possible and the victory of the democracies can only be complete with the utter defeat of the war machines of Germany and Japan.  -George C. Marshall

Japan is a wonderful country, a strange mixture of ancient mystique and cyberpunk saturation. It’s a monolith of society’s achievements, yet maintains a foothold in the past, creating an amazing backdrop for tourings and natives alive. Japan captures the imagination like no other. You never feel quite so far from home as you do in Japan, yet there are no other people on the planet that make you feel as comfortable.  -Corey Taylor

What is a war criminal? Was not war itself a crime against God and humanity, and, therefore, were not all those who sanctioned, engineered, and conducted wars, war criminals? War criminals are not confined to the Axis Powers alone. Roosevelt and Churchill are no less war criminals than Hitler and Mussolini. England, America and Russia have all of them got their hands dyed more or less red  – not merely Germany and Japan.  -Mahatma Gandhi

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Al Gore wants us to clean up our factories…when China and other countries couldn’t care less. China, Japan, and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.  -Donald Trump

In Japan, I took part in a tea ceremony. You go into a small room, tea is served, and that’s it really, except that everything is done with so much ritual and ceremony that a banal daily event is transformed into a moment of communion with the universe.  -Okakura Kakuzo

I had whale tartare when I was in Japan, but I probably wouldn’t have it again.  -Sasha Cohen

I haven’t changed. If it seems I’m becoming more mainstream, doesn’t that mean instead that Japan is aligning itself with me? I haven’t changed one bit.  -Takafumi Horie

But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade?  -Alan Greenspan

America’s health care system is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, well … all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky starts we don’t live in Paraguay!  -Matt Groening

When I became a man, I put away childish things and got more elaborate and expensive childish things from France and Japan.  -P. J. O’Rourke

I hate the phrase “One thing led to another”. What kind of lazy writing is that? Isn’t it your job as a writer to tell me how that made this happen? “Adolf Hitler was rejected as a young man in his application to an art school. One thing led to anotherand the United States ended up dropping two atomic bombs on the sovereign nation of Japan”.  -Brian Regan

I was a star in Italy, Austrailia, Germany and Japan before the American stations ever paid attention at all.  -Nancy Sinatra

I loved Japan. I used to read a lot about it when I was a child. And I always wanted to go. And it was delightful. I absolutely loved it. What a smashing place.  -Billy Connolly

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People tell us the countries that we’ll have the most difficulty with are France and Japan. They say, ‘Nothing you do in the rest of the world will work for us.’ But that’s changing. The differences are narrowing.  -Joe Tripodi

With every story that TV covers, somebody  – some corporation, some shareholders  – are making money. That’s true whether covering Libya, Iraq, the tsunami in Japan, Osama bin Laden, whatever story there is. That day, the shareholders are making money off it. Every newspaper that’s sold, somebody’s making a dime.  -Nancy Grace

I had actually been on tour in Japan and I had my own world tour that I was doing. I was used to doing a show for an hour, so I was always learning choreography  -Christina Milian

In Japan, you have no idea what they are saying, and they can’t help you either. Nothing makes any sense. They’re very polite, but you feel like a joke is being played on you the entire time you’re there.  -Bill Murray

I understand that artists and critics make a big deal over the Grammys. But when I go to my shows and I’m selling out arenas in London, and when I’m in Australia and Japan, there aren’t any Grammys there. There are human beings who I’ve touched. There are human beings who are inspired by me, who I love dearly. And that’s what my career is based on.  -Nicki Minaj

I can take pot or leave it. I got busted in Japan for it. I was nine days without it and there wasn’t a hint of withdrawal, nothing.  -Paul McCartney

For sheer majestic geography and sublime scale, nothing beats Alaska and the Yukon. For culture, Japan. And for all -around affection, Australia.  -Sam Abell

The fact that you see salarymen reading manga and pornography on the trains and being unafraid, unashamed or anything, is something you wouldn’t have seen 30 years ago, with people who grew up under a different system of government. They would have been far too embarrassed to open a book of cartoons or dirty pictures on a train. But that’s what we have now in Japan. We are a country of children.  -Hideaki Anno

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

China will be the answer to Japan’s problems.  -Carlos Ghosn

Selfridges’ Christmas hot list includes faux fur animal hats by Merrimaking, currently enjoying a cult status in Japan and amongst festival goers.  -Geraldine James

Nobody likes being criticised, particularly by players who will be in Disneyland this summer on their holidays rather than the World Cup in Japan  -Phil Thompson

Between 1965 (the beginning of LBJ’s “Great Society”) and 1994, welfare spending has cost the taxpayers $5.4 trillion in constant 1993 dollars. The War on Poverty has cost us 70 % more than the total price tag for defeating both Germany and Japan in World War II, after adjusting for inflation. Many believe that Welfare has destroyed millions of families and cost a huge portion of our national wealth in the process.  -Rush Limbaugh

Japan actually is an aging population, and so as the population has aged, they have had a lot more problems with health.  -Shigeru Miyamoto

The countries who do the best in international comparisons, whether it’s Finland or Japan, Denmark or Singapore, do well because they have professional teachers who are respected, and they also have family and community which support learning.  -Howard Gardner

I myself have been on my own and utterly independent since I graduated. I haven’t belonged to any company or any system. It isn’t easy to live like this in Japan.  -Haruki Murakami

I have worked with this red all over the world  – in Japan, California, France, Britain, Australia  – a vein running round the earth. It has taught me about the flow, energy and life that connects one place with another.  -Andy Goldsworthy

It is hard to be an individual in Japan.  -Haruki Murakami

We find Japan a little more difficult to understand because it has proven its 20th century prowess though the ancient traditions still persist.  -Arthur Erickson

I’m very impressed that there are so many fans  – not just in Japan, but here in America  – that are fond of the work that I’ve done. I’m actually kind of embarrassed by it all.  -Shigeru Miyamoto

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In America, unlike England, unlike Israel, unlike Japan, other democracies, we have elections that have staggered terms.  -Barney Frank

What I worry about is not just Nissan, but Japanese manufacturers losing motivation to maintain production in Japan. The high yen is definitely a headwind.  -Carlos Ghosn

During my travels in Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and all over the United States, I have seen and heard the voices of people who want change. They want the stabilization of the economy, education and healthcare for all, renewable energy and an environmental vision with an eye on generations to come.  -Michael Franti

Listen  – God only exists in people’s minds. Especially in Japan, God’s always been kind of a flexible concept. Look at what happened after the war. Douglas MacArthur ordered the divine emperor to quit being God, and he did, making a speech saying he was just an ordinary person. So after 1946 he wasn’t God anymore. That’s what Japanese gods are like  -they can be tweaked and adjusted. Some American comping on a cheap pipe gives the order and presto change -o  -God’s no longer God. A very postmodern kind of thing. If you think God’s there, He is. If you don’t, He isn’t.  -Haruki Murakami

I really liked the food in Japan. There is something so organized, neat, and methodical about it. They put a lot of care and quality into their cooking. I also love Mediterranean, New American, and Italian food, because the cuisines borrow influences from all over the world.  -Sasha Cohen

Despite Japan’s desires and efforts, unfortunate differences in the ways that Japan, England, the United States, and China understood circumstances, together with misunderstandings of attitudes, made it impossible for the parties to agree.  -Hideki Tojo

There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make fotr the eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas… The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. -Edgar Cayce

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I wasn’t your average kid. I was signing autographs in Japan at 12.  -Shaun White

We have great cities to visit: New York and Washington, Paris and London; and further east, and older than any of these, the legendary city of Samarkand, whose crumbling palaces and mosques still welcome travelers on the Silk road. Weary of cities? Then we’ll take to the wilds. To the islands of Hawaii and the mountains of Japan, to forests where Civil War dead still lie, and stretches of sea no mariner ever crossed. They all have their poetry: the glittering cities and the ruined, the watery wastes and the dusty; I want to show you them all. I want to show you everything.  -Clive Barker

And when you come back to Japan next summer, let’s have that date or whatever you want to call it. We can go to the zoo or the botanical garden or the aquarium, and then we’ll have the most politically correct and scrumptious omelets we can find.  -Haruki Murakami

Modern life is so thin and shallow and fake. I look forward to when developers go bankrupt, Japan gets poorer and wild grasses take over.  -Hayao Miyazaki

Pam has always been my glamorous big sister  – 13 years older than I. She played on the women’s circuit for nine years and came home to tell me stories of France, Japan.  -Tracy Austin

There was no military reason to drop atomic bombs on Japan. They were used as terrorist weapons  – killing innocent people to influence other people.  -Harry Browne

Taking on all at once Germany, Japan, and Italy  – diverse enemies all  – did not require the weeding out of all the fascists and their supporters in Mexico, Argentina, Eastern Europe, and the Arab world. Instead, those in jackboots and armbands worldwide quietly stowed all their emblems away as organized fascism died on the vine once the roots were torn out in Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo. So too will the terrorists, once their sanctuaries and capital shrivel up  – as is happening as we speak.  -Victor Davis Hanson

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I was born into a very important family in Japan. My grandfather was a descendant of the Emperor, and we were very wealthy.  -Yoko Ono

In addition to this, they already have a fuel cell car on the road in Japan. It is subsidized from within the corporation because they are still at a high cost.  -Maurice Strong

As to the war with Japan, the President had already received my memorandum in general as to the possibility of getting a substantial unconditional surrender from Japan which I had written before leaving Washington and which he had approved.  -Henry L. Stimson

I promise to protect Japan’s land and sea, and the lives of the Japanese people no matter what.  -Shinzo Abe

I have experienced failure as a politician and for that very reason, I am ready to give everything for Japan.  -Shinzo Abe

But the last time the Cubs won a National League pennant

Was the year we dropped the bomb on Japan  -Steve Goodman

Further, Japan is the second largest donor in Iraq after the United States, with over $5 billion dollars for humanitarian, infrastructure and reconstruction projects.  -Michael K. Simpson

Japan is an important ally of ours. Japan and the United States of the Western industrialized capacity, 60 percent of the GNP, two countries. That’s a statement in and of itself.  -Dan Quayle

U.K. citizens fleeing the Middle East and Japan have been allowed to take their animal companions with them on evacuation flights. The U.S. is not so civilized, and that’s a blot on our national copybook.  -Ingrid Newkirk

From the streets of Cairo and the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, from the busy political calendar to the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, social media was not only sharing the news but driving it.  -Dan Rather

Turkey, Australia, and Japan are three of my top destinations.  -Rick Riordan

You can say that I lived in Asia for a long time and in Japan I became close to several CIA agents. And you could say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in the field and, through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special works and special favors.  -Steven Seagal

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The reason was the failure of both Japan and China to understand each other and the inability of America and the European powers to sympathize, without prejudice, with the peoples of East Asia  -Hideki Tojo

I would like to hook up with one of the great Japanese filmmakers, like the master that made Ringu, and I would like to take ‘The Wicker Man’ to Japan, except this time he’s a ghost.  -Nicolas Cage

The people in Japan know more about the history of jazz and the musicians than the people in the United States do.  -Billy Higgins

The people in Japan love jazz music, man, and also in Europe, far more than they ever did here. And that always puzzled me until I went over there to really get into it for myself and find out what it is. It’s their tradition and culture, man. We’ve gotten away from that in America, man. We live in a country of complete fantasy.  -Milt Jackson

We don’t mind that we still have troops in Germany, or that we still have troops in Japan or Korea. But they are not in danger, and we know that they are in danger in Iraq.  -Thelma Drake

But I didn’t walk a single step. I stopped a lot to stretch, but I never walked. I didn’t come here to walk. I came to run. That’s the reason -the only reason -I flew all the way to the northern tip of Japan. No matter how slow I might run, I wasn’t about to walk. That was the rule.  -Haruki Murakami

The causes of the China Incident were the exclusion and insult of Japan throughout China, the exclusion of Japanese goods, the persecution of Japanese residents in China, and the illegal violation of Japanese rights  -Hideki Tojo

I play a nobody in Japan.  -Jackie Chan

I remember a great America where we made everything. There was a time when the only thing you got from Japan was a really bad cheap transistor radio that some aunt gave you for Christmas.  -Cher

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I’m flying to China and Japan  – if you think Beckham is a big name, you should see me there.  -Phil Taylor

I would point out that Japan’s proposal at the Versailles Peace Conference on the principle of racial equality was rejected by delegates such as those from Britain and the United States  -Hideki Tojo

I think that people here expect miracles. American management thinks that they can just copy from Japan  – but they don’t know what to copy!  -W. Edwards Deming

I do think there will be more Japanese companies expanding out of Japan, and there will be more cross -border flow from Japan.  -Jamie Dimon

Many of the countries outpacing the United States in the deployment of high speed Internet services, including Canada, Japan and South Korea, have successfully combined municipal systems with privately deployed networks to wire their countries, .. As a country, we cannot afford to cut off any successful strategy if we want to remain internationally competitive.  -John McCain

I think East Asian countries, I think they’re very fortunate to have Buddhism survive as a strong influence because right from the time when Buddha himself, 2,500 years ago, made the point about the importance of education, and the word “Buddha” also means enlighten[ed] or educated. So all the Buddhist countries, not only Japan and Korea and China and Hong Kong and Thailand but also even Burma and Sri Lanka, had a higher level of education.  -Amartya Sen

South Korea at the end of the Second World War had a very low level of literacy. But suddenly, like in Japan, they determined they were going in that direction. In 20 years’ time, they had transformed themselves. So when people go on saying that it’s all because of perennial culture, which you cannot change, that’s not the way the South Korean economy was viewed before the war ended. But again within 30 years, people went on saying there’s an ancient culture in Korea that has been pro -education, which is true.  -Amartya Sen

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We represent companies from around the world who say, “I want to look at Japanese companies. I want to invest in Japan.”  -Jamie Dimon

The aging and decreasing population is a serious problem in many developed countries today. In Japan’s case, these demographic changes are taking place at a more rapid pace than any other country has ever experienced.  -Toshihiko Fukui

I like America anyway. In Japan we are much more formal. If two friends are separated for a long time and they meet they bow and bow and bow. They keep bowing without exchanging a word. Here they slap each other on the back and say: Hello, old man, how goes everything.  -Sessue Hayakawa

We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? So this is what we’ve chosen to do with our life. We could be sitting in a monastery somewhere in Japan. We could be out sailing. Some of the team could be playing golf. They could be running other companies. And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it. And we think it is.  -Steve Jobs

South Korea from a country that had relatively little primary education became close to universal literacy in the course of 25, 30 years, in a way trying to replicate what Japan had done earlier. They were learning to some extent from the Japanese experience too. So I think, in a sense, the East Asians were following a path, which all other countries including South Asia could follow but chose not too.  -Amartya Sen

In a free country, America, or India, and Japan, and many places, democracy country, free country, but still within the sort of rule of law, some injustice, some sort of problems, some discrimination, and also some sort of scandals or the corruptions. These things, you see, they are always in my mind, I think many people agree, lack of moral principle.  -Dalai Lama

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In How to Be an American Housewife Margaret Dilloway creates an irresistible heroine. Shoko is stubborn, contrary, proud, a wonderful housewife and full of deeply conflicted feelings. I wanted to shake her, even as I was cheering her on, and this cunningly structured novel allowed me to do both. It also took me on two intricate journeys, from post -war Japan and the shadow of Nagasaki to contemporary California, and from motherhood to daughterhood and back again. A profound and suspenseful debut.  -Margot Livesey

When I go visit my brother monks in Japan and sit down with other Zen Masters, they look at my crazy clothes and my strange expression, but they feel the power that emanates from my dedication to the practice. So they are comfortable with me, yet they’re very uncomfortable.  -Frederick Lenz

The sense the great democracies of the world  – Europe, the United States, Japan, others  – are going to set the agenda for the world. [Russians] want to bring that down.  -Daniel Fried

When I lived in Japan in the 1980s, I once was mistaken for Paul Newman, and I didn’t have much more hair than I do now. My first reaction was that staying in Japan might be good for my social life.  -Paul Saffo

Me being from a Celtic culture that tends to emphasize directness, conflict, openness has a big effect on my living in Japan, which tends to focus on indirectness, avoidance of conflict and keeping things close to your chest. So that has led to quite a lot of cultural misunderstandings in dealing with this East Asian culture I live in.  -Sean Michael Wilson

[Donald Trump] said that he would encourage Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear arsenals to lower U.S. costs, and then has denied that he would encourage nuclear proliferation to allies (although he did say so).  -David Krieger

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If you play the same club every week of every month, it’s kind of boring. It’s great that you can play one night in Brazil and one night in Japan, one night in Europe, and see the world. It’s amazing what you see if you travel around the world.  -Tiesto

The Tokyo Dome Big Air contest (in 2003) was my first trip to Japan. I think I won it with a double back or something. Those events were fun. I was underaged, like 19 or 20, and going over to Japan in the very beginning was insane. It was amazing.  -Travis Rice

When I finally got to go ride the mountains in Japan, it blew my mind.  -Travis Rice

I was told that [Japan journalists] wanted to see my dog, Yume. You can see that she is in great shape.  -Vladimir Putin

I will not offer my thoughts on what Japan could and should have done, this is none of my business, it is the business of the Japanese leadership. But we should understand how practicable all our agreements are as a whole given the allied obligations Japan has assumed, how much independence there is in making those decision, and what we can hope for, what we can ultimately arrive at.  -Vladimir Putin

There’s an interesting book called The Fugu Plan, written by Marvin Tokayer and Mary Swartz, which describes the circumstances when European Jews came to Japan, a semi -feudal society.  -Noam Chomsky

We have the heaviest concentration of lawyers on Earth  – one for every five -hundred Americans; three times as many as are in England, four times as many as are in West Germany, twenty -one times as many as there are in Japan. We have more litigation, but I am not sure that we have more justice. No resources of talent and training in our own society, even including the medical care, is more wastefully or unfairly distributed than legal skills. Ninety percent of our lawyers serve 10 percent of our people. We are over -lawyered and under -represented.  -Jimmy Carter

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Sitting on the floor of a room in Japan, looking out on a small garden with flowers blooming and dragonflies hovering in space, I suddenly felt as if I had been too long above my boots.  -Mark Tobey

I’ll just be the first to say that Ken [Watanabe] should be a national treasure in Japan, because he is an unbelievably talented actor. You couldn’t find more of a gentleman. He’s sweet, he’s kind and he’s extremely thoughtful in the work that he does.  -Leonardo DiCaprio

One glass of water doesn’t equal another. One may just appease the thirst, the other you may enjoy thoroughly. In Japan, people know about this difference.  -Jil Sander

There are monasteries in Japan where they teach Zen with rules, more rules than you can imagine, and you might feel comfortable with that. I don’t teach that type of Zen.  -Frederick Lenz

Therefore, I do not think we should go only 60 years back but should look deeper, centuries back. Maybe this will give us [Russia and Japan] an opportunity to look at the future from a more remote perspective.  -Vladimir Putin

It is only in the last 800 years that the rules have come into being and conservative Zen has surfaced. It is not particularly popular in Japan at all. Hardly anybody practices Zen any more because it’s just too strict; there are too many rules.  -Frederick Lenz

People in Japan have experienced many tsunamis and various earthquakes throughout the ages.  -Hayao Miyazaki

Absolutely delightful, at first for its unspoiled picture of late -nineteenth -century Japan as seen through the eyes of three remarkable but very different Americans, [the missionary William Elliot Griffis [1843 -1928], the scientist Edward Sylvester Morse [1838 -1925], and the writer Lafcadio Hearn], and then for the marvelous reconstruction of how Japan worked on their minds, radically changing their perceptions of the country and the whole relationship between East and West  -between the barbarian and the civilized. The book is a tour de force.  -Edwin O. Reischauer

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

As for these 60 years, and in general more than a hundred years, we have had different periods in relations and there have been tragic pages in our history, but since 1956 when we restored diplomatic relations, regrettably, we have not had a foundation on which to build ties that would correspond to our wishes and that are currently required in bilateral cooperation with Japan.  -Vladimir Putin

All of those broken bones in northern Japan, all of those broken lives and those broken homes prompt us to remember what in calmer times we are invariably minded to forget: the most stern and chilling of mantras, which holds, quite simply, that mankind inhabits this earth subject to geological consent  – which can be withdrawn at any time.  -Simon Winchester

It is 60 years since the restoration of diplomatic relations, but relations between Japan and Russia have much deeper roots. In all, our diplomatic ties date back 150 years, more than 150 years now.  -Vladimir Putin

I remember my very first encounter with Japan. At that time, I was Deputy Mayor of St Petersburg. Out of nowhere, Japan’s Consul General in St Petersburg came to my office and said Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to invite me to Japan. I was very surprised because I had nothing to do with Japan except being a judoka. This was an opportunity to visit Tokyo and a couple of other cities. And, you know, a capital is a capital everywhere: there is the official script and certain protocol. It is always easier to talk in the provinces, the conversation is more natural.  -Vladimir Putin

The last time I was in Japan as President of Russia was 11 years ago, if memory serves. I later visited in my capacity as Prime Minister.  -Vladimir Putin

Food fighters in Japan think of themselves as athletes. They have a higher recognition of the game and are constantly thinking about records. I probably won’t continue for long because it puts pressure on the body. But I am at the age where I can perform my best.  -Takeru Kobayashi

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I have a huge interest in Japan, which is well known, including its history and culture, and so it will be very interesting for me to see and learn more about Japan.  -Vladimir Putin

[Yasuhiro] Yamashita is a respected judo master not only in Japan but across the world. To me, he is an example of an outstanding athlete and a very good man.  -Vladimir Putin

Judo has been part of Japanese culture for a long time. It makes sense to me that this sport, which is both athletic and philosophical, was created in Japan. It is based on respect for the partner and for our elders as our teachers, which is very important and makes a strong, positive contribution to human relationships, and not only in sports. I am happy that life brought me to this wonderful sport as a child. It is like my first love.  -Vladimir Putin

I like other sports, too, including skiing and swimming, and I am learning to play ice hockey now. But judo is definitely part of my life, a very big part, and I am glad that judo was the first sport I took up and that I have practiced it regularly and seriously. I am also grateful to Japan for this.  -Vladimir Putin

You know what I did this morning? I played the voice of a toy. Some terrible robot toys from Japan that changed from one thing to another. The Japanese have funded a full -length animated cartoon about the doings of these toys, which is all bad outer -space stuff. I play a planet. I menace somebody called Something -or -other. Then I’m destroyed. My plan to destroy Whoever -it -is is thwarted and I tear myself apart on the screen.  -Orson Welles

Using the Japan -U.S. alliance as a basis, it is important that we maintain and develop cooperative relations with our neighboring countries such as China, South Korea, and Russia.  -Junichiro Koizumi

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The film is ambiguous, an ambiguity that reflects on Japan today, and a world in which nothing is clear. Once I made the film [Takeshis’], I realized it was about this feeling of vague disquiet in Japan and in the rest of the world, a feeling that is gaining on us, getting less vague.  -Takeshi Kitano

We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move. … The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot.  -Henry L. Stimson

I find this in all these places I’ve been travelling  – from India to China, to Japan and Europe and to Brazil  – there is a frustration with the terms of public discourse, with a kind of absence of discussion of questions of justice and ethics and of values.  -Michael Sandel

The goal of what Japan’s central bank is doing is to create growth. If it actually creates growth, in the long run, it will lead to appreciation.  -Jamie Dimon

Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade ‘Tsunami.’  -Bill Maher

Japan will change. Let’s create a country where innovation is constantly happening, giving birth to new industries to lead the world, when I visit Silicon Valley I want to think about how we can take Silicon Valley’s ways and make them work in Japan.  -Shinzo Abe

The United States has renewed our leadership in the Asia -Pacific, prime Minister Abe is leading Japan to a new role on the world stage.  -Shinzo Abe

From 1965 to 1973, more munitions fell on Cambodia than on all of World War II Japan, including the two nuclear bombs of August 1945.  -Sophal Ear

[In the Field Museum of Natural History] we could see very simple, primitive, hand -built pottery from Babylonia and ancient Egypt and so forth, Greece. We could see the most sophisticated things that came out of the Orient  – Japan, Korea, and China  – some few pieces of European porcelain, majolica [tin glazed earthenware], and that sort of thing. But they had a marvelous collection.  -Warren MacKenzie

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I think the strangest thing probably is when I went to Japan, and I don’t know what the hell I was eating, but there was this one thing that seemed to be in a lot of soups and things there  – I always called it pond scum. It looked exactly like the green stuff that floats on top of a pond. I would say, “Oh my God, this has pond scum in it!” I would eat it, to be polite, because we were usually with Japanese people and I didn’t want to gag or spit it out or anything. And I still don’t know what it was.  -Cassandra Peterson

I’m going to quit music. Then the government of Japan asked me to write a piano concerto  – that was an offer I couldn’t refuse, so that brought me back to music again.  -Yoshiki

You have to be able to negotiate our trade deals. You have to be able to negotiate, that’s right, with Japan, with Saudi Arabia.  -Donald Trump

As far as Japan is concerned, I want to help all of our allies, but we are losing billions and billions of dollars. We cannot be the policemen of the world. We cannot protect countries all over the world.  -Donald Trump

I want to reassure our allies in Japan and South Korea and elsewhere that we have mutual defense treaties and we will honor them.  -Hillary Clinton

When Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark came out, I got to go to Japan and Australia and France, Italy, Germany, everywhere with the movie. That was great, because I love traveling.  -Cassandra Peterson

Americans are so often thrown by Japan. It looks familiar but, an inch below the surface, it isn’t anything like the West at all.  -Cathy Davidson

I like most of the places I’ve been to, but I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan, simply because I don’t really like eating fish, and I know that’s very popular out there in Africa, but the whole thing just doesn’t appeal to me.  -Britney Spears

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We’ve also started promoting in Japan, and compared to TVXQ sunbaes, we still have to secure a place. We all like TVXQ very much. We hope this time we’ll use the chance to become more intimate with the members.  -Taeyang

I’m anxious to face them (major league pitchers) all, but in reality I’m looking forward most to (Boston’s) Pedro Martinez. He was with the major league team that came to Japan in 1996, just before he became a superstar. I’m anxious to see how much he’s improved. And I’m anxious to see how much I’ve improved against him.  -Ichiro Suzuki

When I look at the records and see where my place in the history of the game (in Japan with Orix) might be, I guess you could say it was a good decision to come here. It’s not just me. Maybe I’ll have an effect on others in the international part of the game.  -Ichiro Suzuki

When the news first came that Japan had attacked us my first feeling was of relief that … a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people. This continued to be my dominant feeling in spite of the news of catastrophes which quickly developed.  -Henry L. Stimson

[ Bernard] Leach was the one who taught us that, because he, too, had started out as a painter and an etcher and had only gotten into ceramics by chance when he was in Japan trying to teach the Japanese how to do etching, which, as he said, they were not ready for yet.  -Warren MacKenzie

Each time I visit Japan, I am reminded of how Canadian I am and how little racial connection matters.  -David Suzuki

[D]rawing up ‘secret war plans’ for a possible attack on Iraq wasn’t irrational. The low -level war against Saddam was 12 years old, with no end in sight. American and British pilots were getting shot at, sanctions weren’t working, and Bush was getting warnings that Saddam had all those terrible weapons and would use them against America. Bush would have been a fool not to draw up plans. Gee, wait till the critics find out that FDR, without ever informing the media, was plotting to fight Japan and Germany before Pearl Harbor.  -John Leo

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the Japanese school year begins in spring … so mothers can send off their children as cherry blossoms fall from the branches.  -Cathy Davidson

We’re a country that owes $20 trillion. They [Japan, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia] have to help us out.  -Donald Trump

Nuclear is the single greatest threat. Just to go down the list, we defend Japan, we defend Germany, we defend South Korea, we defend Saudi Arabia, we defend countries. They do not pay us. But they should be paying us, because we are providing tremendous service and we’re losing a fortune. That’s why we’re losing  – we’re losing  – we lose on everything. I say, who makes these  – we lose on everythingDonald Trump

I lost about 60 pounds. I don’t really have a moment specifically that made me do it. I remember little things, like, when I was in Japan, I remember looking around at the portion sizes of a fast food restaurant and being like, ‘Well, this has something to do with it.’ Americans definitely eat too much.  -Patrick Stump

High -speed trains in Japan can now reach 375 mph  – twice as fast as any public transit train in the United States. America’s railroads were once the envy of the world. Today they are in disrepair and we are falling further and further behind the rest of the world. We need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, including rail. When we do that we not only make our country more productive and efficient, we create millions of new jobs.  -Bernie Sanders

The language of North Korea is always bombastic. But what has really changed is the acceleration of their nuclear program, the likelihood that they have more and more weapons, and the acceleration of the testing of ballistic missiles in very, very aggressive ways towards Japan.  -Michael Leiter

Even in Japan, I don’t think that the game culture is established. For example, my father will watch movies but games don’t appear in his life at all, I think that that’s sad.  -Nobuo Uematsu

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Games are considered to be in the sub -culture category, coming under movies, coming under manga or comics or animation, especially in Japan.  -Nobuo Uematsu

Because I don’t belong entirely to Britain or the U.S. or India or Japan, I build my foundations in some way deeper than mere passports, and more in the light of where I’m going than of “where I come from.”  -Pico Iyer

I was born in Japan and raised in Japan, but those are the only things that make me Japanese, I’ve grown up reading books from all over.  -Hideo Kojima

My list would be Russia, Morocco, Turkey, and South Africa I’m doing which is somewhere I’ve wanted to go, Australia, Japan maybe, and China, if I have the energy to go and play at all those places.  -A. R. Rahman

I didn’t even need America, I was so popular outside the country, until the prosecutin’ attorney came from Washington, and said, judge, we cannot let this man go to Japan and fight, because they are anti -American.Now, if I want to leave the country, I know how to leave. Tomorrow. Quick. Easy. If I really want to leave. That’s not the intention. The intention is to stop me from makin’ a livin’. To punish me.  -Muhammad Ali

Well I started out on guitar, so it is still the mainstay of my music. But I have recently been working very hard on my piano, and it is coming along to the point where it is taking more of the spotlight. It has been my plan to be able to make music well into my old age, and sitting down seems like a good idea. Also, I don’t have to carry the piano on the road. I haven’t been playing the banjo much of late because of the difficulties of travelling with so much gear. But maybe I’ll bring it to Japan. It adds a different color to the musical palette. -Livingston Taylor

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My total focus was on building up our military, building up our strength, building up our borders, making sure that China, Japan, Mexico, both at the border and in trade, no longer takes advantage of our country.  -Donald Trump

The worst part of what we heard Donald [trump] say has been about nuclear weapons. He has said repeatedly that he didn’t care if other nations got nuclear weapons, Japan, South Korea, even Saudi Arabia. It has been the policy of the United States, Democrats and Republicans, to do everything we could to reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  -Hillary Clinton

God will destroy America by the hands of the Muslims. God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.  -Louis Farrakhan

It was there that we really first came in contact with the work of Shoji Hamada, who was Bernard’s best friend from Japan, who had come from Japan back to England with [Bernard] Leach when Leach was establishing his pottery.  -Warren MacKenzie

Bernard [Leach] had acquired many [Shoji] Hamada works. Some of them, it was interesting  – first of all, Hamada worked in St. Ives for about four years before returning to Japan to start his own pottery. He had exhibitions in London, and if these exhibitions didn’t sell out, the galleries were instructed to send the remaining work down to the Leach Pottery, where they would go into the showroom for sale. If Bernard saw one that hadn’t sold that he really admired, then he would take it (he would buy it), and it would go into the house.  -Warren MacKenzie

The fact of the matter is that Buddhism has changed a lot. When St. Francis of Xavier arrived in Japan, he wrote back to the Vatican and made a joke. “It is unfortunate,” he said, “that the Lutherans were here before me.” By this he meant that Pure Land Buddhism was so much like Lutheranism.  -Ninian Smart

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I’m happy that my films were discovered by chance by foreign film festivals. That makes me realise more that there is a world outside Japan too. For me, it’s an occasion to meet many people and to experience directly the response of international audiences to my films. But for me as a director, my attitude towards making films hasn’t changed with the fame. I feel it’s not good to change as a person anyway  -Takashi Miike

With vinyl you had twenty -two minutes per side. CDs came along, and you had sixty, seventy, eighty minutes and people felt like they had to fill them up. They were like those Fuji apples from Japan. They look like perfect, super -gigantic versions of American apples.  -Mark Mothersbaugh

Well, there’s lots of different things going on at the moment, I’m in talks with some people from Japan to do something and I’m also talking to Hugo Boss to do a very small line, which I want to keep to just 10 -12 pieces, but what I want to do is sit with the designers for a couple of days bashing some stuff out.  -Jay Kay

I was writing a film criticism book on Sergio Corbucci, the director who did the original Django. So, I was kind of getting immersed in his world. Towards the end of the Inglourious Basterds press tour I was in Japan. Spaghetti Westerns are really popular there, so I picked up a bunch of soundtracks and spent my day off listening to all these scores. And all of a sudden the opening scene just came to me.  -Quentin Tarantino

[After Easy Rider] I couldn’t get another movie, so I lived in Mexico City for a couple of years. I lived in Paris for a couple of years. I didn’t take any photographs, and then I went to Japan and saw a Nikon used. I bought it, and I just started, like an alcoholic. I shot 300 rolls of film. That was the beginning of me starting again.  -Dennis Hopper

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There are two types of depreciation. There is one where you’re manipulating currencies. And that’s not what Japan is doing.  -Jamie Dimon

Japan, Germany, South Korea, these are very rich, powerful countries. Saudi Arabia, nothing but money. We Americans protect Saudi Arabia. Why aren’t they paying?  -Donald Trump

America cannot afford to defend Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and many other places.  -Donald Trump

I’ll be honest, I never saw myself making a ninja movie, never entertained the idea. I think ninja films can be quite cheesy unless you do them in feudal Japan.  -Scott Adkins

My father is 100% Japanese and came to the United States when he was only 18 years old. My grandmother still resides in Japan, which has allowed me to travel to the roots of my ancestors with my father.  -Apolo Ohno

Donald Trump’s idea that more nations should get nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea.  -Tim Kaine

I love chicken. I love chicken products: fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken nuggets  – whatever. And going to Japan, I would see that these chicken were smoked and then grilled and then have this amazing crispy skin.  -David Chang

People don’t think that bread is part of Asian culture or Asian food culture, but it’s quite prevalent in Northern China, and you see it throughout Japan and as you go to Taiwan.  -David Chang

America is behind Europe and Japan in terms of accepting adult ideas in animation.  -Bill Plympton

From the way of Go the beauty of Japan and the Orient had fled. Everything had become science and regulation.  -Yasunari Kawabata

We Americans have to tell Japan in a very nice way, we have to tell Germany, all of these countries, South Korea, we have to say, you have to help us out.  -Donald Trump

I don’t think anybody who is already with Donald Trump is going to be peeled off by his not knowing about NATO or why Japan does not have nuclear weapons, or things of that sort. -James Fallows

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You have your own culture and your own ways of doing things. I hope Japan continues on this path.  -Jamie Dimon

Part of [Japanese companies] growing and expanding around the world is … going to help the Japanese keep their lifestyles [despite Japan’s] demographics, as a declining population, and [to] make it more conducive to women to go to work, I think, is a plus.  -Jamie Dimon

The “third arrow” (of structural reform) is critically important. Japan has some of the best companies in the world, and if you look at their technology, their capability, it’s extraordinary.  -Jamie Dimon

Japan, Europe, [and] America probably [are] better than last year [2015], not China.  -Jamie Dimon

Just like we did in Japan, in South Korea. Just like is happening in Iraq. Laura [Bush] and I feel very strongly that if the United States were to leave.  -George W. Bush

Every country that meets Buddhism molds it into their own indigenous religion, as America will. A very clear example of this is Japan, which threw out almost all the dharma, and just kept that essence, which spoke to them.  -Tenzin Palmo

I married my Japanese wife Mayumi who I’m so happy with, she’s been so supportive. I live part time in Japan at her house, so I’ve been always very influenced by Japan. Since I guess the 70’s or so. I’ve come to appreciate so much of their culture.  -Terry Bozzio

Japan and Europe seem to have a little more cultural education and so the crowds have been a little more big and enthusiastic, and the places I’ve played seem a little more classy.  -Terry Bozzio

When I think of countries that I enjoyed visiting, that I would want to go back to, Italy would be one, Japan would be another. I’ve only been to Indonesia once or twice and it seems like such a fascinating country. I guess India certainly.  -Samuel P. Huntington

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Donald Trump believes that the world will be safer if more nations have nuclear weapons. He’s said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, Korea should get them. And when he was confronted with this and told, wait a minute, terrorists could get those, proliferation could lead to nuclear war, here’s what Donald Trump said, and I quote, go ahead, folks, enjoy yourselves.  -Tim Kaine

Another question has been raised rather widely in Europe, in Japan as well as in the United States is what, to what extent will the euro become a reserve currency.  -Robert C. Solomon

I first met Hanson over in Japan and they gave me some great advice about the fans and they seem real down to earth. They’re great.  -Meredith Brooks

Maitake mushrooms are known in Japan as “the dancing mushroom.” According to a Japanese legend, a group of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters met on a mountain trail, where they discovered a fruiting of maitake mushrooms emerging from the forest floor. Rejoicing at their discovery of this delicious mushroom, they danced to celebrate.  -Paul Stamets

America and Japan are the two leading world economies in terms of technology and innovative products. And in software, information -age technology and biotechnology the U.S. has an amazing lead.  -Bill Gates

In fact, the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people…. The Japanese people are … simply a mode of style, an exquisite fancy of art.  -Oscar Wilde

I do not think any reasonable person can doubt that in India, China and Japan, if the knowledge of birth control existed, the birthrate would fall very rapidly  -Bertrand Russell

Instead of disbursing her annual millions for these dye stuffs, England will, beyond question, at no distant day become herself the greatest coloring producing country in the world; nay, by the very strangest of revolutions she may ere long send her coal -derived blues to indigo -growing India, her tar -distilled crimson to cochineal -producing Mexico, and her fossil substitutes for quercitron and safflower to China, Japan and the other countries whence these articles are now derived.  -August Wilhelm von Hofmann

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I painted the words “GREAT ADVENTURE” in Beijing, Dallas, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Japan. What it means to me is completely different to everybody else. And that’s what I love about random words and phrases taken out of context: everyone applies their own context. If you want to apply something political or meaningful to a word I wrote on the side of the wall, then it’s up to you.  -Ben Eine

Tokyo is like the New York of Asia. Although the people there are all basically from Japan, they celebrate what they like about various cultures.  -Pharrell Williams

If we [Americans] are a strong people, a united people, why do we always have to hear how great we are? What is this self -love? Where does this come from? It got worse, because after the war we thought we’d won it. That’s the first myth. Frankly, Russia won it. The Soviet Union sacrificed far greater form than anyone else to win that war. Secondly, we had the atomic bomb. We should not have dropped it on Japan. We did as an example to the Soviets, not to defeat Japan and to save American lives. These are myths that we explode with a lot of research early on.  -Oliver Stone

I had sort of had a 21st birthday when I was 17, 18 -years -old living in Japan. I had all of that stuff sort of happen earlier for me, which happens to a lot of people. My 21st birthday was just a little boring. Not a great story.  -Sarah Wright

Chinas development is an opportunity for the international community, for Japan and for the Asia -Pacific.  -Yoshihiko Noda

Japan’s biggest problems are conservatism and cowardice.  -Tadashi Yanai

Being a die -hard Knicks fan, I remember hunting down these orange -and -blue Nikes that they only released in England. And I used to hunt for sneakers when I DJ’d in Japan. But then Nike flooded the market with a head -spinning array of color combinations and it just didn’t seem cool anymore.  -Mark Ronson

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I remember being in Japan when Destiny’s Child put out ‘Independent Women,’ and women there were saying how proud they were to have their own jobs, their own independent thinking, their own goals. It made me feel so good, and I realized that one of my responsibilities was to inspire women in a deeper way.  -Beyonce Knowles

I love Japan, and Tokyo is my favorite city.  -Barry Eisler

I was born in Japan, so for me, Uniqlo is a family brand. My granny used to wear Uniqlo. And my Italian dad wore Uniqlo. I wore Uniqlo, of course.  -Nicola Formichetti

The Japanese bureaucracy is unique. It is also very powerful, although it is now the object of so much criticism. Many of Japans brightest made it a pillar of strength and continuity.  -F. Sionil José

In Japan there is a lot of manga, but around manga there are video games, manga on cellphones, manga in card games… so people not only enjoy manga but also the products around it.  -Tite Kubo

Japan is already a leader in energy efficiency, and it has a wealth of innovative technologies. We must put this expertise to use creating a model for growth and sustainability that we can share with the world. -Yoshihiko Noda

Japan is the largest creditor country in the world, so we have made contributions to the stability of international markets and we want this IMF meeting to confirm that we will continue to contribute.  -Yoshihiko Noda

In contrast to New Orleans, there was only minimal looting after the horrendous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan  – because, when you get down to it, Japanese aren’t blacks.  -Steve Sailer

There is fear as to whether Japan, reduced to such a predicament, could ever manage to pay reparations to certain designated Allied Powers without shifting the burden upon the other Allied Powers.  -Shigeru Yoshida

Golf’s really fun in Japan because of the women caddies. … I saw one guy start out playing alone with his caddie. By the 9th hole they were engaged and when they finished on 18 they had a foursome.  -Bob Hope

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There will always be nations. The United States will last a long, long time, I believe. France and Germany and Japan, China, other nations, they’re going to exist. But they’re losing their significance and ability to deal with certain matters.  -Alan Cranston

I might have played a little bit more in Europe than I have in Japan.  -Billy Higgins

Of course, when it comes to Japanese role -playing games, in any role -playing game in Japan you’re supposed to collect a huge number of items, and magic, and you’ve got to actually combine different items together to make something really different.  -Shigeru Miyamoto

I was in Los Angeles. I saw the biggest ships you have ever seen with cars pouring off from Japan, into Los Angeles. Just pouring off these ships, and I am saying to myself, we send them beef, it’s a tiny fraction, and, by the way, they don’t even want it, they have to fight in order to take it in because they don’t even want it, and it’s very perishable, they’ll send it back, they’ll find reasons not to take it. And yet the ships, the boats, the ships are loaded up with cars, thousands of cars and they are just pouring off.  -Donald Trump

I grew up as a fifth -generation Jew in the American South, at the confluence of two great storytelling traditions. After graduating from Yale in the 1980s, I moved to Japan. For young adventure seekers like myself, the white -hot Japanese miracle held a similar appeal as Russia in 1920s or Paris in the 1950s.  -Bruce Feiler

The new fans of Japan won’t be Orientalists, but they will be anime -savvy.  -Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Girly’ products can spur Japan’s growth in this century every bit as much as, if not more than, the ‘manly’ technologies.  -Morinosuke Kawaguchi

When you look at the Asians, the Asian is very gifted in creation, creativity and inventions. If you go to Japan or any Asian country, they can turn a television into a watch. They’re very creative. And you look at the Indians, they have been very gifted in the spirituality.  -Reggie White

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In Japan people drive on the left. In China people drive on the right. In Vietnam it doesn’t matter.  -P. J. O’Rourke

I have to decide Japanese strategy  – shall we invade Japan proper or shall we bomb and blockade? That is my hardest decision to date. But I’ll make it when I have all the facts.  -Harry S. Truman

I say, isn’t that a shame [a trade with Japan], it’s so one -sided.  -Donald Trump

Look, they have taken our jobs, they have taken our money, and on top of that they have loaned the money to us and we actually pay them interest now on money. We owe China and Japan each $1.4 trillion.  -Donald Trump

If you look at Caterpillar now [in Japan] with what’s going on. [Shinzō] Abe is a great leader. Who is our chief negotiator? Essentially it is Caroline Kennedy. I mean give me a break. She doesn’t even know she’s alive. It’s Caroline Kennedy. So Caterpillar is having a hard time selling because Komatsu is under -cutting them.  -Donald Trump

Japan is doing a big number on the yen, devaluing it.  -Donald Trump

I have friends from China  – by the way I love China. I love Japan. I have people that buy my apartments, I have people that work for me from China.  -Donald Trump

Radiation doesn’t recognize borders. A meltdown in Japan or India, say, is a danger to the whole world. Wind circulates the radiation everywhere. Water quality is affected. We all eat the same fish. We use products from all over the world  – if something is contaminated, it will cause harm.  -Wladimir Klitschko

The Imperial Household, as represented by the Emperor, has been praying for the welfare of the people while nurturing harmonious relationship with them. Based on the people’s respect and adoration for the Emperor, the Japanese people have stayed united. That is the essence of Japan’s national heritage, I believe.  -Yoshiko Sakurai

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Christianity, to be effective in Japan, must change.  -Shusaku Endo

And on nearby islands, the Japanese army was eating raw fish. We felt sorry for them. We didn’t know that in America after the war, you wouldn’t be able to get into a sushi joint without a reservation. And we thought they lost.  -Bob Hope

Rock and roll is catching on all over . . . France . . . England . . . They even have it in Japan, only over there they call it judo.  -Bob Hope

Tokyo cab drivers are all ex -kamikaze pilots.  -Bob Hope

In 1977 we played America and Europe three times, and Japan  – my marriage suffered as a result. My then wife took the kids to Canada to be near her parents  -Phil Collins

I have learned that I, we, are a dollar -a -day people (which is terrible, they say, because a cow in Japan is worth $9 a day). This means that a Japanese cow would be a middle class Kenyan… a $9 -a -day cow from Japan could very well head a humanitarian NGO in Kenya. Massages are very cheap in Nairobi, so the cow would be comfortable.  -Binyavanga Wainaina

The poor Americans are so busy defending the rights of Hindus in Pakistan, Moslems in India, Jews in Palestine, Koreans in Japan, Italians in Yugoslavia and Hungarians in Czechoslovakia that they simply cannot give a thought to Negroes in the United States.  -George Mikes

I’m sure that President Johnson would never have pursued the war in Vietnam if he’d ever had a Fulbright to Japan, or say Bangkok, or had any feeling for what these people are like and why they acted the way they did. He was completely ignorant.  -J. William Fulbright

[People] are tired of being ripped off by every single country that does business with us. Whether it’s China, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam.  -Donald Trump

The principal linkages between Japan and the U.S. global economies are trade, financial markets, and commodity markets.  -Mark Zandi

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

Japan offers as much novelty perhaps as an excursion to another planet.  -Isabella Bird

In Japan, the average age of agricultural workers is 65.8. When the aging of its population is accelerating so rapidly, it will be very difficult to sustain the sector whether we liberalize trade or not.  -Naoto Kan

A handful of men working within the Zen sect of Buddhism created gardens in fifteenth -century Japan which were, and still are, far more than merely an aesthetic expression. And what is left of the earlier Mogul gardens in India suggests that their makers were acquainted with what lay behind the flowering of the Sufi movement in High Asia and so sought to add further dimensions to their garden scenes.  -Russell Page

The new century demands new partnerships for peace and security. The United Nations plays a crucial role, with allies sharing burdens America might otherwise bear alone. America needs a strong and effective U.N. I want to work with this new Congress to pay our dues and our debts. We must continue to support security and stability in Europe and Asia  – expanding NATO and defining its new missions, maintaining our alliance with Japan, with Korea, with our other Asian allies, and engaging China.  -William J. Clinton

The air they breathe, being a living element with both physical and psychical properties, carries a subtle vital energy. This in India is named by the Sanskrit word prana; in Tibet it is called sugs, in Aikido, Japan, ki, and in China, chi. By controlling its circulation throughout the body, man is able to attain spiritual enlightenment or illumination.  -Frank Waters

The President of the United States ordered me to break through the Japanese lines and proceed from Corregidor to Australia for the purpose, as I understand it, of organizing the American offensive against Japan, a primary objective of which is the relief of the Philippines. I came through and I shall return.  -Douglas MacArthur

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

Self -deception ultimately explains Japan’s plight. The Japanese have never accepted that change is in their interest  – and not merely a response to U.S. criticism.  -Paul Samuelson

India and Japan should develop a complementary relationship in information technology.  -Yoshiro Mori

We believe in fair exchange rates and Japan doesn’t practice that. They have massive U.S. dollar reserves, and they use them to intervene regularly.  -G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.

No wonder this circuit failed. It says ‘Made in Japan’.  -Doc Brown

Misgovernment is of four kinds, often in combination. They are: 1) tyranny or oppression, of which history provides so many well -known examples that they do not need citing; 2) excessive ambition, such as Athens’ attempted conquest of Sicily in the Peloponnesian War, Philip II’s of England via the Armada, Germany’s twice -attempted rule of Europe by a self -conceived master race, Japan’s bid for an empire of Asia; 3) incompetence or decadence, as in the case of the late Roman empire, the last Romanovs and the last imperial dynasty of China; and finally 4) folly or perversity. -Barbara Tuchman

At the punch -bowl’s brink, let the thirsty think, what they say in Japan: first the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man!  -Edward Rowland Sill

I followed a girl I met in Japan to Los Angeles and ended up working in a motorcycle store. I quit the job one night, went to a party in the Hollywood Hills and ended up yelling at a bunch of people. Someone saw me yelling and asked me to be in a play. The first night, there was an agent in the audience who took me on and sent me out for jobs.  -Norman Reedus

Finding a master of the dark art of ninjutsu in modern westernized Japan seems as unlikely as finding an active practitioner of the magic of Merlin in contemporary industrialized England.  -Stephen K. Hayes

So it helped me to just let go of all my tensions and feelings about that world and say ‘OK, this is for my fans in Japan. They’ll be nice and get into it and have fun.’ And it was the first record I made at my home studio.  -Matthew Sweet

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For decades, Japan has been a friend and reliable trading partner with the United States, and I anticipate that relationship will prosper.  -Jim Costa

The average taxpayer in Germany or Japan pays less for the defense of his country than the average taxpayer in America pays for the defense of Germany or Japan.  -David Bergland

In America, I get a lot of younger kids, but there’s teens and adults too, … In Europe, for some reason, I see a lot more males in the audience. In Japan, I don’t even notice any kids, partially because they’re a lot more strict about fan behavior over there.  -Avril Lavigne

The Japanese had, in fact, already sued for peace. The atomic bomb played no decisive part, from a purely military point of view, in the defeat of Japan.  -Chester W. Nimitz

Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and the rate of inflation in the past. But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade?  -Alan Greenspan

The saddest thing one meets is a nominal Christian. I had not seen it in Japan where missions is younger. The church here is a “field full of wheat and tares.  -Amy Carmichael

We aim to achieve general progress in relations between North Korea and Japan.  -Shinzo Abe

A vote for Japan is a vote for the future of rugby. We will do our best to make rugby a global sport.  -Yoshiro Mori

The weekend brought good news for our friends in the cattle industry. At long last, Japan has taken the steps needed for American beef to make its way back into the Japanese market.  -Randy Neugebauer

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For 500 years the West patented six killer applications that set it apart. The first to download them was Japan. Over the last century, one Asian country after another has downloaded these killer apps – competition, modern science, the rule of law and private property rights, modern medicine, the consumer society and the work ethic. Those six things are the secret sauce of Western civilization.  -Niall Ferguson

As a peace machine, it’s value to the world will be beyond computation. Would a declaration of war between Russia and Japan be made, if within an hour there after a swifty gliding aeroplane might take its flight from St Petersburg and drop half a ton of dynamite above the enemy’s war offices? Could any nation afford to war upon any other with such hazards in view?  -John Brisben Walker

Throughout that period, Japan had made honest efforts to keep the destruction of war from spreading and, based on the belief that all nations of the world should find their places, had followed a policy designed to restore an expeditious peace between Japan and China.  -Hideki Tojo

In the recent years there have been criticisms levelled against Japan suggesting that she should offer more military forces to the United Nations forces and thereby play a more active role in the keeping and restoration of peace in various parts of the world.  -Kenzaburo Oe

We have listened here to the delegates who have recalled the terrible human suffering, and the great material destruction of the late war in the Pacific. It is with feelings of sorrow that we recall the part played in that catastrophic human experience by the old Japan.  -Shigeru Yoshida

The desire to see Okinawa returned to Japan developed into a broad national consensus among our people.  -Eisaku Sato

We’re on the brink of a world in which the wealthiest nations, from Canada to Norway to Japan, can barely project meaningful force to their own borders while the nickel ‘n’ dime basket -cases go nuclear.  -Mark Steyn

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We spent a month in Japan last year, a week in Istanbul for the United Nations, and nearly three months in my native Nova Scotia, where my two brothers have homes; and we’ll go back there this summer.  -Robert MacNeil

The US economy, because it’s so energy wasteful, is much less efficient than either the European or Japanese economies. It takes us twice as much energy to produce a unit of GDP as it does in Europe and Japan. So, we’re fundamentally less efficient and therefore less competitive, and the sooner we begin to tighten up, the better it will be for our economy and society.  -Hazel Henderson

So that between the Cape of St. Maria and Japan we were four months and twenty -two days; at which time there were no more than six besides myself that could stand upon his feet.  -William Adams

…by serving as the dominant power in the Gulf, WE maintain a ‘stranglehold’ over the economies of other nations. This gives us extraordinary leverage in world affairs, and explains to some degree why states like Japan, Britain, France, and Germany  – states that are even more dependent on Persian Gulf oil than we are  – defer to Washington on major international issues (like Iraq) even when they disagree with us.  -Michael Klare

Especially when there are difficulties in our relations, parties and statesmen in China and Japan should look over the situation from a higher point of view and preserve the political foundation of bilateral ties.  -Wu Bangguo

In Japan itself there have all along been attempts by some to obliterate the article about renunciation of war from the Constitution and for this purpose they have taken every opportunity to make use of pressures from abroad.  -Kenzaburo Oe

In Japan, Australia, and England there is such a strong youth culture.  -Marc Newson

Yes, the European model remains superior to that of America and Japan.  -Jacques Delors

The United States trades more with the province of Ontario alone than with Japan.  -Ronald Reagan

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We’re not going to walk into the World Cup thinking, ‘Ah, you know, we beat Norway 5 -0 and we beat Japan so now we’re great and we’re untouchable’. It’s a reality check for a few guys and that’s a good thing at this time so it doesn’t happen on June 12 (when the U.S. team opens World Cup play against the Czech Republic).  -Kasey Keller

Japan has one of them crazy robot shortstops.  -Curtis Granderson

Japan is a model already to the lie that economic growth is the key to our future. If they can really show an alternative to nukes and fossil fuels, then they will be the poster boy for the renewable energy for the future.  -David Suzuki

With respect to the creation of the program, I introduced the bill in September 1945, immediately after the end of the war with Japan, in August of that year. A number of considerations, of course, entered into my decision to introduce the bill, growing from my own experience as a Rhodes scholar and the experiences our government had had with the first Word War debts, [Herbert] Hoover’s efforts in establishing the Belgian -American Education Foundation after World War I, [and] the Boxer Rebellion indemnity.  -J. William Fulbright

After my first visit to Japan, in 1960, to work on a joint model building project at Osaka University, I maintained a continuing interest in the country and the entire Far East.  -Lawrence Klein

Walking the streets of Tokyo with Hawking in his wheelchair … I felt as if I were taking a walk through Galilee with Jesus Christ [as] crowds of Japanese silently streamed after us, stretching out their hands to touch Hawking’s wheelchair. … The crowds had streamed after Einstein [on Einstein’s visit to Japan in 1922] as they streamed after Hawking seventy years later. … They showed exquisite choice in their heroes. … Somehow they understood that Einstein and Hawking were not just great scientists, but great human beings.  -Freeman Dyson

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I want to go to Egypt and Japan and open orphanages… a chain of them.  -Lindsay Lohan

The course of the line we indicated as forming our grandest terrestrial fold [along the shores of Japan] returns upon itself. It is an endless fold, an endless band, the common possession of two sciences. It is geological in origin, geographical in effect. It is the wedding ring of geology and geography, uniting them at once and for ever in indissoluble union.  -Charles Lapworth

It’s not that I’m not interested in politics, but rather, I think that the people who become politicians in Japan are not very dynamic. Honestly, I find business much more interesting than politics.  -Takafumi Horie

Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, all countries will respect America far more when I’m leading it, far more than they do under past administrations.  -Donald Trump

I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my attempt at humor regarding the tragedy in Japan. I meant no disrespect, and my thoughts are with the victims and their families.  -Gilbert Gottfried

Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them.  -Gilbert Gottfried

However, personally, I see this as not having the right to abuse this trust [among the citizens of Russia and Japan], and any decision we reach should correspond to the national interests of the Russian Federation.  -Vladimir Putin

I started my career as a singer in Japan, but left it all behind to focus on my dancing career.  -Carrie Ann Inaba

Yet our interests, the interests of the Russian Federation, include the normalisation of relations with Japan, which is not at the bottom of the agenda. The whole range of what will be proposed for a solution, the entire range of matters related to the normalisation of our relations and what that would bring after normalisation, this is the whole range of issues to be discussed and decided, and those decisions should be of a practical nature.  -Vladimir Putin

If Japan had been near to either England or France, war would have broken out long ago.  -Townsend Harris

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Our agreements on creating the conditions for preparing a peace treaty [with Japan] should be rooted in this trust. This may be achieved, for example, by large -scale economic activities that will also cover the Kuril Islands. It may be achieved by solving purely humanitarian issues, for instance, unhindered visa -free travel by former residents of the Southern Kuril Islands to where they used to live: visiting cemeteries, native places and so on.  -Vladimir Putin

At some point a few years ago Japan unilaterally stopped those talks and broke off contacts with us. It was not we who broke off contacts with Japan, it was the Japanese side that broke off contacts with us.  -Vladimir Putin

Therefore, if one were to consider that there was virtually no possibility of success through the US -Japan negotiations, the military and economic pressures would only force Japan into further crisis if time were allowed to pass in vain.  -Hideki Tojo

Since World War II, Japan has spawned enormous numbers of new religions featuring the supernatural…. In Thailand, diseases are treated with pills manufactured from pulverized sacred Scripture. Witches are today being burned in South Africa…. The worldwide TM [Transcendental Meditation] organization has an estimated valuation of $3 billion. For a fee, they promise to make you invisible, to enable you to fly.  -Carl Sagan

I received a letter just before I left office from a man. I don’t know why he chose to write it, but I’m glad he did. He wrote that you can go to live in France, but you can’t become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Italy, but you can’t become a German, an Italian. He went through Turkey, Greece, Japan and other countries. But he said anyone, from any corner of the world, can come to live in the United States and become an American.  -Ronald Reagan

You should hear the guy who dubs me in Japan. I like him the most. He has a high squeaky voice.  -James MacArthur

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Since my tour (in Japan) just finished, I started writing songs. I was inspired a lot while on the road and I have a lot to say and feel. I want to process those and write it down on paper and put my hands on the keyboard before they become the past.  -Angela Aki

I have to express sympathy from the bottom of my heart to those people who were taken as wartime comfort women. As a human being, I would like to express my sympathies, and also as prime minister of Japan I need to apologize to them.  -Shinzo Abe

Selling five million units in less than 14 months means DS is the fastest among any game machines ever launched in Japan to hit that level. To achieve this rapid growth, we were required not only to go after frequent game players, but to reel back people who had left games and to make video games enjoyable for those who had not played games at all.  -Satoru Iwata

I was in Japan, and my assistant director had worked with Kurosawa. I used quite of number of Kurosawa’s crew.  -John Boorman

And its very strange, but I think there is something very common  – not only in Celtic music  – but there is a factor or element in Celtic music that is similar in music that we find in Japan, the United States, Europe, and even China and other Asian countries.  -Nobuo Uematsu

The United States is broke — fiscally, morally, intellectually — and the Fed has incited a global currency war Japan just signed up, the Brazilians and Chinese are angry, and the German -dominated euro zone is crumbling that will soon overwhelm it. When the latest bubble pops, there will be nothing to stop the collapse. If this sounds like advice to get out of the markets and hide out in cash, it is.  -David Stockman

Japans humid and warm summer climate, as well as frequent earthquakes resulted in lightweight timber buildings raised off the ground that are resistant to earth tremors.  -Harry Seidler

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Snowboarding’s tough, because you’ve got to go to the mountains. For me, I love the skateboard season because I get to hangout at home and still be skating. I don’t have to travel to Norway or Japan or these crazy places to be snowboarding.  -Shaun White

The biggest trading partner of the United States is not West Germany or Japan, it’s right here.  -Brian Mulroney

I certainly have more enthusiasm when I’m dealing with marginalized people in Japan, and as a creative person I am part of that marginalization.  -Shinobu Yaguchi

For the version of this CD released in Japan, a translation of the English lyrics is included, but there are lots of places where meanings are lost in the process of translation.  -Utada Hikaru

The help (in Japan) is very polite. They bow so much, you don’t know which end to talk to.  -Bob Hope

We discussed the history of postwar Japan and how Japan had missed an opportunity to build a more functional democracy because of the focus on fighting communism driven in large part by the American occupation.  -Joichi Ito

And it is impossible to treat human beings as human beings if you label them, if you term them, if you give them a name as Hindus, Russians, or what you will. It is so much easier to label people, for then you can pass by and kick them, drop a bomb on India or Japan.  -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Japan has joined the sanctions against the Russian Federation. How are we going to further economic relations on a new and much higher basis, at a higher level under the sanctions regime?  -Vladimir Putin

Our foreign ministries will simply need to sort out some purely technical matters. I see no political restraints here. The same applies to economic matters. We, on our part, are ready. However, let me repeat once again, given that Japan has joined the anti -Russian sanctions, how ready is Japan and how can it do that without breaching its commitments to its allies? We do not know the answer. Only Japan itself knows the answer.  -Vladimir Putin

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So far as I can see, the atomic bomb has deadened the finest feeling that has sustained for ages. There used to be so -called laws of war, which made it tolerable. Now we know the truth. War knows no law except that of might. The atomic bomb brought an empty victory but it resulted for the time being in destroying the soul of Japan. What has happened to the soul of the destroying nation is yet too early to see.  -Mahatma Gandhi

You know, Russia today is, what, 200 million people? In land mass, it’s probably 50 times the size [of Japan], in natural resources a hundred times the size! Russia’s not doing all that badly. The public there  – not everybody  – but they have things that the West offered, [that] were only available in the West a long time ago.  -Michael Bloomberg

My recent activities have been concentrated on criticism on and actions against Japan’s and worldwide plutonium programs, since it is, as I believe, one of the greatest threats to the world.  -Jinzaburo Takagi

Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is the Survey’s opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945 and in all probability prior to 1 November 1945, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated.  -Paul Nitze

My staff was unanimous in believing that Japan was on the point of collapse and surrender.  -Douglas MacArthur

A reminder (Japan’s earthquake and tsunami) how flimsy our sophisticated modern world really is  -George Alagiah

Should hostilities once break out between Japan and the United States, it is not enough that we take Guam and the Philippines, nor even Hawaii and San Francisco. To make victory certain, we would have to march into Washington and dictate the terms of peace in the White House. I wonder if our politicians, among whom armchair arguments about war are being glibly bandied about in the name of state politics, have confidence as to the final outcome and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.  -Isoroku Yamamoto

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The Japanese, implementing a complex, long -term, and ultimately successful strategy to dominate the U S consumer -electronics market, attacked Pearl Harbor.  -Dave Barry

The Japanese are human beings like the rest of us, but they will strongly resent this insinuation.  -George Mikes

How can you have a world of today where India is not represented in the Security Council; Japan, the second contributor, is not there; the whole continent of Africa, soon to be 54 countries, don’t have a single permanent seat; and Latin America is absent? It’s not realistic.  -Kofi Annan

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States struck back. She didn’t go and bomb  – she bombed any part of Japan. She dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Those people in Hiroshima probably hadn’t even, some of them; most of them hadn’t even killed anybody.  -Malcolm X

By the way, Japan is also known to be actively engaged in manned space flights as part of the International Space Station.  -Vladimir Putin

I started a band [Big Japan] for fun. These sticks break easily, but they feel good.  -Adam Brody

I couldn’t speak Japanese very well, passport regulations were changing, I felt British and my future was in Britain. And it would also make me eligible for literary awards. But I still think I’m regarded as one of their own in Japan.  -Kazuo Ishiguro

I do not want to speak about our cooperation with Japan now. Thank God, we have had no such problems there. Nor would we want any to arise in the future. Therefore, everything needs to be pre -calculated, and we need to agree upon everything in advance.  -Vladimir Putin

I believe there are a lot of questions today that require expert analysis by various agencies: political agencies, foreign ministries, economic agencies and security agencies. We need to assess everything and understand what we can agree on and what the implications will be both for Japan and for Russia so that both the Russian people and the Japanese people come to the conclusion that these compromise solutions are acceptable and are in our countries’ interests.  -Vladimir Putin

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We believe we have no territorial problems at all. It is only Japan that believes it has territorial problems with Russia. We are ready to talk about this.  -Vladimir Putin

I noticed that democracy was broken and tried to work on fixing that in Japan. Then I realized that it was broken all over the place and decided to work on that too.  -Joichi Ito

The Prime Minister [Shinzō Abe] proposed advancing to a new level of economic engagement, putting forward eight lines of cooperation in the most important and interesting areas both for Russia and for Japan.  -Vladimir Putin

Japan lives with drastic segregation between the sublime, the ugly, and the utterly without qualities. Dominance of the last 2 categories makes mere presence of the first stunning: when beauty ‘happens’, it is absolutely surprising.  -Rem Koolhaas

Japan’s experience suggests the importance of assessing the sustainability of price stability over a fairly long period, which many central banks have emphasized in recent years.  -Toshihiko Fukui

I received from my experience in Japan an incredible sense of respect for the art of creating, not just the creative product. We’re all about the product. To me, the process was also an incredibly important aspect of the total form.  -Julie Taymor

Well, that’s the old story I heard about the Jackie Chan films. That, like, Jackie Chan will just keep going and when crew members drop he just replaces them. I don’t know if that’s true but after having worked in Japan I believe it might be true.  -Sarah Michelle Gellar

Miyazaki’s films in Japan are bigger than Titanic. He’s an incredible rock star there. In the US, they don’t do as well.  -Henry Selick

Back in 1956, we signed a treaty and surprisingly it was ratified both by the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and the Japanese Parliament. But then Japan refused to implement it and after that the Soviet Union also, so to say, nullified all the agreements reached within the framework of the treaty.  -Vladimir Putin

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We do not trade territories although concluding a peace treaty with Japan is certainly a key issue and we would like to find a solution to this problem together with our Japanese friends.  -Vladimir Putin

And then the industry itself was so cocky about what they were doing that they weren’t seeing what was coming on the horizon with Japan and Germany and other places that were building smaller cars.  -David Maraniss

The world is very disparate, in terms of the US using the most energy per person, and then the other rich countries  – Europe, Japan, New Zealand  – using about half of what we do, and then the world average being about a fifth of what we use, with China just now surpassing the world average.  -Bill Gates

North Korea has nukes. Japan has a problem with that. I mean, they have a big problem with that. Maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from North Korea.  -Donald Trump

So he [Shoko Asahara] was insane but managed to convince a couple thousand people that he was enlightened. Western culture, which Japan is now definitely a part of, doesn’t have an understanding of what Enlightenment is.  -Brad Warner

English is not the primary language for universities in China, Korea, and Japan, but they are being evaluated on the basis of publications in English and courses taught in English.  -Henry Rosovsky

I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent.  -Donald Trump

If a movie is nominated for, say, an Academy award, that movie will instantly become popular in Japan. There’s always been a bit of a complex the Japanese have about being taken seriously in the West.  -Hirokazu Koreeda

Using virtual world, a scientist in Japan can conduct an experiment using a special facility in California, watching the entire thing via a live stream  – and possibly controlling the experimental equipment remotely. We can use that same kind of technology to control a robot on Mars.  -Annalee Newitz

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Many years ago, we were only able to build boxes. Today, architects from all over the world are working with us  – Zaha Hadid from London, Gerkan, Marg and Partner from Hamburg, Kengo Kuma from Japan. We brought design and digitalization from abroad to China.  -Zhang Xin

There seems also to be a tremendous risk to indigenous cultures if we insist that all scholarship be conducted in English. We are, for example, dealing with ancient and very highly -developed cultures in Korea, Japan, China and the Middle East. What is the impact on cultural and scholarly vitality forcing everyone to do their work in English? I do not have an answer, but this issue has been very much on my mind.  -Henry Rosovsky

Well, Japanese fans braced me since 1991 that was my first time I have been to Japan. So I know that Japanese fans has supported me over the years. So it just a lot of love and Wayne Wonder will release more music, more music and more music!  -Wayne Wonder

But then foreign critics right away made sweeping comparisons to haiku, noh theater, and directors like Ozu, as if the movie were somehow representative of Japan  – which was, well, not what I was after. Similarly, with After Life, I deliberately set out to make a movie that was unlike what I imagined the foreign conception of Japan to be, and I figured non -Japanese wouldn’t find it interesting at all.  -Hirokazu Koreeda

When I went to a school in Japan, they told me that both the teachers and students perform cleaning tasks here to keep the schools clean. I wondered why can’t we do it in India.  -Narendra Modi

I’m thinking of people in rural Japan and China, where McDonald’s hasn’t yet arrived. These are the thinnest, healthiest, longest -lived people with the least risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  -Neal Barnard

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California Marijuana farmers are worried that radiation from Japan could affect their crops. Or maybe for some strange reason they’re just being paranoid.  -Conan O’Brien

I celebrated my 18th birthday in Japan, which was quite memorable; I was quite fascinated by the different traditions and the culture; it was so completely different to Australian culture.  -Miranda Kerr

Japan and South Korea are on high alert after North Korea successfully launched a long -range rocket. Both countries are surprised by North Korea’s successful launch, but definitely not as surprised as North Korea.  -Jimmy Fallon

Japan became an imperialist country in many ways, but that was much later, after it had already made big progress. I don’t think Japan’s wealth was based on exploiting China. Japan’s wealth was based on its expansion in international trade.  -Amartya Sen

We used to be a serious country. When we got attacked at Pearl Harbor, we took on Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. We beat all three in less than four years. We’re about to enter the seventh year of this phony war against … [terrorist groups], and we’re losing.  -Newt Gingrich

When you’re a kid and you’re in a classroom, anybody would die to be hanging out in London or having their sixteenth birthday in Japan.  -Zac Farro

Because of all the cosmetic services like skin whitening and hair bleaching, there is a lot that people can do to change their appearance without having actual surgery. It’s quite common in Thailand and Korea and Japan.  -Jess Row

One of the more problematic aspects of the current state of cinema in Japan is that the movies playing in the theaters are by and large made not by film studios but by broadcasting companies. They’re either extensions of popular television dramas or adaptations of manga or anime. Younger Japanese are simply not being exposed to good films. That situation needs to change.  -Hirokazu Koreeda

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We are on the verge of losing the traditional idea of the family, especially in Japan, where the declining birth rate shows no signs of stopping. This is precisely why I think we should consider with a sense of urgency what the new image of “family” should be like, and not fall into the nostalgism that days gone by were just better.  -Mamoru Hosoda

There may be countries [where] there’s no gender inequality in schooling, even in higher education, but [where there is] gender inequality in high business. Japan is a very good example of that. You might find cases in the United States where at one level women’s equality has progressed tremendously. You don’t have the kind of problem of higher women’s mortality as you see in South Asia, North Africa, and East Asia, China, too, and yet for American women there are some fields in which equality hasn’t yet come.  -Amartya Sen

Next year [2017], we are going to hold a series of events there that we would like to call Russian Seasons [in Japan]. Over 40 different activities  – and what is more, in different cities.  -Vladimir Putin

It’s a lesser -known story, but the Japanese government (after the Russian -Nazi pact, which split Poland) did allow Polish Jews to come to Japan, with the expectation that they would then be sent to the United States. But they weren’t accepted, so they stayed in Japan.  -Noam Chomsky

If we do it, if we work to achieve all this [cultural exchange with Japan], we can and should talk about joint efforts toward ensuring international security, and not only in the Far East.  -Vladimir Putin

I would like to say, you know, that, unfortunately, we have many unresolved problems. But a great number of people in Russia know Japan and love Japan, and I am sure that eventually we will resolve all our problems.  -Vladimir Putin

Irrespective of when this may happen, it would not be an exaggeration to say that today millions of people living in Russia and, I am sure, millions of people living in Japan have an urge to get to know each other, cooperate and exchange useful information, as well as a sincere desire that all problems that still remain unresolved be resolved.  -Vladimir Putin

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Every big company has some little guy who is an enthusiast off in the corner working on technology. In Japan, it is integrated into their high -level strategy. They see it as a communication medium, because for them, just the words   –  and this is the problem that they have with Americans   –  just the words they say to you is not the complete message. Their facial expressions, their body language, there is a lot of context. Also, their written language doesn’t translate to keyboards well.  -Howard Rheingold

I’ve been to Japan so many times, but I still constantly stumble across things that are so foreign to me.  -Travis Rice

In Japan, their written language doesn’t translate to keyboards well. So they have problem communicating with computers, so they really feel that what’s missing from telephones and computer interfaces is this ability to move around in three -space.  -Howard Rheingold

I knew I wanted to shoot in Japan early on. Years ago, we did a Japan segment in “The Community Project,” and at the time I felt it was one of the better Japan segments ever captured.  -Travis Rice

There are also other areas. For example, culture. This is extremely important. We keep revisiting sport, judo, because I practice it, but other than that, there is also culture. Every year events that are in some way or other related to Russia take place in Japan.  -Vladimir Putin

Global central banks are working hard to lift their economies through an aggressively easy monetary policy. The ECB [European Central Bank] and BOJ [Bank of Japan] are buying tens of billions of bonds and other financial securities each month in an effort to stimulate their economies, which is pushing down rates everywhere, including in the U.S.  -Mark Zandi

We are natural partners [with Japan] in the world and the Far East, but the absence of a peace treaty does not allow us to develop the full range of our relations. Therefore, we will naturally strive to sign this treaty.  -Vladimir Putin

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The Prime Minister [Shindzo Abe] and I will negotiate proceeding from our national interests: the interests of Russia and the interests of Japan. We should find a compromise.  -Vladimir Putin

I believe it is no secret that I like Japan very much  – Japanese culture, sport, including judo, but it will not offend anyone if I say that I like Russia even more.  -Vladimir Putin

Of course, we will work towards that end. Of course, we will work to achieve this result. However, you have just mentioned the 1956 agreement, and one may recall that these negotiations were later terminated, in effect, on Japan’s initiative.  -Vladimir Putin

In 2000 the then Prime Minister of Japan [Yoshirō Mori] asked me to return to this process, this conversation, these talks, and to do so, incidentally, on the basis of the 1956 declaration. I agreed. Since then we have conducted dialogue in this regard but I cannot say that our Japanese partners and friends have remained within the limits of the 1956 declaration.  -Vladimir Putin

Japan announced that it would not comply with this declaration [ 1956]. Later on, the Soviet Union also declared that the declaration could not be fulfilled unilaterally, by the USSR alone.  -Vladimir Putin

You recalled the 1956 declaration, and this declaration established the rules that should be followed by both sides and that should be put into the foundation of a peace treaty. If you carefully read the text of this document, you will see that the declaration will take effect after we sign a peace treaty and the two islands [Kunashir and Shikotan] are transferred to Japan. It does not say on what terms they should be transferred and what side will exercise sovereignty over them.  -Vladimir Putin

The absence of a peace treaty [with Japan] is an anachronism we inherited from the past and it must be removed. However, how to do this is a complicated issue.  -Vladimir Putin

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We want full -scale normalisation of relations [with Japan].  -Vladimir Putin

There is always a chance [for negotiations with Japan], or else it makes no sense to talk. How great is it? Right now, it is difficult for me to say, because this will depend, among other things, on the flexibility of our partners.  -Vladimir Putin

All of Japan once a year will get up on their rooftops, because that’s the night that the shepherd boy from one side of the Milky Way gets to meet the weaver girl on the other side of the Milky Way. They all get up on their roofs and watch that night. So they long for 365 days and then on the 365th night, they see the result of that longing.  -Robert Bly

[My muse] feels nostalgic for Japan, and, perhaps strangely, for the pioneer days of America.  -Quentin S. Crisp

When I was first writing about Japan, it was at the peak of the Bubble. Bubble popped, but they kept on going. Japanese street style feeds American iconics back into America in somewhat the way English rock once fed American blues back into America.  -William Gibson

In case Japan ventures to attack the Mongolian People’s Republic, seeking to destroy its independence, we will have to assist the Mongolian People’s Republic.  -Joseph Stalin

The bond between America and Japan and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very deep.  -Donald Trump

I was a Air Force kid. I got out of high school and I decided to join the military. I traveled and I was international before I got home. I did my thing in Japan, and I did it on big stages.  -Donnis

Jamaica is one of the most musically influential nations in the world. Throughout the entire globe, there are pockets that are constantly in touch with what goes on in the dancehall community, from Germany to Japan, to different parts of Africa like Ghana.  -Kreesha Turner

We have been teaching together [with Kaz] now for more than twenty years in sesshins, in international travel programs in Japan and China, as well as intensives on Buddhism that focus on the work of Zen Master Dogen and Ryokan, as well as on many of the Mahayana sutras.  -Joan Halifax

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However, there is a fundamental difference between the issue related to Japan’s history and our negotiations with China. What is it all about? The Japanese issue resulted from World War II and is stipulated in the international instruments on the outcomes of World War II, while our discussions on border issues with our Chinese counterparts have nothing to do with World War II or any other military conflicts. This is the first, or rather, I should say, the second point.  -Vladimir Putin

Notably, it was only possible [ negotiating on the Tarabarov Island], and this is very important, due to the high level of trust Russia and China reached in their relations by that time. If we reach the same level of trust with Japan, we might be able to reach certain compromises.  -Vladimir Putin

It is important that both Japan and the United States continue to invest very heavily in the alliance to build up our defense.  -Donald Trump

In my opinion, there are two focal points of the war danger. The first focal point is the Far East zone of Japan. The second focal point in the zone is Germany.  -Joseph Stalin

It is difficult to say which is more menacing. But both of [points of war danger  -Japan and Germany] exist and both are smoldering. In comparison with these two principal focal points

of the war danger, the Italo -Ethiopian war represents an episode.  -Joseph Stalin

America has hundreds of billions of dollars of losses on a yearly basis  – hundreds of billions with China on trade and trade imbalance, with Japan, with Mexico, with just about everybody. We don’t make good deals anymore.  -Donald Trump

We started out making a film [ The Fourth Phase] about the incredible snow we get at home in Wyoming, the journey soon macroed out into this epic 16,000 mile trip around the North Pacific, taking us to locations in Japan, Alaska, the Kamchatka Peninsula in far -eastern Russia, and back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  -Travis Rice

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I want Japan to think and say that we are better off for JPMorgan having been here through thick and thin.  -Jamie Dimon

We haven’t had a world war in a long time. We do have mass movements of people out of Syria and North Africa. But, fundamentally, if you take Japan, you’re complaining that the economy isn’t booming, they’d like to have slightly higher inflation.  -Michael Bloomberg

I’m sure that growing up in the Midwest played a role in my chronic escapism. In fact, before I lived in France, I lived in Japan, England, and Bulgaria. I was determined to experience other places and cultures, particularly because I had the perception that I’d been cut off from these experiences as a child.  -Danielle Trussoni

One [paradox] is that pornography follows in that wake of women’s liberation. The first instances of hard -core pornography were in late 18th -century in France, “the Golden Age of Women.” The next wave in the 20th century comes from Sweden, one of the first countries where women voted. Then Germany, again, at the forefront of progress. Then America in the ’80s, when women were closing the pay gap. And Japan, same thing.  -Stephen Marche

We’ve had great conversations with the United Kingdom and meetings, Israel, Mexico, Japan, China and Canada, really, really productive conversations.  -Donald Trump

Japan used to beat China routinely in wars. You know that, right? Japan used to beat China, they routinely beat China. Why are we defending? You know the pact we have with Japan is interesting. Because if somebody attacks us, Japan does not have to help.If somebody attacks Japan, we have to help Japan. -Donald Trump

If America could get along with Russia  – and by the way, China and Japan and everyone. If we could get along, it would be a positive thing, not a negative thing.  -Donald Trump

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I love playing in Japan! It’s always like being in the ancient past and the future at the same time. And the fans sing along to every word.  -Lisa Loeb

It has nothing to do with any kind of exchange or sale [of Kuril island to Japan]. It is about the search for a solution when neither party would be at a disadvantage, when neither party would perceive itself as conquered or defeated.  -Vladimir Putin

If I write in my name to the agents of England and France residing in Asia and inform them that Japan is ready to make a commercial treaty with their countries, the number of steamers will be reduced from fifty to two or three.  -Townsend Harris

In Japan, usually, once you become prime minister, you do not have a second chance. Probably the reason why that was not the case this time is because Japan is facing an increasingly challenging situation.  -Shinzo Abe

In a world that is deepening its mutual interdependence, inward -focused thinking is no longer able to safeguard the peace of Japan. We will fully defend the lives and assets of our nationals as well as our territory, territorial waters, and territorial airspace in a resolute manner.  -Shinzo Abe

The enemy of our games was always Japan, and the courses were so thorough that after the start of World War II, nothing that happened in the Pacific was strange or unexpected.  -Chester W. Nimitz

Imperialism and slavery are no white male monopoly, but are everywhere from Egypt, Assyria, and Persia to India, China and Japan.  -Camille Paglia

Whatever doubts or vexations one has in Japan, it is only necessary to ask one’s self: “Well, who are the best people to live with?  -Lafcadio Hearn

We’re at war with Japan. We were attacked by Japan. Do you want to kill Japanese, or would you rather have Americans killed?  -Curtis LeMay

I was in Japan a couple of months ago, I saw a preview for the movie Pearl Harbor. And they showed the Japanese airplanes coming in to bomb Pearl Harbor, and I applauded. Nobody else in the theater applauded.  -Bobby Fischer

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Amenities are not of great concern to management in Japan.  -Akio Morita

As the largest and most developed democracies of Asia (India and Japan), we have a mutual stake in each other’s progress and prosperity.  -Manmohan Singh

I fear I shall never be…good for anything in this world, but composing airs, building towers, forming gardens, collecting old Japan, and writing a journey to China or the Moon.  -William Thomas Beckford

The Japanese army is now prepared to use every means within its power to subdue its opponents. The objectives of the Japanese Expeditionary Forces are, as clearly set forth in statements issued by the Japanese Government, not only to protect the vested interests of Japan and the lives and property of the Japanese residents in the affected area, but also to scourge the Chinese Government and army who have een pursuing anti -foreign and anti -Japanese policies in collaboration with Communist influences.  -Iwane Matsui

It has been believed for a long time in Japan that things such as the constitution can never be changed. I say we should change our constitution now. The U.S. has amended its constitution six times, but Japan has done it zero times.  -Shinzo Abe

The buddha -dharma does not invite us to dabble in abstract notions. Rather, the task it presents us with is to attend to what we actually experience, right in this moment. You don’t have to look “over there.” You don’t have to figure anything out. You don’t have to acquire anything. And you don’t have to run off to Tibet, or Japan, or anywhere else. You wake up right here. In fact, you can only wake up right here. So you don’t have to do the long search, the frantic chase, the painful quest. You’re already right where you need to be.  -Steve Hagen

China is now expected to surpass Japan as the 2nd richest country in the world. They could become the richest, but that’s only if we pay them the money we owe them, and that’s not going to happen.  -Jay Leno

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We were sent to this country by the President, who desires to promote the welfare of Japan, and are quite different from the ambassadors of other countries.  -Townsend Harris

Living in Europe, I was surprised to find out just how little everyone knows about Japan.  -Hidetoshi Nakata

I’ve realized the extraordinary power of sports to heal, unite and inspire. I believe the Olympics will serve as the ultimate platform to provide positive changes and I hope to inspire all of Japan through my strong showing there.  -Kohei Uchimura

To be a superstar is incredible pressure. And also in our country, I’m going to speak about this, America. We have a way of kind of making it hard on our superstars. I don’t sense it when I go to Europe or I go to Japan.  -Narada Michael Walden

In our victory over Japan, airpower was unquestionably decisive. That the planned invasion of the Japanese Home islands was unnecessary is clear evidence that airpower has evolved into a force in war co -equal with land and sea power, decisive in its own right and worthy of the faith of its prophets.  -Carl Andrew Spaatz

We have new developing ties with Japan whom always supports our democratic process and economic development.  -Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ours is the most wasteful nation on Earth. We waste more energy than we import. With about the same standard of living, we use twice as much energy per person as do other countries like Germany, Japan, and Sweden.  -Jimmy Carter

I’ve been to Japan but I’ve never been to China, I’d love to go to China. I don’t know, I like to go to places that are remote. So, I think I’d like to do that more. And just sort of also explore not having a structured work life someday, to have more free time to sort of see what happens.  -Ben Stiller

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I would say that the single most important conclusion I reached, after traveling through Japan, as well as countless hours reading, studying, and analyzing this fascinating culture, is that you should always tighten the cap on the shampoo bottle before you put it in your suitcase.  -Dave Barry

I would like to inform you with great satisfaction of a new step forward on establishing partnership between Russia and Japan  -Vladimir Putin

The Japanese have become so smitten with the Western condiment  – its texture as silky as a kimono, its tang as understated as the tang of Zen  – that today they have a word for mayonnaise junkie: mayora.  -Tom Robbins

I believe that the civilization India evolved is not to be beaten in the world. Nothing can equal the seeds sown by our ancestors, Rome went, Greece shared the same fate; the might of the Pharaohs was broken; Japan has become Westernized; of China nothing can be said; but India is still, somehow or other, sound at the foundation.  -Mahatma Gandhi

In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible. Things like the continuance of British rule in India, the Russian purges and deportations, the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan, can indeed be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to face, and which do not square with the professed aims of the political parties. Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question -begging and sheer cloudy vagueness.  -George Orwell

We’re not necessarily the ski boat, we’re the skier. There are countries like Japan and Korea and others who are the ski boat at this point, but we’re getting pulled right behind them.  -Steve Largent

I don’t really think that audiences are that much different. I think that a fan is the same whether you are from here or from Japan  – you come to a show because you like the music. I don’t really see much of a difference anywhere.  -Jason Aldean

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Starbucks being an extension of peoples home and work. The sense of community, human connection. That appears to be as relevant in Turkey, China, Japan and Spain as it is here in America. And Starbucks I think is creating something for people all over the world that has not existed before.  -Howard Schultz

According to our belief, Japan was founded by the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami, who is revered by the entire nation for her all -pervading virtue, and from whom our Imperial House is descended.  -Sadao Araki

Frivolous thinking is due to foreign thought. Japan must no longer let the impudence of the white peoples go unpunished. It is the duty of Japan to fulfill her natural destiny, to cause China to respect the Japanese, to expel Chinese influence from Manchuria, and to follow the way of imperial destiny.  -Sadao Araki

Let the League of Nations say whatever it pleases, let America offer whatever interference, let China decry Japan’s action at the top of her voice, but Japan must adhere to her course unswervingly.  -Sadao Araki

It is Japan’s mission to be supreme in Asia, the South Seas and eventually the four corners of the world.  -Sadao Araki

While political and cultural factors are important as explanations for differences in national technology policy and industrial practices, emergent trends in science, engineering and management are leading to new paradigms for high -technology innovation in both Japan and the United States.  -Lewis M. Branscomb

The American oligarchy increasingly has less in common with the American people than it does with the equivalent oligarchies in Germany or Mexico or Japan.  -Lewis H. Lapham

I always enjoy working with an international crew and director. But on the set of a Hollywood action film  – now that’s a whole other world. The sheer grand scale of the way things are done over there makes me envious; it’s just so different from the way things are done in Japan.  -Tadanobu Asano

Basically, people in other countries don’t want to have to work quite as flat -out as they do in Japan.  -Tadanobu Asano

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They say that Japan’s rigorous building codes and regulations saved thousands of lives over there. Or, as Republicans here saw it, it ‘fostered a socialist, anti -business environment that’s worse than being dead.’  -Bill Maher

The war will continue a long time. Chiang Kai -shek may attempt to continue hostilities throughout his ifetime and as long as Chiang continues, Japan must continue.  -Seishiro Itagaki

The conflict between Japan and Chiang is little affected by the fall of the Wuhan cities and Sino -Japanese hostilities have just started.  -Seishiro Itagaki

Follow the road behind the Emperor. We must build the world for Japan’s sake, heaven ordered Japan to achieve this great mission.  -Kingoro Hashimoto

The perks of working in Japan are that you might go for two weeks every three or four months, so you do work an abbreviated schedule. But you really make up for the abbreviated schedule by how hard you have to fight, how much you’ve got to be in shape.  -Owen Hart

I really am a recluse. I just enjoy watching the wind blow through the trees. In America someone who sits around and does that is at the bottom of the ladder, but in Japan, say, someone who goes up into the mountains is accorded great respect. I guess I am somewhere in between. I enjoy reclusion: it clears my mind.  -Robert M. Pirsig

In reality, at the end of World War II, America imposed democracy at the point of a bayonet on Japan and Germany, and it has proved a resounding success in both countries. The problem with liberals is that they never give bayonets a chance.  -Dinesh D’Souza

Japanese food is very pretty and undoubtedly a suitable cuisine in Japan, which is largely populated by people of below average size. Hostesses hell -bent on serving such food to occidentals would be well advised to supplement it with something more substantial and to keep in mind that almost everybody likes french fries.  -Fran Lebowitz

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The tough -minded … respect difference. Their goal is a world made safe for differences, where the United States may be American to the hilt without threatening the peace of the world, and France may be France, and Japan may be Japan on the same conditions.  -Ruth Benedict

He thus reaps the full fruits which result from his toil and labors with the incentive of free enterprise to maximize his effort to achieve increasing production. Representing over a half of Japan’s total population, the agriculture workers have become an invincible barrier against the advance of socialistic ideas which would relegate all to the indignity of state servitude.  -Douglas MacArthur

Japan redefined world power. They showed you could become a world power without having a military.  -Patricia Schroeder

It is the love of ordinary people, in Burma, in Japan or anywhere else in the world, for justice and peace and freedom that is our surest defense against the forces of unreason and extremism.  -Aung San Suu Kyi

Of all the animals which fly in the air, walk on the land, or swim in the sea, from Paris to Peru, from Japan to Rome, the most foolish animal in my opinion is man.  -Nicolas Boileau -Despreaux

The ongoing dispute over the relocation of U.S. Marines on Okinawa should be quickly settled. This isn’t just an issue for the U.S. and Japan. It has regional implications.  -Ed Royce

Members of the Rae Chorze -Fwaz order trace their origins back through Tibet, Japan, China, India, and ancient Egypt to the place the order was founded, the lost continent of Atlantis.  -Frederick Lenz

Whatever happens in the country, whatever warfare harasses our land, we will never relinquish our hold on Western learning. As long as this school of ours stands, Japan remains a civilized nation of the world.  -Fukuzawa Yukichi

I really love traveling to Japan.  -Christina Aguilera

Well, in Japan, I have got a group of musicians that I have worked with a lot, that concentrate just on the hardcore stuff, say, that Naked City has been working on. We have like a repertoire of sixty songs now.  -John Zorn

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A people that has licked a more formidable enemy than Germany or Japan, primitive North America . . . a country whose national motto has been “root, hog, or die.”  -D. W Brogan

My Christmas present to myself each year is to see how much air travel can open up the world and take me to places as far from sheltered California and Japan as possible.  -Pico Iyer

Everything is going killer. It’s loud and dirty and everything that people expect from DOPE . This situation is nothing new for any of us and so far it’s been pretty effortless. We are all crazy excited to get back to Japan and party our asses off, not to mention that we can’t wait to kick some Japanese ass on Halloween.  -Brian Ebejer

European investment in Texas alone exceeds all U.S. investment in China and Japan put together.  -John Bruton

Today osteoporosis affects more than 75 million people in the United States, Europe and Japan and causes more than 2.3 million fractures in the USA and Europe alone.  -Gro Harlem Brundtland

If Facebook were a country, it would be the 8th most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan.  -Mark Zuckerberg

Japan will not abandon the fight for the Philippines even if Tokyo should be reduced to ashes!  -Iwane Matsui

For some reason, I grew up generally believing that Japan and Korea were quite friendly. I do know that there is some bad history and the extremists on both sides are unreasonable.  -Joichi Ito

Well actually, we are working on the live album from the shows in Japan. I’m trying to get that finished.  -Bootsy Collins

Japan continues to work closely with the United States on the issue of the North Korean nuclear crisis and has played an important and constructive role in the Six -Party talks.  -Michael K. Simpson

I’d heard a lot of Asian people were rooting for me, but I had no idea. I was stunned. They were… impassioned, especially compared to Japan. I couldn’t even have anticipated that kind of welcome  -Ayumi Hamasaki

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Space is about 100 kilometers away. That’s far away—I wouldn’t want to climb a ladder to get there—but it isn’t that far away. If you’re in Sacramento, Seattle, Canberra, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Phnom Penh, Cairo, Beijing, central Japan, central Sri Lanka, or Portland, space is closer than the sea.  -Randall Munroe

When I grew up, in Taiwan, the Korean War was seen as a good war, where America protected Asia. It was sort of an extension of World War II. And it was, of course, the peak of the Cold War. People in Taiwan were generally proAmerican. The Korean War made Japan. And then the Vietnam War made Taiwan. There is some truth to that.  -Ang Lee

In Japan, there is less a culture of preserving old buildings than in Europe.  -Tadao Ando

I love eating shabu -shabu in Japan  – a kind of beef hotpot. But if you’re talking about authentic, traditional food, then Italian cooking is one of the best in the world.  -Andrea Bocelli

I want completing the single market to be our driving mission. I want us to be at the forefront of transformative trade deals with the US, Japan and India as part of the drive towards global free trade. And I want us to be pushing to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU directives.  -David Cameron

I don’t really do Japanese interviews. I don’t think there’s much call for me in Japan.  -Nick Cave

I always had a sense that I would fall in love with Tokyo. In retrospect I guess it’s not that surprising. I was of the generation that had grown up in the ’80s when Japan was ascendant (born aloft by a bubble whose burst crippled its economy for decades), and I’d fed on a steady diet of anime and samurai films.  -Junot Diaz

Compared to industry in Europe or Japan, where industry was based on a craft tradition, we are sadly behind.  -Arthur Erickson

V -J Day, or Victory in Japan Day, marks the date of the Japanese surrender that ended fighting in the Pacific.  -Doc Hastings

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Japan learned from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the tragedy wrought by nuclear weapons must never be repeated and that humanity and nuclear weapons cannot coexist.  -Daisaku Ikeda

Since ancient times, people from throughout Asia have brought to Japan their talents, knowledge and energy, helping to lay the basis for Japan’s existence as a country.  -Daisaku Ikeda

I loved cowboy films and TV series, and I learned bits of English from them. My favorite was ‘Laramie’, with Robert Fuller and John Smith. I used to watch ‘The Lone Ranger’, which had been famous in Japan as well. I idolized these cowboys.  -Kazuo Ishiguro

Yes. I do about 70 shows a year, in the past year I’ve been to Italy, Australia, Japan, China, just about everywhere. I do it because I love singing. The money is a bonus.  -Katherine Jenkins

Revolutionary war is an antitoxin that not only eliminates the enemy’s poison but also purges us of our own filth. Every just, revolutionary war is endowed with tremendous power and can transform many things or clear the way for their transformation. The Sino -Japanese war will transform both China and Japan; provided China perseveres in the War of Resistance and in the united front, the old Japan will surely be transformed into a new Japan and the old China into a new China, and people and everything else in both China and Japan will be transformed during and after the war.  -Mao Zedong

The visits Prime Minister Koizumi made to the Yasukuni Shrine, I believe, had nothing to do with approval ratings. He paid respects at the Yasukuni Shrine to pay respects to the people of Japan who fought and lost their lives for the country and to pray for the peace of their souls.  -Shinzo Abe

The most sheer fun I ever had in sports was playing volleyball, a game I commend highly. I understand that an effort is under way to establish a national league of professional volleyball teams, and if you have ever seen the great women’s teams of Japan and Russia or the equally good men’s teams of Cuba and East Germany, you know how exciting this playground game, which requires so little equipment, can be.  -James A. Michener

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I will say that the food in both Japan and Italy was immaculate. I don’t remember having bad food in either country.  -Daniel Gillies

Sure, President Bush can say that the U.S. government won’t fund stem cell research, but believe me, Japan is applauding. Because they will just do it first and get all the patents.  -Kevin J. Anderson

I think it is the responsibility of anyone involved in politics to always think of what Japan can do to contribute more to the peace and stability not just of Japan and the region but of the entire world.  -Shinzo Abe

I will aim to restore the Japan -U.S. alliance and Japan’s strong diplomatic capabilities. Japan can’t pursue a strong foreign policy without strengthening its alliance with the United States.  -Shinzo Abe

Japan’s beautiful seas and its territory are under threat, and young people are having trouble finding hope in the future amid economic slump. I promise to protect Japan’s land and sea, and the lives of the Japanese people no matter what.  -Shinzo Abe

The 20th century was a century in which human rights were infringed upon in numerous parts of the world, and Japan also bears responsibility in that regard. I believe that we have to look at our own history with humility and think about our responsibility.  -Shinzo Abe

To protect people’s lives and keep our children safe, we must implement public -works spending and do so proudly. If possible, I’d like to see the Bank of Japan purchase all of the construction bonds that we need to issue to cover the cost. That would also forcefully circulate money in the market. That would be positive for the economy, too.  -Shinzo Abe

In most places that are rich in guitar culture, everyone uses their fingers, like in Spain or Africa. In Japan there are string instruments played that way. It is not until you get in the States that you find people using picks.  -Kevin Eubanks

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

After college, I wanted to learned about myself as an American, so I left the United States and went to Japan.  -Bruce Feiler

I was recording stuff with my dad when I was like five, six years old. I played with him on tour. I’d gone with him to Japan in ’91, played some gigs, did a couple shows at the Albert Hall.  -Dhani Harrison

If war should break out between England and Japan, the latter would suffer much more than the former.  -Townsend Harris

Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. In Kyoto, there’s an inn called the Tawaraya which is quite extraordinary. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most.  -Roman Coppola

I also won one from the emperor of Japan, with a prize for the arts. That’s important.  -Marcel Carne

I’ve been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I’ve been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old -fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work.  -Helen Clark

It looks like they’ve been watching old Japan tapes!  -CM Punk

Everyone who lives in an industrialized society is obliged gradually to give up the past, but in certain countries, such as the United States and Japan, the break with the past has been particularly traumatic.  -Susan Sontag

There’s a tremendous amount of energy in Japan and, increasingly, in China.  -Vinton Cerf

Japan is, you often feel, an improved version of the United States.  -George Mikes

It is often said that the Japanese are extremely clean at home, or inside any house or office, but dirty and untidy outside. ‘Go and look at a railway station,’ I was told, ‘and you’ll be horrified.’ I went and was horrified; horrified by the cleanliness of the place.  -George Mikes

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

If the Japanese want to be taken seriously as world financial powers, they’d better quit using the same tailor as variety show chimps.  -P. J. O’Rourke

The Russians could have some (warheads) aimed at Japan, so if we act up they can destroy our economy.  -P. J. O’Rourke

So you set out to travel to Rome… and end up in Istanbul. You set off for Japan… and you end up on a train across Siberia. The journey, not the destination, becomes a source of wonder.  -Loreena McKennitt

If these assets were set up as a revolving fund with which Japan could import raw materials for its industries, Japanese exports could again enter the channels of world trade -and Japanese workers would have employment and something to eat.  -James Forrestal

When I was in Japan on tour in 2010, I felt like I was 30 years into the future. I love technology and they are so advanced with their phones, computers, everything. I think they had the iPhone way before we did in the U.S. I love gadgets, games, social media and I try to stay ahead on all that stuff, but they get it all first.  -Soulja Boy

The amount of U.S. debt held by countries such as China and Japan is at a historic high, with foreign investors holding half of America’s publicly held debt. This dependence raises the specter that other nations will be able to influence our policies in ways antithetical to American interests.  -Evan Bayh

By means of steam one can go from California to Japan in eighteen days.  -Townsend Harris

From Japan to Thailand, I keep discovering amazing talent, cuisine and food markets.  -Daniel Boulud

It was one thing to contain the Soviet Union in Europe because Britain, France, and Germany were all willing to join in. But will Japan and other Asian countries be willing to join in the containment of China?  -Samuel P. Huntington

Actually when I was wounded and recovering in Japan. I went to church there and I remember on the air base where their hospital was, I remember coming out of that church and feeling like I had been  – at that point I just felt very, very close to God and that I’d done the right thing with my life. And I knew I wasn’t going back to Vietnam. I just knew I wasn’t going back.  -Wesley Clark

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The world is divided into 2 streams  – the one of ‘Vistarvaad’ & and the other of ‘Vikasvaad’. Vikasvaad is indispensable in 21st Century! India & Japan need to join hands to take the pride of Vikasvaad to greater heights.  -Narendra Modi

Even if I’m in Japan and I don’t speak Japanese and the woman facing me doesn’t speak French but she’s dressed in Rykiel, and she recognizes me, then we have a common language right away.  -Sonia Rykiel

If you go to Japan, they’re still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who’s playing on what tracks from the ’60s and the ’70s  – who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That’s how I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it.  -Lenny Kravitz

The future of Japan’s economic growth depends on us having the willpower and the courage to sail without hesitation onto the rough seas of global competition.  -Shinzo Abe

Everybody understands a slap in the face. In Japan, Belgium, or America, a punch is a punch. Comedy will be different in Europe or America or Japan, so my movies are very international.  -Jean -Claude Van Damme

The drilling idea is spherically senseless  – it’s senseless from whatever point of view you look at it. It’d take 10 years to bring any oil online, and it would probably go to Japan. It sure wouldn’t help gasoline prices here. All the economists say gasoline is still too cheap in the United States anyway. So here we’re having this huge debate over offshore drilling that is just straightforward nonsense, which won’t surprise you.  -Paul R. Ehrlich

Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t win anymore.We don’t beat China in trade. We don’t beat Japan, with their millions and millions of cars coming into this country, in trade. We can’t beat Mexico, at the border or in trade.We can’t do anything right. Our military has to be strengthened. Our vets have to be taken care of. We have to end Obamacare, and we have to make our country great again, and I will do that.  -Donald Trump

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It is very important for our long -term economic future that the relationship with Japan, Korea and China, who are our three biggest trading partners, be ever stronger.  -Tony Abbott

I guess my favorite way to travel is in a car, especially if you get to go some place cool. The bullet train in Japan is cool; but overall, driving through certain areas, like the desert in the United States, or the Black Forest in Germany, you feel the nature unfolding.  -Steve Kimock

According to the supermarkets, there is no such thing as “out of season.” Berries in the middle of February? Why not? Seafood flown in from Japan? Sure. While it all adds up to appetizing and varied meals throughout the year, regardless of the weather, it comes with a price tag  – both ethical and financial.  -Homaro Cantu

In Turkey it was always 1952, in Malaysia 1937; Afghanistan was 1910 and Bolivia 1949. It is 20 years ago in the Soviet Union, 10 in Norway, five in France. It is always last year in Australia and next week in Japan.  -Paul Theroux

We can’t attribute a long history of democratic traditions to Japan, either, but today Japan boasts a fully -fledged democracy in which governments change according to democratic procedures. It’s no coincidence that the Taiwanese, Japanese, and South Korean economies are among the most innovative in Asia.  -Garry Kasparov

In Japan, violence isn’t as controversial as it is in the West. Pornography is more restricted, but it’s not hard to make a crazy, extremely violent film.  -Takashi Miike

There’s something nearly mystical about certain words and phrases that float through our lives. It’s computer mysticism. Words that are computer generated to be used on products that might be sold anywhere from Japan to Denmark  – words devised to be pronounceable in a hundred languages. And when you detach one of these words from the product it was designed to serve, the words acquires a chantlike quality.  -Don DeLillo

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I lived in Japan for about two years. I spent my time equally between religiously studying Aikido in Shinjuku by day and hard partying in Shibuya and Roppongi by night. On more than a few nights, those subways were my own personal stage coach to hell.  -Sturgill Simpson

I only go to Japan when there’s someone who can afford to bring me there, and consequently I may never go again!  -William Gibson

My first Indy 500 was one of my high points. I ended up qualifying fourth and I finished fourth. I had a win in Japan a few years later, and then qualifying for Daytona was great as well.  -Danica Patrick

When did it become necessary to explain what’s so cool about Japan? Everyone was quite obsessed with it 15 years ago. I suppose it’s the only Asian country that developed an imaginary entree to me. That’s why I go back.  -William Gibson

When I was working in Japan, I created a system for ensuring that intelligence data was globally recoverable in the event of a disaster. I was not aware of the scope of mass surveillance. I came across some legal questions when I was creating it. My superiors pushed back and were like, “Well, how are we going to deal with this data?” And I was like, “I didn’t even know it existed.”  -Edward Snowden

World War Two was a world war in space. It spread from Europe to Japan, to the Soviet Union, etc. World War Two was quite different from World War One which was geographically limited to Europe. But in the case of the Gulf War, we are dealing with a war which is extremely local in space, but global in time, since it is the first ‘live’ war.  -Paul Virilio

Fish from all over the world, from deep in the sea, wind up in countries from Germany to Japan. That is just crazy.  -Sylvia Earle

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I’m very sad to be compared with Warhol and The Factory, because I have no drugs, you know. We have no drug culture in Japan! Maybe it’s because our attitude toward labor is totally different.  -Takashi Murakami

Technically, Japan and South Korea normalized their diplomatic ties 50 years ago, but this wasn’t included in the Normalization Treaty because forced prostitution, coerced sex just was taboo to even talk about.  -Elise Hu

Japan is formally apologizing and admitting the state was responsible for the system of comfort stations or brothels for soldiers in which mostly teenage girls were expected to service 60 to 70 men a day. That is from a U.N. report.  -Elise Hu

…Poetic injustice…having made over Japan in our own image. The Japanese, …are now, next to us, the greatest consumers of meat in the world.  -Mother Jones

I assure you that interest in Japanese culture in Russia is just as strong as interest in Russian culture in Japan.  -Vladimir Putin

Alabama farmers want a chance to complete fairly in Japan, but they can’t if the Japanese won’t let us in.  -Mike Rogers

Half my fan mail comes from Japan.  -Ben Barnes

New Zealand totally rejects Japan’s proposals to double the number of whales slaughtered in the Southern Ocean  -Chris Carter

For me, trying to expand the energy to make one movie in Hollywood would be the equivalent in terms of energy to making 10 movies in Japan.  -Takashi Miike

The first country that I went to outside of America was Japan and I was completely shocked  – especially since I was 16 and over there by myself. I was like: “I don’t get it; there’s nothing in English!”  -Cameron Diaz

U.S. has certainly been wanting this to happen since both Japan and Korea are longtime allies of the U.S. and this estranged relationship has prevented better cooperation.  -Elise Hu

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The way I formed my studio and how I organize things actually came out of the model of the Japanese animation studio and the manga industry. The manga industry is gigantic in Japan.  -Takashi Murakami

Japan admitted the Imperial Army ordered the building of these brothels and the trafficking of the women. And now that it’s been 70 years, there are only 46 remaining comfort women still alive in South Korea. So also in this deal, Japan is going to pay 1 billion yen  – that’s about 8 million U.S. dollars  – to provide social services and health care to the surviving victims.  -Elise Hu

Because my parents were American missionaries who sent me to public schools in rural Japan, I had to confront Hiroshima as a child. I was in the fourth grade  – the only American in my class  – when our teacher wrote the words “America” and “Atomic Bomb” in white chalk on the blackboard. All forty Japanese children turned around to stare at me. My country had done something unforgivable and I had to take responsibility for it, all by myself. I desperately wanted to dig a hole under my desk, to escape my classmates’ mute disbelief and never have to face them again.  -Linda Hoaglund

It’s pretentious to say, but my art is like a little Zen story, a story with a question mark at the end. People can take from it what they need. If somebody says, “Your art is very funny,” I say, “You are totally right.” If somebody says, “Your art is very sad,” I say, “You are totally right.” In Japan they say, “Your art is very Japanese, you even look Japanese.Your great -grandfather was most surely a Japanese man.” And I say, “You are totally right.”  -Christian Boltanski

The problem of Italy is not really a question of age. Japan has an older population, and it is now in full economic recovery. The problem is that Italy is old in the structure of the society.  -Romano Prodi

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In Japan, organizations and people in the organization are synonymous.  -Kenichi Ohmae

This is almost the most famous story The last samurai  – Samurai story  – in Japan.  -Hiroyuki Sanada

I’ve done Last Samurai in Japan, in LA, in New Zealand. Even in Japan it is very hard to shoot, because there’s been so many changes. Only around a temple can we shoot.  -Hiroyuki Sanada

When I was in Japan with my girlfriend Jessica, she would have had acupuncture every day if she could. I can just about stomach going to a chiropractor and I visited a talented one when I was there, but when he tried a needle on me, it was horrible. My muscles tightened and it didn’t work at all.  -Jenson Button

To combat the confusion and depression that assault me when I come off the road in the middle of a tour, I seek the most oblivionated music possible. When it’s the ‘way out there’ that I seek, I go right to my stash of amazing music from Japan.  -Henry Rollins

America looks 10 minutes ahead; Japan looks 10 years.  -Akio Morita

I wanted out of the navy so bad in ’45, I faked homo to get a discharge. It didn’t matter that the Germans surrendered, I knew we were heading to Japan and I was done with that scene.  -Lenny Bruce

I recently got into Haiku in Japan and I just think it’s fantastic. Obviously, when you get rid of a whole section of illusion in your mind you’re left with great precision.  -John Lennon

For a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times.  -George W. Bush

A lot of country making films in English, but in Japan we are very shy to speak English.  -Hiroyuki Sanada

Everybody in the states is so relaxed, and everybody in Japan is so uptight.

Ichiro SuzukiIf you don’t want Japan to buy it, don’t sell it.  -Akio Morita

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I traveled the world ten times over doing something I never thought I’d do in a million years. I found myself in Tokyo, Japan. I (was in) a Dell Computer commercial, the first thing I had ever done, and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the green screens, I fell in love with (everything). The translator was explaining everything to me. It was a passion like I had never felt before. I came back and it took me five years to really accept that that was okay.  -Drew Waters

Aomori Water is a sound collage piece made in 1998, in Aomori Japan. I was in a residency with other artists. A Japanese sculptor was making a round house and wanted a sound piece to play in it. I recorded some very gentle waves lapping the beach, for the first part. And a very small mountain stream, flowing, for the second part. I layered 8 tracks. This was the first work that I did in ProTools.  -Phill Niblock

I just went along for the ride. It was a God -given gift. It is. So you can’t say well, you wasted your life because you spent all of it acting, but I think gosh, I’ve never been to China, I’ve never been to Japan. I’ve never been to Yellowstone Park.  -Angela Lansbury

May was so great to work with, he even took me over to Japan for some dates. It blew me away when he let me play his guitar on stage with him.  -Gary Hoey

The stagnation of the Japanese economy in the past 20 years is eloquent testimony to the fact that government usually gets it wrong. Sometimes it makes the wrong decision because it fails to anticipate the market (as Japan did when it downplayed laptop computers and stressed mainframes).  -Dick Morris

Fracking is our biggest enemy right now in the U.S. Actually, not just in the U.S., because all our water systems are interconnected. Whether you’re reading this in New York State or in Japan, fracking is screwing you over.  -Ian Somerhalder

It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender… In being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages.  -William D. Leahy

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When I went to Japan I sang in Japanese; when I went to Greece I sang in Greek. When I went to Spain, I sang in Spanish. I couldn’t speak it very well, but I sang, I was beautiful in singing it. These things just constantly attracted people to the uniqueness of who I was and the way in which I performed.  -Harry Belafonte

It goes without saying that the stability of the Middle East is the foundation for peace and prosperity for the world, and of course for Japan. Should we leave terrorism or weapons of mass destruction to spread in this region, the loss imparted upon the international community would be immeasurable.  -Shinzo Abe

It is good that since the outbreak of the war with Japan, more and more revolutionary writers have been coming to Yan’an… But it does not necessarily follow that… they have integrated themselves completely with the masses here. The two must be completely integrated if we are to push ahead with our revolutionary work.  -Mao Zedong

I do not believe there is the slightest chance of war with Japan in our lifetime. The Japanese are our allies…. Japan is at the other end of the world. She cannot menace our vital security in any way…. War with Japan is not a possibility which any reasonable government need take into account.  -Winston Churchill

I wanted to have a title that wasn’t in English so that someone in France, for instance, could ask for ‘dix -huit’ or the someone in Japan could ask for ‘juhachi.’  -Moby

I’ve done a lot of Samurai film in Japan, and sometimes done the choreography by myself.  -Hiroyuki Sanada

Look, there is parliamentary democracy in most European countries, there is parliamentary democracy in Japan, there is parliamentary democracy in many countries, but in the United States, for some reason, the State is organized differently, there is quite a stringent presidential republic.  -Vladimir Putin

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If you look at China  – and frankly, Vietnam now is doing a big number, and you look at Japan and India and Mexico  – Mexico’s killing us at the border and they’re killing us with trade.  -Donald Trump

In Japan, violence in games is pretty much self -regulated.There’s more violence in games in the U.S., in things like Mortal Kombat, where they rip out hearts and cut off heads.  -Satoshi Tajiri

The largest source of greenhouse gases in the coming decades will not be the US, Western Europe and Japan, but the developing economies of East Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The coming eruption of carbon emissions from the poor world will dwarf any reductions in the North.  -Ross Gelbspan

Whenever I go overseas I buy funny eyelashes. For example the same brand that are in Japan and England are different styles. So I bought both.  -Park Bom

Undoubtedly Internet has reduced the possibilities of taxation. Why should I buy something here if I can buy it from a company in Japan or England or Brazil with a lower tax?  -Milton Friedman

It doesn’t worry me a bit that China and Japan hold so much US debt. In a way, it seems foolish for them to do it because they get lower returns than they might elsewhere. But that is their business.  -Milton Friedman

I was a runner and a soccer player living in Okinawa, Japan and I didn’t have recruiters coming in to recruit me for sports. So how many kids out there and planning to go to college are super stud athletes but don’t have a chance because they come from some podunk town and no one comes to watch them?  -Kristin Armstrong

It’s not Africa that is destroying the African rainforest, it’s selling concessions to timber companies that are not African, they are from the developed world  – Japan, America, Germany, Britain.  -Jane Goodall

When Japanese went to Hawaii they would go straight and buy the same thing that they would buy in Japan. They just got it cheaper, which they liked. And so they would still eat the red bean ice cream or the green tea ice cream, but they didn’t really take advantage of the variety and it wasn’t clear that they cared.  -Sheena Iyengar

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When I lived in New York, there wasn’t as much TV or film around. I got asked to do a couple of indie films, just based on me being from The Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle. I did a couple of indie movies from Japan and one from Canada, and I thought it was an exciting, fun thing to do. I had a great time doing it, it was just that, in New York, there really wasn’t as much. My studio in New York closed, so I moved out to L.A. and just started looking into composing as another thing to do, as a musician. I like it a lot. It’s fun and it’s a different way of thinking about music.  -James Iha

Additionally, I will be respectfully asking countries, such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, to pay more for the tremendous security we provide them.  -Donald Trump

As a matter of fact 25% of our U.S. investment banking business comes out of our commercial bank. So it’s a competitive advantage for both the investment bank  – which gets a huge volume of business  – and the commercial bank because the commercial bank can walk into a company and say, “Oh, if you need X, Y and Z in Japan or China, we can do that for you.”  -Jamie Dimon

I once said that it was unacceptable for Japan to remain “an isolated prosperous island.” At one time, it might have been all right for Japan to avoid sending any citizens to dangerous areas [even as part of international efforts] and just wish for its own people’s happiness. That time is gone.  -Sadako Ogata

I told all kinds of stories about going to Japan, about playing ball with my father… I wanted to record my life in case it was going to end soon. So, I wrote that and it was very comforting to have that practice in the afternoons in my living room. I just wrote about my life.  -Natalie Goldberg

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Japan should get more involved in mediating disputes between countries and seek to play the role of a peace broker. To make this possible, we must train people so they have a solid understanding of international politics and great negotiation skills.  -Sadako Ogata

[Donald Trump] suggestions that the United States should leave the Pacific and let Japan, South Korea, or whoever else wants to develop nuclear weapons. These are incredibly dangerous ideas that need to be confronted.  -Hillary Clinton

Japan needs to cooperate with China economically. This is understood better by the business community than the government.  -Sadako Ogata

Stay away from Europe, stay away from Japan, Australia. If you go to the Western world, you’re gonna pay more money. You can spend five months in Bali for what you’d spend in one month in Europe.  -Rita Gelman

Climate change has always been sort of my main focus. I think also with [what happened in Fukushima, Japan] there’s still a lot to think about in terms of what’s coming down the pike into the world’s oceans, too.  -Rufus Wainwright

When I met Akira Kurosawa in Japan, one question he asked me was, “How did you actually make the children act the way they do? I do have children in my films but I find that I reduce and reduce their presence until I have to get rid of them because there’s no way that I can direct them.” My own thought is that one is very grand, like an emperor on a horse, and it’s very hard for a child to relate to that. In order to be able to cooperate with a child, you have to come down to below their level in order to communicate with them. -Abbas Kiarostami

I’d entirely forgotten about Pass The Distance, and then I went to Japan in 2000, and was asked to do interviews with all these journalists, who were showing up with bootlegs of this record, asking me to talk about it. I was astonished. It kind of gained momentum.  -David Toop

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People don’t put as much of an emphasis in expanding their choices, so that, you know, one of the things that I learned when I was in Japan way back in the 1990’s and there were all these quarrels happening between the U.S. and Japan about allowing more American products into the Japanese market.  -Sheena Iyengar

Japan’s diplomatic efforts could have had a broader international perspective. Relations with the U.S. are, of course, the cornerstone of Japan’s diplomacy, but the U.S. acts on its global strategy. For instance, Washington suddenly got closer to China in the early 1970s as part of its strategy against the Soviet Union.  -Sadako Ogata

When you have the countries like Germany, China, and Russia decline, and be replaced by others, that’s when systemic wars start. That’s when it gets dangerous, because they haven’t yet reached a balance. So Germany united in 1871 and all hell broke loose. Japan rose in the early 20th century, and then you had chaos. So we’re looking at a systemic shift. Be ready for war.  -George Friedman

The reactors in Japan are stable in the same way that a ticking time bomb is also stable. It wouldn’t take much to light the fuse  – a 6.6 earthquake, like what happened today in Japan, a pipe break, an over -pressurized containment vessel  – anything could set it off, in which case we would have another Chernobyl, three times the magnitude of a Chernobyl accident.  -Michio Kaku

Anyway, the US, as in most issues, is the best, has the best capability to lead, and really needs to lead. It doesn’t [mean] that other countries won’t pick different tacks and emphasize different things. In aggregate, they’re almost half of the energy R&D. Europe, China, Japan  – it’s very important that they come along and contribute to these things.  -Bill Gates

In Japan, employees occasionally work themselves to death. It’s called Karoshi. I don’t want that to happen to anybody in my department. The trick is to take a break as soon as you see a bright light and hear dead relatives beckon.  -Scott Adams

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Our failure to properly deal with Germany and Japan early cost the world dearly later on. We dare not make the same mistake with China. -Steve Forbes

I was living in Japan at the time, Shoko Asahara was an important figure and you could say his name and people would immediately know who you were talking about but since being back in America I’ve realized most people don’t know who he is, which I find odd because he was far worse than Charles Manson. He killed many more people than Manson and was actually trying to kill thousands but wasn’t careful enough in his process.  -Brad Warner

In Japan, it’s strange to openly take credit for giving to charity or even to donate publicly.  -Robert Paul Weston

Population diminishing, even in Japan and Italy, the population is diminishing. When society can reach a sustainable place or gain comfortable income, then people tend to have fewer children. Poverty makes a chain reaction of having many children. So when society reaches some kind of level, then it will turn toward getting a smaller population.  -Hiroshi Sugimoto

And that said, this [issues of comfort women] is important for reopening a conversation in both Japan and in Korea and on their respective understandings of history. Policymakers are going to be trumpeting this deal, but you know, as of now, we just don’t know whether the women themselves who are actually victims will think this agreement is enough.  -Elise Hu

Well the most likely emerging countries are Japan, Turkey, and Poland. So I would say Eastern Europe, the Middle East and a maritime war by Japan with the United States enjoying its own pleasures.  -George Friedman

The cool thing is, when we first did our joint Ring Of Honour -New Japanies Wrestlers, I think that definitely existed. I think the ROH guys were like, “we can’t let these New Japan guys outshine us” the new japan guys were ready to make a statement as it was this really big event in America. But the cool thing about this relationship is we’ve literally become a family now. A lot of us are friends with each. We obviously respect each other.  -Adam Cole

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

The ROH guys looking at the New Japan guys coming over, we’re just psyched. We think, “oh great this is just going to make our show even better.” The respect level with New Japan and ROH is at an all -time high. And anytime we get a company like New Japan Pro Wrestling on a ROH show, it just benefits our show. It has everybody all jacked up, ready to do the best we can like we always do.  -Adam Cole

If you take skinny jeans  – skinny jeans didn’t just happen in the US, they were happening in Japan, they were happening in the UK, they were happening everywhere. Some places a little faster than others. But, if we look at our best sellers in this store, they’re the same best sellers that we have in the States.  -Paul Weller

Japan has introduced fiscal stimulus five times in the past seven or eight years and each time it’s been a failure and that’s not a surprise. Fiscal stimulus is not stimulating in and of itself.  -Milton Friedman

In the short term, it would not have made it possible to resume relations, because in the Chinese mind, the humiliation of China started with the annexation of Taiwan by Japan. If the United States had suddenly declared Taiwan as a separate state  – for which we would have had no support among other nations  – the consequences would have been giving up our relationship with China and committing ourselves to a long -term conflict with China.  -Henry A. Kissinger

The next big accelerator might be the ILC in Japan, a linear collider which might be able to probe the boundaries of string theory. So we physicists have to learn how to engage the public so that taxpayers money is used to explore the nature of the universe.  -Michio Kaku

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

We want to make America great again. We want to bring back our industry, we want to bring back our jobs from China and Japan, and by the way Mexico, which has taken so many of our jobs. And that’s what it’s about. I have not heard about these incidences.  -Donald Trump

Indian forms of yoga have spread throughout the world due to their objectives of promoting health and harmony. Japan is but one of many countries that have received these age -old teachings. While Indian yogic disciplines (Hatha yoga in particular) have become well known, not everyone realizes that certain distinctive Japanese versions of Indian spiritual paths have evolved. Perhaps the first of these unique methodologies is the art of Shin -shin -toitsu -do, which was developed by Nakamura Tempu Sensei (1876 -1968). In fact, Nakamura Sensei is often considered to be the father of yoga in Japan.  -H. E Davey

It’s only interesting when you’re from somewhere else, like America or Japan. The further away the more interesting it is.  -Aphex Twin

I’ve always said that growing up in postwar Japan, I never felt any connection to my work through those experiences. The work I do really comes from inside myself. For me, being born in Japan was an accident.  -Rei Kawakubo

‘Leonie’ did get made and it was an extremely wonderful experience. I got to travel the world. I filmed for 6 months  – 3 months in New Orleans and 3 months in Japan.  -Emily Mortimer

The first comfort women didn’t actually come forward until 1992, and since then, the issue has really been kicked up. Japan issued a 1993 acknowledgement on this. It’s called the Kono Agreement. But in recent years, South Korea has been wanting an apology to go much further.  -Elise Hu

I was 12 or 13, and I had seen a demo about origami at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. My dad, my step -mom, and I were at the Japan pavilion of Epcot, and my dad was going to get me an origami book. They had these really sick origami books with an overleaf, but those packs can sometimes blow, because they give you, like, eight sheets.  -Adam Richman

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

The economy is very sick. We’re losing our jobs to China to Japan to every country. We’re making horrible trade deals. We are losing jobs in this country. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost. And part of the reason is our taxes are so high in this country. I’m also cutting, you know they don’t talk about that.  -Donald Trump

I found this really fantastic used record store in Japan, and I bought all these different records and different 45s, and one of the 45s was just, it had the theme, “Green Leaves of Summer,” the theme to “The Alamo” on one side, and then on the flip side was a theme to, the theme to “The Magnificent Seven.”  -Quentin Tarantino

Turkey, Japan do great work because they can keep under control their little personal selfishness, egoism, jealousy, etc. when they get down to work.  -Sri Aurobindo

We made our debut in Japan about few years ago and when we went on a morning show there to promote our album, I did a brief interview in Japanese using simple expressions such as “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” But one of the members of our group said, “Stay quiet if you can’t speak Japanese! It’s embarrassing!” So that’s when I told myself that I’d show how good I am by studying Japanese hard.  -Seungri

I was an actor in Japan and I’m a regular on about three shows. I’m grateful for all of it. My personal activities like that help Big Bang as a whole as well.  -Seungri

Chopsticks box! I didn’t know before and put them on the table and my Japan friends scolded me.  -Seungri

I said to myself, ‘the champion of the whole world can whoop every man in Russia, every man in America, every man in China, every man in Japan, every man in Europe  – every man in the whole world’.It sounds big, didn’t it? So I kept working until I did it.  -Muhammad Ali

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

In Japan they’re definitely more over the top. They had four Boogie stacks and 20 guitars. But otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing, except there’s a translator. It’s really nice.  -John Petrucci

We are thus in the position of having to borrow from Europe to defend Europe, of having to borrow from China and Japan to defend Chinese and Japanese access to Gulf oil, and of having to borrow from Arab emirs, sultans and monarchs to make Iraq safe for democracy. We borrow from the nations we defend so that we may continue to defend them. To question this is an unpardonable heresy called ‘isolationism.’  -Pat Buchanan

History is the history of human behavior, and human behavior is the raw material of fiction. Most people recognize that novelists do research to get the facts right  – how a glove factory works, for example, or how courtesans in imperial Japan dressed.  -Amy Waldman

I’ve always said that playing rugby in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Japan.  -Javier Bardem

The news today about ‘Atomic bombs’ is so horrifying one is stunned. The utter folly of these lunatic physicists to consent to do such work for war -purposes: calmly plotting the destruction of the world! Such explosives in men’s hands, while their moral and intellectual status is declining, is about as useful as giving out firearms to all inmates of a gaol and then saying that you hope ‘this will ensure peace’. But one good thing may arise out of it, I suppose, if the write -ups are not overheated: Japan ought to cave in. Well we’re in God’s hands. But He does not look kindly on Babel -builders.  -J. R. R. Tolkien

With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.  -Ann Coulter

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How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

Since 2010, America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and all advanced economies combined.  -Barack Obama

You can go to Japan, China, all the European, African, Arab, and South American countries, and man, they know me. I can’t name a nation where they don’t know me.  -Muhammad Ali

It’s not worth comparing; Kara and SNSD are both Korean girl groups. I’m proud that Korean girl groups are being recognized in Japan Everyone has their preferences. There are people who like SNSD and there are people who like Kara.  -Seohyun

The enemy is still proud and powerful. He is hard to get at. He still possesses enormous armies, vast resources, and invaluable strategic territories…No one can tell what new complications and perils might arise in four or five more years of war. And it is in the dragging -out of the war at enormous expense, until the democracies are tired or bored or split that the main hopes of Germany and Japan must reside.  -Winston Churchill

The people who invented the twenty -first century were pot -smoking, sandal -wearing hippies from the West Coast like Steve, because they saw differently,” he said. “The hierarchical systems of the East Coast, England, Germany, and Japan do not encourage this different thinking. The sixties produced an anarchic mind -set that is great for imagining a world not yet in existence.  -Walter Isaacson

I had become an atheist at the age of thirteen, when atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.  -Paul Krassner

I get constantly mistaken for Elijah Wood. I was in Japan and someone held out a photo of him for me to sign.  -Daniel Radcliffe

Japan’s very interesting. Some people think it copies things. I don’t think that anymore. I think what they do is reinvent things. They will get something that’s already been invented and study it until they thoroughly understand it. In some cases, they understand it better than the original inventor.  -Steve Jobs

I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan, simply because I don’t like eating fish and I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.  -Britney Spears

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