The Best Quotes about Little Rock, Arkansas

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Even marginal progress could be affected by investigations in Little Rock and in Washington. -Gwen Ifill

Today is a great day, not only of healing and reconciliation, but also coming together. I’m so glad the whole Little Rock Nine was alive and here to see this. -Winthrop Rockefeller

It’s illegal to be gay in Little Rock -this is such a reality for so many people, but once people get to these bubbles of New York or L.A. or Boulder, Colorado, they forget. -iO Tillett Wright

The 1957 crisis in Little Rock, brought about by the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School, was a huge part of the march toward freedom and opportunity in America. -Vic Snyder

It used to be that if you had a pretty good record, you could stop by a station in Little Rock or Atlanta and let the DJ listen to it. No way something like that can happen now. -Charley Pride

We were in Little Rock. We were assessing a very important issue. In the midst of our discussions, we were receiving urgent inquiries from The Washington Post asking about interviews. -Ken Starr

I met Bill Clinton in 1977 while I was working as a news reporter for KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after we met, we began a sexual relationship that lasted for twelve years. -Gennifer Flowers

I was born and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I was 15 when I got my first job serving food to the residents in a retirement home -22 years later I would shoot my first film in one. -Joey Lauren Adams

My name is Matt Besser, and I’m an Arkansas Razorback. My father is a Jew from Little Rock, Ark., my mother was a Christian from Harrison, Ark., and somehow I’m an atheist now living in L.A. I am a Razorback living in the Razorback diaspora.” -Matt Besser

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In 1957, when I was in second grade, black children integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. We watched it on TV. All of us watched it. I don’t mean Mama and Daddy and Rocky. I mean all the colored people in America watched it, together, with one set of eyes. -Henry Louis Gates

What we’ve witnessed in the past 25 or 30 years is just incredible. We’ve birthed 30,000 or 40,000 restaurants. I used to go to Europe every year to get experience [and ideas]. I don’t go to Europe anymore. I go to Oregon, I go to Washington, I go to Louisiana, I go to Little Rock, I go to Austin, I travel New York City. I don’t go to Europe anymore. -Geoffrey Zakarian

The problems of a retired schoolteacher in Duluth are OUR problems. That the future of the child in Buffalo is OUR future. That the struggle of a disabled man in Boston to survive and live decently is OUR struggle. That The hunger of a woman in Little Rock is OUR hunger. That the failure anywhere to provide what reasonably we might to avoid pain is OUR failure. -Mario Cuomo

When [Bill Clinton] was running for president. I’ll never forget this one. He was running in New Hampshire. He was not doing well. And he suddenly, over a weekend, rushed back to Little Rock to execute a guy who had killed a cop, but in the process, the policeman had shot him in the head and he was out of it. He didn’t know today from tomorrow, good, evil, whatever. His lawyer begged -his lawyer was an old friend of Clinton. -Nat Hentoff

I could have spoken from Rhode Island where I have been staying … But I felt that, in speaking from the house of Lincoln, of Jackson, and of Wilson, my words would better convey both the sadness I feel in the action I was compelled today to make and the firmness with which I intend to pursue this course until the orders of the federal court at Little Rock can be executed without unlawful interference.” (On sending troops to enforce integration in Little Rock AR High School) -Dwight D. Eisenhower

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