13 Tips for Your First Solo Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

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Last Updated on: 6th March 2023, 01:45 pm

When you travel to las vegas vs when you take a trip with friends, both have different outcomes.

 When you are with your people you get support from each other, but in the case of solo travel, you’ll have to do everything by yourself including being cautious.

Las Vegas is a combination of excess, money, cars, gambling, rockstars, and of course drinking.

Nevada - Las Vegas

I have done solo travel in Las Vegas twice, and I survived all by myself. It is one of the best places if you are looking for fun as well as safety. You never get bored in Las Vegas!

I was lucky the first time to enjoy Vegas my way, then the next visit was more confident. so to all the solo travelers who are looking to travel to Las Vegas.

Here are some tips to make sure you enjoy Vegas till the second you leave.

1. Not Too Drunk

Drinks are always available in Vegas in any place, even if they are mega expensive they will, at last, take a toll on you.

The more you drink the more you will want to spend on it.

As a solo traveler, you must avoid being carried away.

You never know what might happen.

 Once you are in Vegas you will believe in a hangover.

Be careful when you are in clubs because I once had my card pin hacked when I used it to pay for my drink.

2. Book The Tickets In Advance

If you want to see Celine Dion performing in the Caesars Palace, then you must book that ticket beforehand.

There are possibilities for the tickets to get sold out any moment and the process is freaking fast because it’s Celine Dion.

I can assure you one thing you won’t feel very nice if you have to spend that saved money on tequila, that too all by yourself.

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Nevada - Las Vegas

3. Don’t Miss The Vegas Day Trips

There are many cool day trips in Vegas and you can enjoy them when you travel in Las Vegas.

The coolest trip in Vegas is going to be the Grand Canyon, which you will have on your own.

You can also join a trip to the South Rim directly from Vegas.

There are many other great outdoor activities in Las Vegas and nearby. Here is a list of trips that you may try:

  • Zion national park
  • Red rock canyon
  • Death Valley
  • Valley of fire

4. 20 Dollars Are Enough For A Hotel

There are more than 150,000 hotel rooms in Vegas.

If you find hotels that want you and then lead you down to their casinos, understand that there are some amazing deals.

I chose Stratosphere and it cost me 20 dollars.

The room was for two and I got the entire space all for me.

The food there was delicious and the best thing was that I didn’t have to pay a single penny in the casino.

You can also check out the rides they have on their roof.

There is another thing I want to say do not book your flights and hotels together, do it always separately for good deals.

Nevada - Las Vegas

5. All For The Flash Hotels

Remember if you are in a hotel staying alone, on a budget you can’t just play around in fancy hotels.

For that, you will need a day pass which you will be given to see the fancy life of rich people.

You will get spa amenities which include drinks, a private plunge pool, and a steam room with light food.

Even Las Vegas special Cinnamon Rolls in Las Vegas you should try.

6. Free Drinks But WAIT!

What we heard all this time about getting free drinks in Las Vegas is true. But sometimes you will have to wait.

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If you ask the gamblers to bring you a drink they will be slow in that if you don’t gamble much.

For that, you need to tip them.

If you can’t spend money that much it is better to get yourself drinks outside the casinos.

Nevada - Las Vegas

7. Search For All Free Hotels

 While you travel in Las Vegas the best and most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Vegas you will find are The Bellagio, The Venetian, The MGM Grand, and The Treasure Island.

You are allowed to just stroll the ground floors of these hotels.

It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a 20-dollar hotel, because you are also allowed to take posh pictures in front of the hotels.

Nobody will ever know.

8. Try Out The Brunch

After a lot of research, I finally found Wynn which serves the best breakfast in Sin city.

I booked that, because why not?.

I am all by myself, going around the city. I deserve to taste the best food.

You will find a lot of restaurants in vegas with the same name.

Make sure you know where the actual location is.

I had to struggle a bit because I entered the wrong one, who did not have a reservation.

But later on with the help of maps and locals, I found it.

The best breakfast of my life.

Nevada - Las Vegas

9. Don’t Leave A Spot

Don’t think much about transportation, just get on a bus.

Maybe this is one activity you did not think of doing in Vegas but trust me it is best for sightseeing.

Also, you are all with yourself, who is gonna judge?

The ride will be slow but it is the best way to explore downtown Vegas.

You can also grab a beer and walk around Vegas if you are not interested in spending money with Uber and Lyft.

If you had this in mind before coming to Vegas, like me then pack your comfy shoes.

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10. ID Is A Must

For Americans this is a secondary priority, but if you are not American make sure you carry your ID everywhere.

You will need it everywhere for drinking, and gambling and authorities will ask for it when you check in at a hotel.

Especially if you are alone, then I suggest keeping it with you all the time, even when you go out for a walk.

11. Check-Ins

The check-in time in Las Vegas starts at 3 and ends at 7.

Therefore the line can be very long.

It will be exhausting for you to stand there for so many hours.

You can reach there early so that you are the first one in the line or you can check for hotels that offer online check-ins.

Nevada - Las Vegas

12. Gaming

I have been to Vegas twice and trust me I still don’t get the gambling or gaming part.

If you are into these things but don’t know how it works you can book gaming lessons and casino tours with the locals.

You will have your tour for 2.5 hours which the guide takes you to the famous casinos and will also teach you how to play and gamble.

You can always back up if you don’t find it interesting enough.

13. Vegas Photo Ops

The last but not the least thing to do in Vegas while you travel in Las Vegas is to participate in the cheesy photo ops.

I am sure you will find it funny in the future.

Ideas for taking pictures are:

  • You can order the secret flower drink and sit inside the massive chandelier which is at the cosmopolitan hotel.
  • Stand beside the popular and large Las Vegas sign and click away.
  • Fan of Elvis? Find the Elvis chapel, and pronounce ‘i do’.
  • While riding the gondola ride. Click again.
  • You will definitely need a picture beside the fountain at The Bellagio.
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Christmas is considered the biggest festival in Las Vegas. Christmas Events in Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory, Aria’s Winter Wonderland Display. …

The Ice Rink, Area15 Wonderland organized by that time.

You can write an entire blog about it, just like I am doing right now.

Things become more amazing when you travel solo because you are just enjoying everything you are crossing on the way. 

There is no one to influence you into getting drunk to hook up with someone.

It’s all you, you know your boundaries yet you enjoy the entire trip.

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