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It’s no secret that I’m kind of obsessed with my Instagram account. It’s my favorite internet baby.

FullSizeRender 3This month, I hit a new high and this photo from my trip to London became my most popular Instagram photo of all time:

This surpassed this picture taken while flying over the Andies in South America in November when I was on my way to Uruguay:

My Instagram account is updated up to three times a day. If I’m on a trip or recently returned from one, I post photos from that experience. However, when I’m at home in Philadelphia, I generally post a combination of photos from old trips that I haven’t shared before (which has caused me some sadness lately but is typically really fun):

…and snaps from my daily life (aka photos of my dog):

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Sunday snuggles with my favorite pup.

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I also recently started experiementing with posting videos too:

In case you haven’t seen the connection, most of my non-travel photos are dogs (and some of my travel photos are dogs too).

All of my shots are taken on either my Nikon D40, my iPhone 6s+, or my iPhone 5s for older photos. I am probably going to upgrade my DSLR soon, as the Nikon D40 has served me well for the last nine years but is pretty outdated.

My favorite photo editing apps are Snapseed (free) and ProHDR (1.99). Snapseed is awesome since I can do some pretty advanced editing on my iPhone and post directly to Instagram while I’m still at a location. I’m obviously not an insta-purist and love posting older photos, but it is awesome to get something edited and published in real time.

So while I have plans to up both my camera gear quality and software editing packages, I’ve gotten pretty good mileage from my old gear, my cell phone, and a free app.

Got any good Instgram tips or updates lately? Please post in the comments below!



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