10 Perfect Cape May Souvenirs & Gifts to Remember Your Seaside Getaway

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Last Updated on: 30th August 2021, 05:05 pm

I adore finding the perfect souvenir for each of my trips, but I love thinking about all the amazing souvenir possibilities even more!

When you go to the Jersey shore, whether you choose to visit thrilling Atlantic City or more laid-back Cape May, the souvenir possibilities are endless! Here are the best souvenirs from Cape May that you need to bring back with you!

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Best Cape May Souvenirs and Cape May Gifts

A Quick Note about Traveling Now

Travel today is filled with a certain level of uncertainty, so please keep your safety and the safety of others in mind at all times. If you are comfortable with traveling, please travel responsibly and within regulation as any travel is at your own risk.

If you do decide to travel at this time, here are some important recommendations:

  • Wear a face mask. 
  • Bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly.
  • Check official websites before your trip for the latest updates on policies, closures, and status of local businesses.
  • Book a hotel with free cancellation in case you need to change your plans at the last minute.

Where to Stay in Cape May

A few tips on finding the best place to stay in Cape May:

First, the closer to the beach, the better! You’re going to want to get up and head to the water straight away, plus you’ll want to wake up every morning to those beautiful ocean views!

Second, think about how much time you’ll plan on spending at your hotel. If you’ll be out of the room most of the time, then you might not need to get as nice of a hotel. However, if you want to enjoy great views and nice amenities like a pool, make sure you look for those things before you book!

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Finally, travel is uncertain right now. Look for accommodations that have flexible booking options. The best hotels in Cape May will understand this and be excited to welcome you in the safest way.

You can find the best Cape May hotels here.

The Best Cape May Souvenirs

In no particular order…

Saltwater Taffy

Assorted Sweet Saltwater Taffy on a Background

This budget-friendly treat is practically synonymous with the Jersey Shore, and no doubt you’ll be indulging during your trip. But why not bring back a box for yourself and a few more to give as gifts? If you’re looking for a Cape May gift for friends or coworkers, saltwater taffy is always appreciated yet won’t break the bank.

Whipped Cream Fudge

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge Ready to Eat

Another must-eat in Cape May is the whipped cream fudge from the Original Fudge Kitchen. This shop has a vintage feel and is set up like an old-time confectionary. A treat for your sweet tooth, if not your waistline, the fudge here is a can’t-miss. This is another great option if you looking for gifts from Cape May to bring home to loved ones.

Local Wine from a Cape May Winery

USA - New Jersey - A grape and wine vineyard in Cape May, New Jersey.

Did you know you can visit wineries and vineyards in Cape May? Whether you plan a day of wine tasting or simply order local wine with your dinner, make sure to pick up a bottle to bring home. It’s the perfect way to remember your trip and keep the relaxation going after your Cape May vacation is over.

Something for Your Best Friend

USA - New Jersey - Boykin spaniel puppy vigorously digging a hole in the sand next to the ocean at an empty beach

One of the best things about a beach vacation is that you can bring your pooch with you! My dog Lucy loves going to the Jersey Shore. To plan the perfect dog-friendly beach vacation, make sure to pick out one of Cape May’s pet-friendly hotels and don’t forget to pick up a special souvenir just for your furry friend!

While I’m partial to hilarious boardwalk portraits, you can also find something a bit more practical at one of Cape May’s pet shops.

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Beach Photography

USA - New Jersey - Aerial view of a beach in Cape May, New Jersey, USA

Whether you take your own photos and have them framed when you get back, or you find the perfect print at one of Cape May’s galleries, tasteful art photography of the beach is a perfect way to remember your trip once you’re back home.

Hand-Crafted Soap

Soaps and cosmetics handmade in Marseilles France

Another budget-friendly Cape May gift option is to pick up some locally crafted soap. Get scents inspired b the sea and plants that grow near the Jersey Shore.

Lighthouse Souvenirs

USA - New Jersey - Cape May - Cape May Lighthouse reflections during a sunset

The Jersey Shore is famous for its lighthouses, and no trip here is complete without visiting one of the lighthouses in or near Cape May. These are great spots to find lighthouse-inspired souvenirs. You can buys model lighthouses, postcards, prints, and even hard-to-find books about the history of the lighthouses in the area!

Something Victorian Architecture-Inspired

USA - New Jersey - Colorful Victorian style houses alongside a road. Beautiful wooden homes with balconies and porches, painted red, blue, white and orange, under a blue summer spring sky, in Cape May, NJ.

After the area’s beautiful and historic lighthouses, the town might be best known for its gorgeous Victorian architecture. You can find souvenirs with these beautiful houses in the form of postcards, pictures, and even Christmas Ornaments!

A Model Lifeboat

USA - New Jersey - Lifeboat on Beach in the morning, Cape May, NJ

If you’re looking for something a bit more nautical, you can’t go wrong with getting a model of the lifeboats that dot the shore! These beautiful old dingeys mark which town you’re in on the shore as well as inspiring visitors with their simple beauty.

Typical New Jersey Kitsch

Jersey Shore souvenir towel

I love traditional kitschy souvenirs! They’re fun, usually functional, and they scream vacation! If you love traditional kitsch too, there’s no shortage of them at Cape May. So whether you’re looking for a refrigerator magnet, a towel, a t-shirt, or even a collectible spoon, you can find them here!

5 Things to Pack for Cape May

Canada - Toronto -Luggage

The Lonely Planet New York & the Mid-Atlantic (Regional Guide) guidebook. It can be kind of a pain to find the major guidebooks once you land, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to pick mine up ahead of time.

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Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS, and general travel genie.

A Camera since Cape May is beautiful! I use a mix of my Nikon D810 and my Samsung8 smartphone these days.

Waterproof Passport Holder so that if something happens when you are near the water, your passport and important IDs don’t get wet. I’ve seen people denied boarding on flights due to wet passports, and you can technically not be allowed to go over the border. 

A Great Day Bag so you can carry what you need with you (like your camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, cash, etc). My current favorite is the Pacsafe Citysafe, which is especially great for Cape May because it has many anti-theft features designed to deter pickpockets. It also transitions to a night bag more easily and won’t embarrass you if you go to dinner directly after sightseeing all day. 

More New Jersey Travel Resources

New Jersey's Cape May Lighthouse captured at sunset from an aerial drone

New Jersey has tons of great spots to explore! I’ve included the state on my round-up of the best East Coast lighthouses. If you’ll be headed to the Garden State off-season, make sure to check out this list of what to do in Atlantic City in winter.

Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!

Before you leave for Cape May make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because accidents happen on the road. I pay for World Nomads, and I happily recommend them. It’s especially important to get travel insurance if you’ll be hanging out in popular tourist spots like Cape May.

I have been a paying customer of World Nomads for travel insurance for four years, and I happily recommend them.  If you get sick, injured, or have your stuff stolen, you’ll be happy to have the ability to pay for your medical bills or replace what’s stolen or broken.

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Best Cape May Souvenirs and Cape May Gifts

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