101 Charming Cottage Names for Your Family Retreat or Vacation Rental

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Wondering what to name your cottage? Here are my favorite cottage names from historic to charming to funny cottage names, and everything in between!

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Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

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The Best Cottage Names

I’ve separated these into different types of names for cottages, plus a glossary so you can put together your own. 

Common Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Pineview Lodge

Moss Manor

Rabbit Hill

Moose Tracks Inn

Lavender Haven

Crested View

Hollyhock House

The Hideaway

Moonlight Trail

Eagle Run

The Whiskey Way Inn 

Quirky Cottage Names 10

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Deerfield Bottom

Huckleberry Retreat

Salt Water Way

The Wayfarer

Gray Whale Watch

Hawk Hideout

The Fox Den

The Overlook

Wanderlust Lookout

Wildhorse Gulch

Cute Cottage Names 

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

The Bunny Barn

Pony Place

Little Cub Cottage

Chickadee Corner

Scout on the Water

Cottage Name Puns

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Made for the Shade

Shore Thing

Snake Shack

Lucky Farms

Peace A Hut

Son of a Beech

Lochs of Love

The Cleans Lake

Fiddler on the Reef

Wish Upon a Starling

Funny Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Life’s a Hoot

The King of the Hill

The Cottage Cheese

My Last Resort

My Old Man

Creepy Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Hell’s Mouth

Hidden Hedges

Crow Cottage

The Garden at Midnight

Hemlock Manner

Lake Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Lakeview Cottage

The Dockside Inn

Lakehaven House

The Boathouse

Water’s Edge Estate

Beach Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Seaside Cottage


Cliff Haven

Sea Point Place

The Cozy Coastal 

Need more ideas? Check out this list of over one hundred beach house names.

Irish Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Abbey View

Páirc Lodge (Park Lodge)

Aisling House (Dream Vision House)

Drom Aluinn (Beautiful Mountain)

Glen Haven House

Scottish Cottage Names

UK - Scotland - Highlands - Two sheep walking on street in Scotland

An Teallach (The Fireplace)

Monkwood House


Sealladh Loch (Lake View)

Rams Cottage

English Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Woodlands Cottage

The Croft

Yew Tree Cottage

The Orchard House

The Nook

Swedish Cottage Names

Sweden Cottage Names

Attefalls (a small cabin or cottage less than 320 square meters)

Kolonistuga (a summer cottage)

Stuga (a small house)

Hytt (hut)

Kabin (cabin)

French Cottage Names

Valensole lavender fields, Provence, France

A De La Colline (Side of the Hill)

Chez Recoin (Our Nook)

Notre Maison (Our Home)

Haute Vue (High View)

Belle Vue (Beautiful View)

American Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

The Lincoln Lodge

Huckleberry Place

The Eagle’s Nest

Pineview Manor

Rockies Road

Canadian Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Slopeside Chalet

Lakeview Cabin

Hawk Hill 

Moose Tracks

Rocky Views

Welsh Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Awel-deg Cottage (Beautiful Breeze)

Gelli Aur Cottage (Golden Grove)

Cuddfan Cottage (The Hiding Place)

Galwad-y-môr Cottage (The Call of the Sea)

Murmur-y-coed Cottage (The Murmur of the Trees)

Yorkshire Cottage Names

Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

Albion Cottage

Granary Cottage

Waverly Cottage

Marsh Cottage

Dobbin Cottage

Cottage Glossary: How to Make Your Own Cottage Name

Here is a list of nature, oceanic, nautical words plus some good descriptions and architectural terms that you can mix and match. Feel free to suggest more words for this list in the comments at the end of this post!

A: Abode, Adventure, Ahoy, Albacore, Albatross, Algae, Amethyst, Anchor, Anchovie, Angelfish, Apartment, Aqua, Asea, Ash, Ashore, Aspen, Astonish, Astonishing, Atlantic, Atlas, Auk, Auklet, Avenue, Away, Azure

B: Banana, Barefoot, Barn, Barnacle, Barracuda, Bay, Bayfront, Bayside, Bayview, Baywater, Beach, Beachcast, Beachcomber, Beaches, Beachfront, Beachy, Bear, Beaver, Beech, Bend, Bikini, Birch, Bird, Birdie, Blackbird, Blackpool, Blacktop, Bleau de France, Bliss, Blue, Blue Fin, Blue Jay, Boardwalk, Boat, Bobcat, Bottom, Breakwater, Breakwaters, Breeze, Bronze, Brother, Brothers, Buddy, Buddies, Bumblebee, Bungalow, Butte, Butterfly

C: Cabana, Cabin, Call, Calm, Camp, Campfire, Canary, Candle, Canoe, Canteen, Cape, Capricorn, Captain, Cardinal, Catch, Caye, Cedar, Cerulean, Cherry, Chrystal, Chickadee, Chipmunk, Clam, Cliff, Cliffs, Cliffside, Climb, Cloud, Clouds, Cloudy, Coach, Coach House, Coast, Coastal, Cobalt, Coconut, Cod, Compass, Conch, Condo, Coral, Cormorant, Corner, Cot, Cottage, Country, Countryside, Cove, Coyote, Crab, Crest, Crested, Crimson, Croft, Crow, Current, Curve, Cuttlefish, Cyan

D: Daffodil, Dandelion, Deep, Deepend, Deer, Delight, Desert, Destination, Detour, Dip, Discover, Discovery, Dock, Dockside, Dogfish, Dolphin, Dory, Dove, Drift, Driftwood, Duchess, Duck, Dune, Dwell, Dwelling

E: Eastern, Ebb, Eel, Egret, Egyptian Blue, Emerald, Escape, Estate, Evening, Evening Star, Evergreen

F: Fair, Fairview, Family, Fantasy, Fin, Finch, Fire, Firs, Fish, Fisherman, Fishing, Flashlight, Flamingo, Flies, Flip-Flop, Flounder, Flow, Fly, Flying Fish, Flyover, Footprint, Forest, Friend, Friendly, Friendship, Fun

G: Gable, Gables, Garnet, Gather, Geography, Glass, Glassy, Glen, Go, Gold, Golden, Goldfinch, Goose, Gone, Grass, Great, Green, Greenacres, Greenery, Grouper, Grove, Gulf, Gull

H: Hammock, Harbor, Harborside, Harborview, Haven, Hawk, Hearth, Heat, Heather, Heaven, Heavens, Hermit, Heron, Herring, Hide, Hideaway, Hideout, Hiding, High, Highfield, High Tide, Hill, Hillcrest, Hillock, Hills, Hillside, Hilltop, Hike, Holiday, Hollies, Holly, Hollyhock, Home, Honey, Honeysuckle, Hope, Horseshoe Crab, Hotel, Hummingbird, Hurricane, Hut

I: Iguana, Indigo, Island, Isle, Ivory, Ivy

J: Jade, Jellyfish, Jetty, John Dory, Jungle 

K: Kayak, Keen, Keep, Kelly, Kelp, Kindling, King, Kingfisher, Kinglet, Kiss, Kit, Kite, Kites, Kits, Knapsack, Knife, Krill

L: Lagoon, Laguna, Lake, Lakeshore, Lantern, Lattitude, Laurel, Lavender, Lemon, Light, Lighthouse, Lilac, Lily, Lime, Little, Lionfish, Lobster, Lodge, Log, Loggerhead, Lookout, Love

M: Mackerel, Magic, Mahi-Mahi, Mallard, Manor, Manta Ray, Map, Maple, Mapping, Maps, Marine, Maritime, Marshmallows, Mauve, Maverick, Maya Blue, Meadow, Meadows, Migration, Mill, Mint, Mirror, Mockingbird, Mollusc, Monsoon, Moon, Moose, Morning, Morningstar, Moss, Mount, Mountain, Mountains, Murmur, Murmuring, Mussel

N: Nantucket, Narwahl, National, Nature, Natural, Nautical, Nautilus, Navigate, Navigator, Needles, Needle Fish, Nemo, Nest, Night, Nightengale, Nightime, Nook, Northern

O: Oak, Oaklands, Oar, Ocean, Oceanfront, Oceangrass, Oceanside, Oceanview, Oceanward, Octopus, Odyssey, Old, Olive, Open, Orange, Orca, Orchard, Orchid, Otter, Outdoors, Outside, Overlook, Overlooking, Overnight, Oyster

P: Pacific, Paddle, Palm, Panther, Paradise, Park, Passport, Patch, Path, Pave, Peace, Peach, Pearl, Pebble, Pelican, Penguin, Peninsula, Penthouse, Perch, Periwinkle, Petrel, Picture, Picturing, Pier, Pigeon, Pine, Pinecone, Pine Needles, Pinetree, Pinetrees, Pineapple, Pirate, Place, Plankton, Pleasure, Plum, Point, Pointe, Porcupine, Porpoise, Port, Post, Prarie, Prawn, Primrose, Prion, Prince, Princess, Promenade, Pufferfish, Puffin, Purple

Q: Queen, Queenbird, Quest, Quicksilver, Quiet, Quill

R: Raccon, Rain, Ram, Ramshead, Ranger, Ray, Razorbill, Rectory, Red, Reef, Reel, Relax, Remote, Resort, Rest, Retreat, Return, Revelation, Ring Road, Riptide, River, Riverside, Riverview, Riviera, Road, Romantic, Rope, Rose, Route, Ruby, Run, Russian Blue

S: Safe, Safety, Sage, Sail, Salt, Saltwater, Salty, Sand, Sandbank, Sandbar, Sandbox, Sandcastle, Sandollar, Sand Dune, Sander, Sandpiper, Sandshoe, Sandspit, Sandstone, Sandstorm, Sandy, Sangria, Sapphire, Sardine, Scallop, Scarlet, Scenery, School, Scoter, Scooter, Sea, Seabeach, Seaborne, Seadog, Seafloor, Seaglass, Seagrass, Seagull, Seahorse, Seal, Sealion, Seamark, Seascape, Seashell, Seashore, Seaside, Sea Star, Sea Turtle, Sea Urchin, Seaview, Seaward, Seaweed,  Secret, Secrets, Serpent, Seven, Seven Seas, Shack, Shark, Shearwater, Shell, Ship, Shipwreck, Shipwrecked, Shoal, Shore, Shorefront, Shoreline, Shores, Shoreview, Shrimp, Silver, Sister, Sisters, Skim, Skimmer, Snail, Snapper, Solar, Southern, Spanish Blue, Spice, Sponge, Spruce, Squid, Squirrel, Stables, Starboard, Star, Starfish, Starling, Stars, Stingray, Stone, Storm, Submarine, Sugar, Sugarcube, Sugar Maple, Suit, Summer, Sun, Sunbath, Sunbathers, Sundown, Sundowner, Sunfish, Sunflower, Sunny, Sunnyside, Sunscreen, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunshine, Sunglasses, Surf, Surfboard, Sweet, Swell, Swordfish, Sycamore, Sylvan

T: Tan, Tanned, Tarp, Tarpon, Tea, Teal, Tern, Terrain, Tide, Tide Pool, Tiger Shark, Time, Timing, Toes, Townhouse, Trail, Trailer, Trail Mix, Tranquil, Treasure, Tree, Trees, Trek, Trip, Tropic, Tropical, Trunks, Tsunami, Tuna, Turtle, Tuscan

U: Ultramarine, Umbrella, Unicornfish, Unique, Urchin

V: Vacation, Vale, Valley, Velvet Crab, Vicarage, Violet, Vista, Voyage

W: Walk, Walking, Walrus, Wander, Wandering, Washing, Water, Waterfall, Wave, Waverly, Waves, Water, Waters, Water’s Edge, Wayfarer, Wayfaring, Wayside, Weather, Weekend, Weekender, Western, Whale, Wharf, Whelk, Whisper, Whitewater, Wild, Wilderness, Wildfire, Wildlife, Willow, Willows, Wind, Winds, Wine, Wolf, Wolves, Wood, Woodlands, Woodpecker, Woods, Woodside

X: I can’t think of any, can you? If so, leave it in the comments!

Y: Yearly, Yellow, Yellowfin, Yellowtail, Yew Tree, Yule

Z: Zeal, Zoo

Tips for Naming Your Cottage

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Do use wildlife and geographic terms that make sense for the area. For example, it’s lovely to use the word Cape on a cape, but not if there’s isn’t one around. The same goes for using wildlife terms to reflect the nearby wildlife. 

Don’t use offensive words like Gypsy, Sea Gypsy, etc. Especially if you’re using the name to brand a vacation rental.

Don’t use brand names if you’re naming a commercial property or vacation rental. 

Do combine word types. For example, mix a color with an animal, or an animal with an architectural term. 

Do think of more than I’ve put on this list. The sky is the limit! You can take one off here, or use the words to inspire your unique combination!

Don’t name your cottage something too similar to the homes around yours. You are naming the cottage partially to set it apart and make it easier to locate. 

Do consider using your name. A first name combined with another word is a great option, especially if you can turn it into a pun or use alliteration. 

Do consider getting a sign made or making a sign on your own. This can go outside the house or decorate the entryway or main room.

Don’t feel weird naming your cottage! Whether you need to brand a rental cottage or simply want to add a bit of joy to your family vacation home, every cottage deserves a name!

Don’t overestimate your home’s proximity to water. While a house two blocks from the lake is a lot closer than your house back in the city, don’t name it lake view if you don’t have one! This is especially important if you’re marketing the home for renters. 

Do consider naming your cottage after any purpose it used to serve, like a church or post office.

Do make sure you know what the words mean that you choose. Don’t go off of just how the words sound together!

Don’t use a wood type for a name if the house isn’t made from it or if there aren’t any nearby. A cottage with the word “pine” in the name needs to be either made from pine wood or near pine trees.

Don’t forget to pick something you’ll love! Even if you are naming your cottage for future renters, you’re the one who has to live with it!

Don’t be afraid to change it later if you find you don’t love what you picked. You can rebrand between seasons (just make sure any repeat renters know it’s still you).

Interested in More Name Ideas

Need more inspiration? Check out these ideas for RV names (camper van names), beach house names, cottage names, and cabin names!

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Cottage Names - What to Name Your Cottage

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  1. More English cottage names I’ve dug up…

    Rose Cottage
    The Laurels
    The Hollies
    Primrose Cottage
    The Firs
    Ivy Cottage
    Meadow View
    Honeysuckle Cottage
    Cuckoo Cottage
    Fox Hollow
    Mole End
    Rookery Nook
    Squirrels Leap
    Wishing Well Cottage

  2. Thanks for this – it will be very helpful as we try to come up with the “Best” and “Perfect” name!

    Oh, has anyone suggested Xanadu for X?

  3. Hi! I enjoyed your post. I wanted to add the words Hydrangea and perhaps Catmint to your list?

    I thought Hydrangea Hideaway was a nice name.

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