Ultimate Moldova Packing List: What to pack for Moldova for Women & Men

Moldova - Triumphal Arch - Pixabay - Chisinau

Are you planning a trip to Moldova and wondering what to bring with you? Between figuring out what to wear in Chisinau, Transnistria, and the monasteries in the countryside, packing for Moldova might seem a bit complicated. It’s actually an easy country to travel, and this Moldova packing list should make it easy for you. … Read more

The Ultimate Montreal Packing List for Women & Men (Including Winter!)

Canada - Montreal -Biodome - Pixabay

Are you planning a trip to Canada and wondering what to wear in Montreal? The glamorous city feels more like taking a trip to Europe than to anywhere in North America, and you’ll want to dress accordingly. Skip anything that screams tourist, and opt for slightly more style. Here is my Montreal packing list, including … Read more

What to Pack for Ireland: the Ultimate Northern Ireland & Ireland Packing List

Ireland - Waterfall - Free Canva

I’ve spent about a month traveling through Ireland and Northern Ireland over several trips, visiting almost every county. I’ve spent nearly twenty days on road trips across the country, so I know what it’s like to pack for multiple kinds of activities while living out of a backpack. I’ve also gone on luxury trips in … Read more

What to Pack for Germany: the Ultimate Germany Packing List for Women & Men

Germany - castle - pixabay

Are you planning a trip to Central Europe and wondering what to wear in Germany? A trip to Germany can encapsulate a lot of different kinds of travel in a short time span. While many will focus on the cities like Berlin and Munich, others will choose to explore nature in Germany’s parks. Here’s everything … Read more

What to Pack for Georgia: The Ultimate Georgia Packing List for Women and Men

Georgia - Shopping - Tibilisi

Wondering what to pack for Georgia and the Caucasus? Trips to this part of the world often include time spent exploring the chich capital of Tbilisi, hikes in some of the country’s lush mountains, visits to sleepy monasteries, and nights spent transiting between cities. Your bags will be potentially shoved into the backs of marshrutkas, … Read more

Armenia Packing List: Everything You Need to Pack for Armenia for Women and Men

Armenia - Yerevan - Mount Ararat

Many people who travel to the Caucasus are wondering what to pack for Armenia since most people’s travel itinerary here will include stops at many ancient monasteries and important churches. When visiting holy pilgrimage sites like Geghard Monastery, you want to know that you’re wearing culturally appropriate clothes. As anyone who’s fond of visiting Orthodox Monasteries … Read more

Azerbaijan Packing List: What to Pack for Azerbaijan for Women and Men

Azerbaijan - Ordubad - Mosque

Planning a trip to Azerbaijan? You might be wondering what to pack to visit this relatively little-traveled country. For many, questions about appropriate dress pop up whenever visiting a majority-Muslim nation. While Azerbaijan is a secular country, there are a few times during your trip when you’ll need to be cognizant of how Islamic customs … Read more