10 Best Books about Belize


Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell Beka Lamb is the first published novel of Belize-born and raised writer Zee Edgell. It was originally published in 1982 which was right after the country became independent. The novel has won Britain’s Fawcett’s Society Book Prize in the same year and it is also the first novel from Belize … Read more

101 Perfect Beach Songs Plus a Free Spotify Summer Songs Beach Playlist!

I love a beach trip, and there’s nothing better than having the exact right beach playlist ready to go when you get to the beach (or if you’re on your way). Here’s are the best beach songs and a free Spotify summer songs beach playlist you can use whenever you want! This list includes the best … Read more

The 9 Best Books About France: the best French Novels, Language Textbooks, Memoirs for Your Trip to France

France - Paris - Woman Reading

Whether you’re looking to read a few books about France before you travel or you want to immerse yourself in French literature and language at home, here are the best novels and books about France to get you started! The Best Books About France You Should Read Paris has been inspiring people for centuries not … Read more

50 Fabulous Songs about California & Free California Playlist

California - Los Angeles - Couple watching sunset from popular view point in Los Angeles, California. Sitting on the sport convertible car hood

Whether you’re heading out on Route 66 or another fabulous California road trip, you will need some tunes to bob to on the drive. I have a giant list of road trip songs, but if you want something a bit more specific to California for when you hit the Cali portion of Route 66, this … Read more

101 Perfect Road Trip Songs for an Epic Road Trip Playlist!

Looking for a great road trip playlist? Well, look no further! This list includes my personal favorite road trip songs, recommendations from road trip experts, catchy hits, and a few surprises. This road trip playlist spans decades, genres, and countries, so there’s something here for everyone! Save this post so you can play these road … Read more

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The 10 Best Bollywood Travel Movies to Spark Your Wanderlust

India - Bollywood

I love the idea of watching a Bollywood travel movie, but I don’t know where to start! After Bride & Prejudice (and its luscious scenes from Goa and London) I’m at a loss for where to go next! (And does that move even count as Bollywood)? So I asked Mayuri from Canada Crossroads, an Indian-Canadian travel expert, … Read more

15 Books about Gettysburg to Inspire Your Civil War Travels

The Virginia Memorial at Gettysburg

I wrote yesterday about my visit to Gettysburg over the weekend.  While browsing the gift shop at the Visitor’s center, I stopped to check out their extensive selection of Civil War inspired nonfiction and novels.  Between visiting Gettysburg and seeing Margaret Mitchell’s house in May, I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about the Civil War and … Read more

5 Books to Read on Vacation: Travel Memoirs, Beach Reads, and More!

Best Books to Read on Vacation_ Travel Memoirs, Beach Reads, and More!

Most of the time, choosing the best books to read on vacation is just as important as choosing the destination of your vacation. I mean, after all, a good book can change your life! Finding the right books at your preferred location – whether it’s on a beach, plane, long train ride, or in bed … Read more

Destination Russia: A Delightful Travel Memoir about the Voyage East

Russia - Moscow - Destination Russia Memoir

Of the things that I’m completely obsessed with, communist monuments, signage in Cyrillic, and rusted Soviet cars are high atop my list. That’s pretty much how I ended up living in Eastern Europe-the draw of a beautifully faded Cyrillic sign. Can’t Read Now? Pin for later! I’m Obsessed with Eastern Europe and the Former USSR … Read more