17 Things to Know Before You Go to Baby Shark Live: Tips for Seeing the Baby Shark Live Tour with Toddlers + Kids

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Last Updated on: 6th February 2023, 03:15 pm

If you have a toddler or small child in your life who is obsessed with watching Baby Shark on YouTube, then you might be curious about what it’s like to see the Baby Shark Live Tour in person with toddlers or young children.

We just got back from going to the Baby Shark concert with my toddler (who’s almost three-year-old), and I can honestly say that it was a great experience!

…But we were also VERY prepared for what to expect ahead of time. This helped things go smoothly, even when we hit snafus.

To have the most fun, stress-free, and safe time at the show, here are seventeen essential tips for going to see Baby Shark Live!

If you can think of any tips I’ve forgotten, leave them in the comments so we can share them!

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Things to Know Before You Go to Baby Shark Live Tips for Seeing the Baby Shark Live Tour with Toddlers and Kids

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Tips for Going to See the Baby Shark Live Tour with Toddlers and Young Children

Here we go!

Should You Go to Baby Shark Live?

If you have little ones in your life who love Baby Shark, and going to the show fits into your budget, then you should definitely consider going to the show!

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Of course, the logistics also matter too – going anywhere with a young kid can be an adventure all of its own – and not always in a good way.

But if you prepare yourself for the logistics and you can afford the tickets, then I think you should go to Baby Shark Live.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Stephanie and Jordan during intermission
I loved the experience as much as he did!

It’s a fun, blessedly short show that Baby Shark fans go bananas over. I loved watching my son react to seeing the characters in person – it blew his mind.

The show is recommended for ages 2-6, but I saw children who were both younger and older (especially siblings going with their families).

So if you are worried if your child is old enough or young enough to enjoy it, you have an idea of what the target age range is.

And yes, he’s not old enough to remember going, but we will always have the photos and I get to cherish the memories of our little adventure together forever.

So while seeing the show was for him, seeing him enjoy the show was for me. They grow up so fast, and one day he won’t want me to go to concerts with him. But we’ll always have Baby Shark!

Finding a Baby Shark Concert Near Your

Even though you would think that our household would be the prime target for Baby Shark Live ads, I only found out about it when I was researching my article about seeing the WWE live.

So if you haven’t heard about upcoming events near you, you can keep an eye on the Baby Shark website for their upcoming schedule.

Their schedule shows dates for the next two months at a time, so bookmark it and come back and check again in the future if there’s nothing by you now.

The show tends to bounce around geographically, with performances in small, medium, and large North American markets in the USA and Canada.

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Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Attending a WWE Live Event - WWE Raw - WWE Smackdown - Paycom Center
Our event was at our NBA basketball arena, but they have them all over the USA and Canada at lots of different kinds of venues.

It’s even coming to some places you might not expect, like Chattanooga, Binghamton, Shippensburg, and Morristown, along with larger cities like Los Angeles, Toledo, Charlottesville, and New York.

If you want to be able to buy pre-sale tickets, you can sign up for the Baby Shark email list on their website. This will give you access to presale ticket codes, as well as help you learn about shows in your area as early as possible.

How to Buy Baby Shark Live Tickets

The only official ticket venue for purchasing tickets to Baby Shark online is Ticketmaster.

You can find them by going directly to Ticketmaster or clicking the “Buy Tickets” link through the Baby Shark website or the website of the event center.

Note that the concert tickets and the Meet and Greet Upgrade are separate, so don’t accidentally only purchase the upgrade if you are planning on going to the show.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan wearing a baby shark costume with Allison

Some event venues will have tickets for sale at the box office, but I wouldn’t wait until the day of the show to purchase your tickets.

Our event did not sell out, but it is always possible that a show will be sold out if you wait to purchase your tickets too late.

Where to Sit in the Arena & Tips for Getting the Best Baby Shark Seats for Your Money

While the floor seats are the closest, they can be significantly more expensive than seats up a level. Of course, it depends entirely on the layout of your venue.

Spend some time weighing the price of tickets (including the Ticketmaster fees – which yikes!) with the benefit of the seats.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Baby Shark Live Tour - Watching the Concert - Jordan
Our seats were closer than they look in the picture, and my son was mesmerized the whole time.

You want to be close enough to be able to see without obstruction, but you don’t have to be in the front row for your little one to have a great time.

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We did end up with partially obstructed seats that were not marked as such. This is because the stage that was erected had sides that stuck out and blocked the far back left portion of the stage.

This didn’t end up being a problem except during one small portion of the show, but I was annoyed anyway.

If you are really concerned, you can call your performing arts center or concert venue and discuss it with them directly before you click buy.

Something to keep in mind is that the lights are out during the show and the stage is brightly illuminated, so your toddler will know where to focus – even if you are sitting further away.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Baby Shark Dancing
Baby Shark and friends dancing!

Other things to consider before purchasing your tickets are where your seats are located in relation to bathrooms, food concessions, and your parking or public transit options.

You may find that seats further away from the stage but nearer your car and the bathrooms make for an easier (and more fun!) day out with a little one than just getting as close as possible.

You should also consider safety issues like how close you will be to a balcony or staircase – especially if you will be going with kids known to climb, bolt, or flail.

You should also think about how to sit strategically for a smooth experience. I appreciated having my sister there with me to corral my son into his seat with no way to run away (or “swim away” as he sometimes says before running as fast as he can away from us).

While the kids around us stayed put for the show, waiting times like intermission were more of a struggle, with kids wanting to climb staircases, over chairs, and generally see if they could cause a little chaos.

Where to Stay Near the Concert if You are Traveling from Out of Town

If you are coming in from out of town, try to book your hotel early and get one near your venue. You can avoid paying extra parking fees if you can walk to and from your hotel.

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If you need a car when you’re in town, I like to use Discover Cars for car rentals when I travel.

Call ahead before your pick-up date to make sure a car seat will be ready for your trip.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Baby Shark Live Tour - Jordan asleep on the way home from the concert
If you rent a car, make sure to get the appropriate car seats arranged ahead of time.

I also always get travel insurance on trips in case of a medical emergency or something happens to my stuff. You can get a quote for travel insurance from World Nomads.

Cost for Attending Baby Shark Live: Tickets, Parking, and Food Prices for Baby Shark Live

We were quite happy with how much we spent on the experience. After the price of the tickets, we really kept our expenses down.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what we spent to see Baby Shark Live in concert:

3 Tickets including Ticketmaster Fees: $166.70 (includes Ticketmaster fees)

Parking across the street: $10

Baby Shark Costume: $13.84

Concessions: $8.15

Total Cost for 3 People to Attend Baby Shark Live: $198.69 ($66.23 per person)

Notes: As you can see, ticket prices aren’t cheap, and they accounted for 84% of our total costs. We could have seen it cheaper by parking further away or not buying any concessions.

There were also tickets that were further away and cheaper, but we bought tickets in the middle of the available price range. I think they were a great compromise between closeness and price.

However, I’m seven months pregnant so parking close was a must, and we only bought popcorn when the show got postponed in the second act and we didn’t know how long we had until my son would go from antsy to tantrum-y.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Stephanie and Jordan during intermission
We had no idea we’d get so much use out of this costume when we bought it!

While we didn’t buy the Baby Shark outfit for the show – he was already going to be Baby Shark for Halloween, I do think it was wonderful that we had it ready to go, and I would definitely buy it if we didn’t already own it. More on this in the “what to wear” section.

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Pro Tip: If you are planning to take a large group to see Baby Shark, like a school field trip or church trip, you can contact your event center to see if group pricing is available.

Photography and Videography at Baby Shark Live

There are two photography and videography policies you need to be aware of – both the official Baby Shark policies and the policies of your local venue.

According to Baby Shark Live, their camera policy is as follows:

“Yes, we wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity to capture this special moment!

However, professional photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Round Shark LLC.

Even if your camera gear just appears professional, you may be asked to take it out of the performance space.

Many of the venues we visit have their own camera policies, which their staff members must enforce. We recommend checking your local venue’s policy, too!”

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Stephanie and Jordan before the concert
My pics are grainy and not professional, but they will last a lifetime!

For our event venue, the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, the photography rules are specific to cameras with detachable lenses. I could have brought my point-and-shoot Sony ZV-1, but I opted to just bring my iPhone and focus on the experience instead of the photography.

I couldn’t have brought my DSLR since it has detachable lenses.

Another photography experience we decided to forgo was the separate upgraded Baby Shark Live! Photo Experience Meet & Greet.

This is a separate after-show half-hour event where your children can meet Baby Shark & Pinkfong.

You take your own photos during this photo experience, so make sure your cameras are still charged at the end of the concert!

While I’m sure my son would have loved it, I couldn’t justify adding another $150 to the cost of attending when the entire day was a last-minute splurge.

However, for families that do go to the photo experience, I’d love to hear how it went!

What to Bring to Baby Shark Live

You can’t bring that much. Rules for purses and bag sizes are set by the local venue. I looked up all the rules of the Paycom Center before I left the house since I had an issue with the size of my purse at a local professional soccer game recently.

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Different arenas have different security rules that will influence what you can bring with you. For example, our event didn’t allow in any snacks or sippy cups, which lead to some parents having to throw theirs out to get into the show.

It was strange to not be able to take basic toddler-care items with us even though we were going to a concert for toddlers, but since I knew ahead of time, I was able to make sure we had snacks in the car ready to go after the show.

We also drank and ate a snack in the parking lot before going inside the venue.

And honestly, if your venue is like ours and your child doesn’t know how to drink out of a normal cup or bottle, I don’t know what you’d do unless you bring in an empty sippy cup and hope they don’t toss it.

And that doesn’t even get into the fact that most venues don’t have toddler-friendly snack options.

So now that we’ve covered some issues with what you can’t bring, here’s what you want to bring with you:

Make sure to bring your tickets or have them downloaded onto your phone via the Ticketmaster app.

You’ll also want to bring your ID.

Don’t bring more than you need, since floor space in these kinds of venues tends to be minimal.

Here’s everything I brought with me:

Cell Phone with Tickets Loaded

Drivers License

Credit Cards*



Hair Tie

Change of toddler clothes and underwear in case of a potty emergency

*Our arena is a cashless venue so you cannot use cash at the point of purchase, but bring cash if yours doesn’t take cards for everything.

I left our diaper bag, snacks, and everything else we needed in the car so we would have access to it on the way to and from the concert.

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You do not need to bring a vaccination card unless your venue specifies it. One was not required at our venue.

What to Wear to See Baby Shark Live

The two best options for planning your attire are to dress up in a Baby Shark-themed outfit or dress super comfortably.

You’ll be sitting in your seats anywhere from ninety minutes to two and a half hours, so being comfortable is HUGE.

I wore black leggings with a comfy black sweatshirt, and I loved it. For shoes, I wore these comfy knock-off Uggs that kept my feet happy.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan wearing a baby shark costume
If your children dress up in costume, be assured they won’t be the only ones! My son made another Baby Shark friend waiting in line.

My son wore his Baby Shark Costume that we’d bought for Halloween, and he LOVED being dressed up as Baby Shark. (Here’s the kid-size version).

If your child would rather have a blue or pink costume, here is the kid-size Daddy Shark costume and Mommy Shark costume. And here are the baby and toddler sizes for the Daddy Shark and Mommy Shark costumes.

If your child would prefer a t-shirt over a costume, here are somg cute options for Baby Shark t-shirts.

The fun thing about the kids dressing up (besides the fact that they loved it) is that other kids loved it too. It was so fun to watch the other kids react to my son’s costume.

One thing I did not expect was how many adults also dressed up!

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan wearing a baby shark costume - parents wearing baby shark t-shirts
This family bought matching shirts for every member of the family!

I saw full Daddy Shark and Mommy Shark outfits, tons of Shark Family t-shirts, and even an entire family in matching t-shirts that labeled every family member.

Pro Tip: Buy a shirt or outfit to wear ahead of time. Shirts sold at the venue as Baby Shark Official merchandise were two or three times more expensive than what you can find online!

Where to Park Near the Concert Center

Look up your venue’s parking options ahead of time so you have a game plan. This will also help you budget since you can see prices and how they change over distances.

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The parking lot across the street was $10 during Baby Shark Live! but $20 during the WWE event.

We parked in the closest possible lot, and snagged a second-row space, by showing up early.

Make sure to find out if the place you want to park takes cash or credit card or has a time limit.

How Early Should You Be to See Baby Shark Live

For our show, the doors opened an hour before the start of the showtime.

I think it’s a good idea to get there when the doors open. This will give you and your child enough time to explore the venue a bit, which is nice if it’s your kid’s first experience at this kind of event!

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan exploring the concert venue before the show
Give your kids time to experience the venue and find the potty before going to your seats!

This also means you won’t be stressed trying to get to your seat as quickly as possible or have to climb stairs with a young child in the dark after the show starts.

Another thing to consider when deciding how early to get there is that you will want to leave yourself time to visit the restroom, either to let your child get familiar with the venue’s potties or in case you need to do a last-minute diaper change.

What Baby Shark Songs Will Be Performed at the Show

It’s important to know that there are different versions of the show, so you can’t know exactly what songs will be performed. They do perform their hit songs, but they also add in some others as well.

We saw the Baby Shark Live!: 2022 Splash Tour. Some of my son’s favorite songs were performed during the show, and some weren’t. Here’s a sample of what we saw:

Wheels on the Bus

Monkey Banana Dance

Five Little Monkeys

Jungle Boogie

Baby Shark Dance

There’s also a holiday version of the show called Baby Shark Live!: the Christmas Show. I don’t know what songs will be different for a holiday-themed show.

As the Pinkfong Company / Round Room Live creates new shows and expands on its concert experience, I think they will work on including a mix of classic songs and new hit songs.

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What to Eat and Drink During Baby Shark Live

Our venue had lots of snack options for adults, but not a lot of toddler-friendly fares. We ended up getting popcorn, but I did see families sharing nachos and other, messier snacks.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan eating popcorn - what to eat at Baby Shark Live concert
Popcorn seemed like the easiest, least expensive, and the least messy option of what was available.

I could have snuck in some healthier options, but I didn’t feel like going to great lengths.

Instead, we just ate before and after, and we bought the most healthy-ish option I could find when we got in a jam.

How is Going to See Baby Shark in Person Different than Watching on YouTube or Nick Jr?

My son was so fixated during most of the show that it was like he was watching the opera. He was paying attention to everything and taking it all in, but he didn’t want to sing along to his favorite songs (and I definitely wasn’t allowed to).

By the time of the finale, he started singing as he watched the Baby Shark Dance song, but before that he acted more like it was THEATRE and less like it was a sing-a-long.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Baby Shark Live Tour - Baby Shark and Pinkfong
Pinkfong & Baby Shark finally found each other!

Unlike on Youtube, the show we saw wasn’t just songs but had a narrative arc. This made it a little more fun for fans of all ages.

Tips for Bringing Toddlers and Young Children to Baby Shark Live (Going as a Family)

We’ve discussed a lot of tips already – like planning ahead for not being able to bring in your own snacks and picking a seat with safety and convenience in mind.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

First, your child may be scared or react differently than you expect. Let them know what to expect in advance, and give them room to experience the show for themselves. If they start out frightened, they may just be feeling overwhelmed and need time to adjust.

Second, have a backup plan for what to do if things go wrong. We knew we weren’t buying any snacks, but I also knew what snack we would buy in a pinch.

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When the show went off during the second half and my son started to get antsy, we were able to execute our backup plan quickly. AKA Operation Get that Toddler Some Popcorn.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Jordan eating popcorn - what to eat at Baby Shark Live concert
Emergency popcorn saved the day and only added a little bit to our total costs.

Third, bring a backup adult if you can. My husband couldn’t go, so I got my sister to volunteer as tribute.

Two adults per toddler is an ideal ratio. I could have done it on my own, but it went much smoother with two since we were able to divide and conquer the various situations encountered throughout the afternoon.

Fourth, don’t be hard on yourself when things don’t go as you planned. You’re trying to give a child in your life a great experience, but not everything is in your control. Be prepared and then go with the flow.

Finally, ignore the naysayers! If people in your life think it’s silly to go to a concert for a toddler, just politely do your own thing. I had fun watching my son watch Baby Shark Dance, and he had fun going.

It’s no one else’s business if this is how I choose to spend one afternoon with my son. It’s not their money or their time. Yes, tickets today are expensive, but this is the first concert he’s ever been to, and I would make the same choice again.

Baby Shark Souvenirs You Can Buy at the Show

There are Pinkfong & Baby Shark souvenirs for sale at the show. You can find everything from t-shirts to lights to stuffed animals.

I do think that the quality isn’t as good as what you can buy online, and the prices are outrageous.

If you really want your child to have a souvenir, you might have a better time buying a toy online ahead of time and just bringing it with you to give to them at the show or right after.

As someone whose house has QUITE A BIT of baby shark paraphernalia in it (including entire Baby Shark toddler bedroom sets and wall decals), here are some of my son’s favorites:

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Baby Shark Finger Puppets – we have two sets and my mom has a set at her house. And honestly, no toy has ever been as loved or as played with as these finger puppets.

Playing with Baby Shark Finger Puppets in Kansas City
We don’t go anywhere without our Baby Shark Finger Puppets

Baby Shark Plushie – he loves to hold this while wearing his costume

Baby Shark Dancing DJ – too big to take with you to the show but he loves his and uses it all the time

Baby Shark Baby Alive Doll – we’ve been using this to talk to him about how we are going to be gentle with his little sister when she gets here soon

Baby Shark Coloring Book – if you want to have an activity to take home with your or do afterward instead of a toy

Baby Shark Story Book – great to keep them entertained before the show and during intermission. I wish I’d thought to bring ours!

Safety Tips for Going to Baby Shark Live

I found the event very safe to attend, but I’m still glad we considered things like stairs, balconies, and railings before selecting our seats.

Safety protocols are determined by the venue but expect that everyone will have to go through a metal detector and a bag search to enter.

There are some typical common-sense safety concerns you’ll want to keep in mind, of course:

First, keep track of your belongings. Don’t flash cash or valuables to avoid pickpockets. While I hope there’s not rampant pickpocketing at your toddler’s concert, you never know.

Second, don’t imbibe and drive. If they are selling adult beverages, don’t put yourself and your child in danger.

Third, carefully consider which seat you will be in and which your child or children will be in. Having the aisle blocked was clutch for us.

Going to Baby Shark Live Tips - Stephanie and Jordan before the concert
Two adults per child was a great way to keep the toddler wrangled!

Fourth, discuss with any other adults what the plan will be if you get separated or if a child wanders off. This way, if something goes wrong, you can put your plan into action.

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Baby Shark Live Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I think I’ve covered almost everything, but here are the most common questions people have about going to a Baby Shark Live! concert in person.

How long does Baby Shark live last?

The show is one hour, divided into two thirty-minute halves. There is a twenty-minute intermission between halves, so the total time you will be in your seats is eighty minutes plus however much time you spend before the show.

What do they do at Baby Shark Live?

The show is a live-action concert with a small plot that involves Pinkfong and Hogi finding Baby Shark and having songs and dancing along the way.

Does Baby Shark Live have good reviews?

I didn’t even think to look up concert reviews of Baby Shark Live ahead of time, but one of the other adults in our row mentioned he had when deciding whether to go to the show.

While you’ll find reviews running the gamut online, the headline of this one was spot on: “I Went to Baby Shark Live & It Was Basically a Rave For Kids.”

The songs are familiar, the plot is easy to understand, and it’s all designed for kids. It’s not Shakespeare or a Taylor Swift concert, but your little ones will think it’s just as great.

Can You Get a Refund if You Can’t Go to the Show?

If your show is canceled, the official Pinkfong policy is that “Ticket holders should contact their point of purchase with any questions regarding refunds or exchange policies.”

If shows are postponed and a new date is chosen, it’s unlikely you will get a refund, but you can always ask.

Ticketmaster has the option of buying ticket protection, which will give you a refund in certain situations (but not all).

What is Baby Shark’s real name?

Baby Shark didn’t start out with a name but now goes by Brooklyn in later videos.

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What age range is Baby Shark for?

The official age range is 2-6, but I saw kids who were older and younger. This was especially true for families coming to the show with multiple kids.

What are Baby Shark’s favorite foods?

According to this Youtube song, Baby Shark’s favorite food is tomatoes.

What does Baby Shark Live do for the audience?

While I wouldn’t say that it’s very interactive, there’s a lot to enjoy, with dancing, singing, a storyline, and animation on the screen behind the performance.

What is the name of the song in Baby Shark Live?

While there are many songs performed during Baby Shark Live, the most popular song is the official Baby Shark Dance song, which is the most-watched Youtube video – ever.

Can you bring signs to Baby Shark Live?

Check to see what the rules for signs are directly with your venue.

When is Baby Shark Live?

Keep an eye on the Baby Shark Live website for upcoming shows.

Who is Baby Shark Live made by?

The Pinkfong Company produces Baby Shark Live!

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Things to Know Before You Go to Baby Shark Live Tips for Seeing the Baby Shark Live Tour with Toddlers and Kids

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